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Glen is a mutant and a teenager he is the son of two mutants and can shit himself into another reality


Glen is a young male with brown hair shaggy hair which almost goes past his neck, green eyes (they look like they're glowing as a part of his shifting mutation). He is slightly tanned and has a pretty skinny body. He is also 5'11


Glen is a legacy student as his mother was in the class of 96


Glen is the son of a two mutants his mother is an empath as she can sense peoples emotions they live in a small house in queens where they do have a little bit of money, they both have a good attitude towards each other. he never met his father and has no idea about what his mutation was. His mutation only appeared two months ago where he was about to get hit by a train as he was being bullied and they chased him to the station. He fell onto the tracks and just when the train was about to hit him, he shifted into a 4th dimension His mother always intended him to go Xavier's school and now he is about to learn about his powers and possibly who his father is.

Glen has the power to shift himself into a kind of alternate dimension where he can travel through solid matter. This dimension is basically the same as the regular one, but the people and objects around him appear as 3d shadows and he there is no air meaning he has to hold his breath in the dimension. As an adaptation to his mutation Glen can hold his breath for a little bit longer than a human can. The only thing his power really effects about his appearance is his eyes are a bright green practically glowing. His eyes glow fully when he shifts. If he comes into any contact stronger or bigger than him when he shifts back he will get knocked back, if the object is weaker or smaller than him that get knocked back too. He can also bring items that he is holding or is wearing with him. If he drops or releases things in the dimension they shift back into the normal dimension.

{As a 16 year old Glen doesn't really have many skills, He is a fast runner and is very good at parkour as he learned to get away from bullies very quickly. He is also very good and English as it was they only thing he really paid attention to at school. He is good at avoiding punches in a fight and can react fairly quickly..



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Full Name
Glen Harper
Codename None
Birthdate 05/19/03
Birthplace Queens
Species Mutant
Affiliation Xavier's school
Alignment Lawful Good
Powers Dimension shifting
Occupation Student
Registration Status (currently n/a)
Played By Kyle Terry
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