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Can't stop the signal.

xxxxxEndlessly curious, rather sociable with a staggering lack of social awareness to go with it.


xxxxxStanding just 5'4" with a slim build, this young woman does not stand out in a crowd. Wiry and lean, she has a tendency towards hunching in on herself that makes her short stature appear even smaller. Her face is narrow, delicately built; large dark eyes framed in long lashes, a rounded nose, sharp cheekbones, sharply pointed chin. Though her features are feminine, an angular build with narrow hips, nearly flat chest that she tends to hide anyway under loose-fitting clothes, and her extremely close-cropped black hair tend to contribute to a more androgynous overall look.


xxxxxKnown around Xavier's for being Kind Of Weird, often hard to understand, sort of a loner. Isn't actually known to have any friends. Generally hangs out with her dog. Barely anyone has been able to actually tell what her powers are; some rumors speculate they might be 'being annoying'; telepaths generally agree on this the most.


xxxxxK.C.'s life has been staggeringly normal, in most respects. The younger of two children born in Jersey to a pair of doctors (her father a dentist, her mother an oncologist), her parents had planned to have one more child but changed their minds when K.C.'s developmental delays ended up taking up too much of their time and energy to balance careers plus one more kid. K.C. excelled in some subjects but was at a loss in others; frequent classroom outbursts and trouble with interactions with the other children, too, led her parents to switch her in third grade to a private school where she could get more of the focused attention she needed.

xxxxxAfter the move to private school she did much better in class, though still always had a struggle with social interactions. Still, life was pretty okay; she got along well with her older sister and had enough school-and-extracurricular interests to keep her occupied. When she was eleven her parents split up -- it was an amicable break, and her father moved to the Upper West Side, where she and her sister still saw him frequently. She moved from one private school to another for high school. The adjustment was difficult for her, never good with change, and it was further complicated by the onset of her mutation in her first year. It took a while for anyone to figure out what was going on with her -- her usual tics and idiosyncracies were becoming pronounced, her outbursts and upset more frequent, her attention scattered in school, and at first they just assumed it all had to do with her rather expected difficulties adjusting to her new school.

xxxxxThe growing unrest in the city and anti-mutant sentiments together with K.C.'s difficulty in understanding which things were safe to say and not say made this exceptionally difficult, though, and bullying from the other students as well as hassle from the other parents made attending school harder.

xxxxxXavier's school's announcement in the news was like a godsend for her family. They wasted no time in contacting the school -- and while she may not have been the most dire of cases, the fact that they could afford to pay tuition in full likely helped with securing her a spot for this upcoming fall, where she is poised to enter the sophomore class.


xxxxxDescription of your character's powers.


xxxxxK.C.'s skill repertoire is not impressive. She has studied piano since elementary school and is quite good at playing and sightreading music. She likes having things to do with her hands; she enjoys knitting and crotchet as busywork hobbies and makes jewelry, which started out a hobby though these days her etsy store gives her a comfortable amount of spending money (given that all her actual bills and necessities are paid by her parents.) She has a fascination for how things are constructed and loved woodshop in school; she enjoys carpentry and building things. She does much better with animals than with people and has volunteered extensively with rescue groups; work in a wild animal rescue has given her a fair bit of experience with caretaking all manner of creatures.




  • Coming soon.


  • Coming soon.
  • Has a therapy dog with her at school, a three-year-old pitbull whose name is technically Henrietta although mostly she is called Suga Mama.
  • Despite the prevalence of gossip around the student body, it's largely unknown what her mutation actually is, outside of being very headache-inducing.
  • Takes a jog in the morning before class, eats all her meals at the same seat in the cafeteria every day, walks her dog on a punctual schedule, practices piano in the music room at the same time several evenings a week. it's usually pretty easy to figure out where she is going to be at certain times.
XS Schedule
Fall Term, 2015
  • English: American Literature
  • Mathematics: Trigonometry & Precalc
  • History: Pre-Colonial Africa
  • Language: Latin 2
  • Science: AP Chemistry
  • Art: (Visual) Introductory Architecture
  • Sport: Cross Country
Winter Term, 2015-2016
  • English: Expository Writing
  • Mathematics: Trigonometry & Precalc
  • Language: Latin 3
  • Science: AP Chemistry
  • Ethics: Power & Social Responsibility
  • History: Modern Africa
  • Extracurricular: Wonderbolts
  • Extracurricular: Classics Club

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Kai Cameron Love
Codename None
Birthdate Feb 20, 2002
Species Mutant
Affiliation Xavier's School
Alignment None
Powers Electromagnetic transducer
Occupation XS Student (Junior)
Registration Status None
RP Hooks
Nosy - Might have read your email. Or heard your cellphone conversation. Propensity to poke around where she doesn't belong. Have any digital secrets that might make for interesting RP? Maybe K.C. has been poking her nose into them!
Like the wind - Avid runner, can be found in areas that make for nice jogs.
Furry friends - Or scaled, or feathered; fosters animals frequently and volunteers with an animal sanctuary.
Crafty - Enjoys jewelrymaking and woodwork and knitting; her etsy store is fairly successful and she pokes around the city a lot for new craft projects and pieces
Jersey Girl - Brand new to New York though she grew up just across the tunnel. On the lookout for new friends and hangouts.
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