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Hypocrite-ic Oath

xxxxxSocially awkward by personality but socially aware by profession, Rasheed is a respected neurologist in Manhattan. Aside from his private practice, he volunteers his time at a clinic he helped found with some of his then-colleagues at Mount Sinai Hospital. Common Ground Clinic, run under Mount Sinai's auspices, still, is a free- and low-cost center for at-risk populations to receive excellent medical care.


xxxxxBuilt tall but built thin, this man does not cut a very imposing figure. His limbs are lanky-long and lanky-lean, and he negates some of his height with a common propensity to hunch his shoulders. His face is long and narrow, ears rather prominent and his short-cropped hair does not do much to hide them. His skin is a deep brown, his eyes a darker one, and despite the narrowness of his face his features tend to wide -- wide mouth, wide nose, wide-set eyes. Though only in his middle age, threads of silver have begin to heavily enter his black curls, and the beginnings of wrinkles put crows-feet at the corners of his eyes and lines by his mouth.


xxxxxKnown within the medical community as a brilliant and highly respected neurosurgeon. He has pioneered several advanced treatments for neurodegenerative conditions. Also known for his philanthropic efforts; his family owns one of the country's biggest pharmaceutical companies (Toure Pharmaceuticals), of which he sits on the board; though not greatly involved with their day to day operations he gives a lot of his inherited wealth to various charities. Founded and still runs a free/sliding scale clinic in Clinton.


xxxxxA New Yorker from many generations of New Yorkers, Rasheed highly disapproves of those who see his name and ask him where he is from. He is from right here, thank you, the eldest son of the CFO of a pharmaceutical company who hails from the exotic locale of the Upper East Side, by way of Brooklyn. His home life was comfortable, his family life tight-knit. Supportive, encouraging parents and an innate sense of studiousness propelled Rasheed through school with high marks, his thirst for knowledge most intently focused around the sciences.

This thirst led him to an education in medicine, staying close to home and family to attend NYU for his undergrad, though med school took him farther south to Johns Hopkins. With a specialization in neurology, he eventually returned to New York as a neurosurgeon, doing his residency at Mount Sinai Hospital and staying on there even once he was through. All told he was there for a decade -- between residency and afterwards. In his last years at the hospital he helped to found a clinic, catering to those who could not afford medical care otherwise, or found themselves underserved by other systems. Displaced and low-income populations, drug using populations, undocumented immigrants, mutants; the Clinic slowly became known for offering excellent care free of judgments.

In recent years he has gone into private practice, though he still volunteers his time at Common Ground.

Far less known, Rasheed was also one of the founders of the Prometheus project, together with a number of other colleagues met both through doctoring and through the government. Prometheus today is not the Prometheus he founded, but he still believes strongly that there is significant potential for the program to lead to great benefits to society and humanity. Sometimes you just have to take a crooked path to get there.





  • Iolaus - Mutantdoctor. A decent man. A lot of passion and a strong scientific mind. Useful contact... but also impossible not to respect. Unfortunately.


  • Coming soon.

And everything in between

  • Alice - Bureaucrat. Such a civil one, though.
  • Lucien - So kind, and so useful.
  • Matt - So useful, and so kind.
  • Norman - So slick. Another useful contact. But one that probably needs to be handled with care.
Rasheed Omar Toure
Codename None
Birthdate July 17, 1969
Species Human
Affiliation Friends of Humanity
Alignment Science
Powers Fixing Brains
Occupation Neurosurgeon
RP Hooks
The Good Doctor - Volunteers his time at a free/low-cost clinic in Clinton. Works with a lot of underserved populations.
Faith(less) - A lapsed Muslim, he nevertheless has many ties to the community, and still attends mosque if only to please his aging parents.
Ends/Means - One of the original founders of the Prometheus project, and an administrator of several of its facilities.
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Off the Rails
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The fear of man lays a snare, but he who trusts in the Lord is safe.
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Ghost Stories

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