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L'appel du Vide

xxxxxAll of us are free in the heart of the dance.


xxxxxTall and slim, Desi shares her older brothers' green eyes, though that is about as far as the resemblance goes. Long brown hair frames a heart-shaped face, high cheekbones, and strong jaw. Her construction is otherwise delicate: willowy limbs, thin build. In dress she definitely favors the feminine; skirts, tight blouses, plenty of makeup. In style she vacillates between the artsy hippie and distinguished punk, and tends toward bright colors with occasional experimental detours into earth tones.


xxxxxSomething of a social butterfly, Desi is one of those people who seems to know just about everyone. At NYU, and especially Tisch, she is well-known as a useful source of advice or information on a variety of topics, as someone who is highly reliable, and as an all-around busybody (but in a pleasant way). She seems to do a remarkable amount of campus organizing and yet occupies very few official positions of authority (or even membership) in campus organizations. Outside of school, she is a manager at the Liber T bookshop and tea house in St. Marks, and in that capacity is known to be a highly efficient and demanding yet reasonable supervisor. Among Xavier's School alumi, she's known as a quiet, pleasant, and competent girl who was extremely reticent about her powers but who habitually wore gloves during her time at school, so many have formed their own theories to that end.


xxxxxBorn in Montreal but raised in New York, Desi was the third of five children in a rather poor and unstable household. She spent much of her childhood caring for her younger siblings, reading, and writing. Their mother died when Desi was a teen, and custody of the three younger children went to their older brother Lucien. From then, she attended Xavier's until graduating and going on to NYU to study dance.


xxxxxDesi is a telepath whose powers only work through direct skin contact. Even with contact, her telepathy is not inherently very strong; it takes a significant amount of focus and time for her to read anything past surface thoughts. It also takes a conscious effort for her /not/ to read anyone with whom she is in direct contact. Where its real strength lies is in mind control; with a touch she can plant mental commands that people are compelled to carry out. She needs to focus on implanting these instructions, but she can still accidentally/unconsciously impose her will on someone if she wants them to do something badly enough and has a clearly defined idea of how they might carry it out.


xxxxxShe possess significant talent for dance and is pursuing a career to that end, with a broader interest in theatre. As well, she is a fairly strong swimmer. She excels at creative writing, and tends toward microfiction or short stories.

xxxxxShe plays a decent game of chess and has some skill in archery, owing largely to her older brothers' interest in those respective hobbies (though she does not rise to their level in either field).

xxxxxA skilled social engineer, she is actually reasonably good at reading and manipulating people /without/ telepathic assistance. She is fluent in both French and English, can communicate in Spanish at a conversational level, and knows rudimentary but functional ASL.



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And everything in between

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  • You are probably friends-of-friends with her on Facebook.
  • Relatively few people outside of her close circle and former XS schoolmates know she is a mutant, and most of them do not know what her powers do (though they may have educated guesses based on her inclination toward wearing gloves as a teen).
  • Like her older brothers, she is also a witch...sort of, being more social and less magical in her approach to witchery.

[[Image:|x150px]] [[Image:|x150px]] [[Image:|x150px]]

Desirée Tessier
Codename None
Birthdate May 31, 1998
Birthplace Montreal
Species Mutant
Affiliation None
Alignment Cautious
Powers Touch telepathy
Occupation Student, tea shop manager, general busybody
Registration Status None
Played By Willa Holland
RP Hooks
Dance Dance Dance - An aspiring professional dancer, she has a passion for dance in all forms, whether as a participant or spectator. She can often be found dancing at social functions, drum circles, or even the odd nightclub.
The Circle is Open - Though she does not practice much magic, she is very active in the local neopagan community and enjoys attending as well as organizing witchy events.
Hands Off - She is generally averse to unexpected physical contact, intentional or otherwise.
Tea Time - She is assistant manager at the Liber T bookshop and teahouse in St Mark's Place, and is quite knowledgeable about both of the topics relevant to her work.
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