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Kyle O'reilly is a Scottish Immigrant and U.S Citizen. At present, he is a student at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters in his first year.


Kyle Lenord O'reilly was born to a Henry and Marian O'reilly in Glasgow, Scotland in the year 2001. He grew up in a fairly quiet life, with his parents pushing education so that he'd be more well off than they were. As a young boy, he was average. Got good grades, had decent friends, played soccer and took a light hobby in archery....though things started to change. With his father becoming more ambitious for the ideal of the'american dream' and the hard work and wages in Scotland at the time, Henry decides to take his family (Kyle included) to America, where they settle in Brooklyn, New York. Kyle was seven years old at the time, not young enough to forget, but not old enoug hto have a really valid opinion due to being 'too young and uneducated'. By this time, his mutant genes had been small...occasionally coming home with blood stains but no signs of injury..and in greater portions having small potrusions in his skin. However, by the time he was 12 years old, his identification as a mutant became -very- clear. Waking up one morning with long spikes potruding down and out of his arms and back, and claws from his hands and knuckles, he screamed, never quite feeling the sensation before, and his parents witnessed who their son was.

In the following years, Kyle became reclusive and even more quiet, knowing full well of his mutation and told -extensively- by his family to keep his 'special qualities'(as his mother put it) a secret. He had just finished middle school with little incidents, aside from getting up from what could have broken a bone when he visibly landed on his arm funny during a middle-school soccer game without a scratch. His father and mother were actually on a date when they overheard talk of Xavier's School for the Gifted, and quickly made preparations to try to get him in the school.


Kyle is able to potrude spikes/claws from his body made from his own bones...his hands, feet, back, legs, chest, neck, you name it on a human body, and he can likely pull a bone spike out of it... almost like a porcupine. The spikes/claws are very sharp and thick, able to cut through most substances.

Kyle possesses a healing factor, and can recover from just about anything, from a broken bone in just moments to cuts and bruises being gone in seconds. In short, hurting him is likely a mistake.


Soccer - Kyle is an incredibly good soccer player, even from a young age. He plays and practices usually on a daily basis, even if it's by himself.

Archery - One of his favorite hobbies, Kyle is a good archer, out of five arrows, he can hit the bullseye at least three times.

Street Fighting/Brawling - Though by no means a martial artist, he can fight bare-knuckled very easily, his strength(from weights) and speed (from soccer mainly) helping him with a possible edge. Likely because of the blood and heritage that flows through his veins, fighting comes very easily to him, and has expressed interest in learning how to defend himself without using his powers.



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And everything in between

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World Cup! - He is a huge fan of soccer, and he will rave about it if it ever comes up. He can also be found playing soccer or doing something similar almost all the time.

Hey Handsome. - Despite the fact he is very handsome he will never, ever admit it.

Bust a Gaelic Rhyme - Kyle can speak and sing in Gaelic, and he knows a few jigs that can really spark a crowd.


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Kyle Lenord O'reilly
Codename None
Birthdate July 06, 2001
Birthplace Glasgow, Scotland
Species Mutant
Affiliation Xavier's School
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Powers Fully Retractable Bone Claws and Spikes, Healing Factor
Occupation Student
Registration Status Registered
Played By Dylan O'Brien
RP Hooks
RP Hook - Study Time! - Kyle is in his Junior year of high school and a new transfer to Xavier's School. It's a whole new world there!
RP Hook - Fast Feet - Kyle likes to be out and about enjoying the day, and rarely sits still for anything...and when he does, a part of him is always moving. Can't stop won't stop!
RP Hook - Cross on a Hill - Kyle is Christian by religion, and has a general view of God. Though by no means a devout one, It's not uncommon seeing him at church on Sunday's or doing charity work in his spare time...or seeing him with a Bible.
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