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Har du røyka sokka dine?! [Have you smoked your socks?!]

xxxxxJust your average run-of-the-mill Norwegian-Canadian closeted baby gay who's bigger struggle is actually his undiagnosed ADHD and his severe lack of being able to stay focused enough to remain tangible for more than 70% of the day. Try saying that in one breath jeez.


xxxxxAsva has short, dark brown hair and striking blue-green eyes, both of which seem to match his pale complexion well. He stands just shy of 5ft 8in (172cm) and has a slim, yet toned build due to being a gymnast. Despite this, he lives in oversized hoodies and mom jeans, and sports an aesthetic that's stuck in the 90's despite being 16 years old. He has a ‘quiet kid’ air about him visually, despite fitting comfortably into the definition of outgoing, and tries to combat this with chrome or colourful earrings. Outrageous, I know.


xxxxxAt Xavier's everybody's doing some kind of 'sticking out like a sore thumb' one way or another, but Asva's eclectic tastes and happy-go-lucky attitude do seem to set him apart somewhat. Even still, he hasn't quite made his mark in the way of a reputation just yet. He has only been at the school for a month, after all.


xxxxxAsva is the only child of Vera Tøro and Edvard Holstad, but never got the chance to meet his father as he left not long before he was born. The remainder of his family lived in Bergen, Norway until his mother married a Canadian man named Tobias Ross when Asva was around six years old, and the three of them moved to Newfoundland soon afterward, where they remain today. Moving from Europe took its toll on Asva, and he retreated within himself for quite some time until he took up gymnastics and began competing, which brought him out of his shell in his early teens.

xxxxxIt was during a national competition that his mutation first manifested, and despite a rather traumatic event taking place (and being broadcasted) as it happened, Asva seemed to unlock a new lease on life. The ambiverted boy was left in the gymnasium as he not only started to explore the capabilities of his mutation in and out of Xavier's School, but his personality and thirst for adventure in the process.


xxxxxAsva can become intangible both physically and optically by slipping partially into a pocket dimension created by his mutation. I won't bore you with the finer details, unless you ask ;)


xxxxxBilingual - Having lived in Norway for the first six years of his life, and his mothers attempt to keep the language relevant in his teenage years, Asva is fluent in Norwegian, and both of its dominant dialects, Nynorsk and Bokmål.

xxxxxGymnastics/Acrobatics - Asva specialised in tumbling and beam when it came to competing, but considers himself a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to the sport.

xxxxxFlexible - His coach had them train their flexibility rigorously, as it was essential to almost all the techniques required in competitive gymnastics.



  • Coming soon.


  • Coming soon.

And everything in between

  • Coming soon.
  • He can place both his feet behind his head and walk on his hands. Do with that what you will.
  • Opts for the Norwegian version of most curse words.

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Asva Runí Tøro
Codename Spectre
Birthdate 08/22/2007
Birthplace Bergen, Norway
Species Mutant
Affiliation X-kid
Alignment Fluffy boyyy
Powers Intangibility + Invisibility
Occupation Student
Registration Status None
Faceclaim Tristan Valdez
RP Hooks
Easily Coerced - Want to access someplace forbidden or out of bounds? Want to do so completely unseen and unheard? Asva's your guy, and better yet, judgement aside he rarely ever asks questions as to why. See what you can offer him in return, but I can tell you now that you wouldn't have to try very hard, he's easily persuaded.
Cheerfully Accented - The Norwegian cadence is certainly more joyous than most accents, but when mixed with the stereotypes of growing up in Canada, well you've got yourself a rather cheerful sounding teen, even when he's not.
Walking on Air - A very creative use of his pocket dimension, but a very strange sight for those who've yet to get to know him.
Greater Purpose - As much as Asva loves XS and what it has to offer, he yearns for a greater purpose in helping other Mutants, and wants to be a member of the Prometheus raid teams once his abilities are a little more honed.
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