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xxxxxAt 4'7 Aeryune is rather vertically challenged for her age. She has a rather diminultive look however it lends to her looking rather adorable. Pretty small and cute she has rather warm looking skin that almost seems to glow. A small nose with full short lashes, blue eyes, and soft looking pink lips. Her head is framed by a long mop of flowing blonde hair with brunette highlights. Her hair is kept short over her bangs wth the rest of it framing her face. The hair falls down to her rear and while well taken care of it seperates into different tresses that always seems to look rather wild.

xxxxxWhile her body is small she is decidedly feminine. A touch of blush and applied makeup on her face, the way her long hair helps to frame small shoulders and slim arms. She's on the slender side with decidedly female traits like subtle curve of her chest, and a widening of her hips.

xxxxxShe's wearing a blue plaid shirt with long sleeves and a large styled belt around her waist which is fastened snugly. Her skirt is a solid blue to contrast the plaid shirt and falls to her knees. A pair of brown boots in a rather small size are laced up with purple leggings covering the flesh between.


xxxxxWhat (if anything) might others have heard about your character? It's okay if this is 'nothing'. This can also be specific to their faction (maybe they're class clown at their school!) or specific to a niche field (maybe you'd have heard of them if you know a lot about particle physics or cross country skiing, but not otherwise!)


xxxxxAeryune Aoife Mallory was born to a Irish couple who came to the united states seeking a better, more prosperous life. She was born in Ireland with 6 older siblings and 2 younger ones came after her in America. The family settled in Madison, Wisconsin. The capital city was not the largest but certainly one of the most diverse in the state.

xxxxxHaving a large family to support Aeryune and being one of the younger children Aeryune was doted on plenty. She was always the smallest of the children but also one of the bright and bubbliest of them. Spoiled completely rotten she was the first one to hug someone to try to make their day a bit better. This remained into her teenage years as she was really a cheerleader for all those around her being supportive. Not afraid to make a fool out of herself she was a very positive influence.

xxxxxHer family was always rather healthy and did not get sick, they simply didn't. However she might have never found out she was a mutant if it weren't for volunteering in a youth program at a local hosptial. Following around nurses and assisting at the hosptial doing minor tasks. When she would visit with struggling patients as part of her volunteer work they would always get markedly better. Those that she visited regularly became to actually recover. She began to have some inkling then that there might be something different about her.

xxxxxAeryune was popular in school. She was outspoken and part of cheer squads. Being smaller than most girls her age she wasn't afraid of bullies, and not only did she look to the brighter side of things she also didn't seem to mind the spotlight either. She started studying music and learned how to play a guitar as well as sing. Singing and dancing, any spotlight didn't matter to her as it brought attention to her, especially since she was a late bloomer physically. It was one way to get people to pay attention to her she felt.

xxxxxAerin's eldest sister Siobhan was dating a military veteran who had lost his arm. Spending some time at the family home he received lots of attention from Aeryune as well as the other members of the household. Surprisingly his arm began hurting, and even had growth where it began slowly growing back. Spending time figuring things out through process of elimination it was found that Aeryune's touch seemed to do it. It was painful for John, however the more time they spent on it the more it regrew. An exhausting process for both and painful on John's side they worked together and over the course of several weeks his arm had completely grew back.

xxxxxEventually word got out in John's circles that he somehow regrew his arm. He wasn't a mutant and some of the financially wealthy wanted to know more. One of the men who owned the company that John worked for had cancer and it was not going well. Looking into things with private investigation he ended up kidnapping Aeryune with intention of keeping her locked in his room to heal him, and then sell her services to other rich to keep them healthy as well.

xxxxxJohn learned of this plot and violently rescued Aeryune. He and Siobhan ran off with her to try to keep her safe. Approached by the Xavier institute Aerin was offered a scholarship. More important to the family it was far away from Wisconsin, and it was safe and secure.


xxxxxEnhanced Healing & Wellness Aura

xxxxxAeryune's body has an aura of a 50 foot range of her that is always on. This aura reacts with people's bodies differently however genreally promotes physical wellbeing and health on an extreme level. Typically the immune system is supported on a fantastic way that will reduce curable diseases by a significant amount like the flu being reduced from 3 days to a single day or even a few hours depending how much time they spend in Aeryune's presence. Those with comprimised immune systems typically see them bolstered, and healing will increase very significantly - between 10x -30x the normal healing rate depending on consistent closeness to Aeryune and a person's own body - so even significant wounds can heal within a few days of being inside of the field, or healing time can be reduced generally signifcantly. Those staying close to her will typically find themselves filled with physical energy, not fatigue easily, and have a generaly better health for anywhere from a few hours to a few days sepending on how much time they spend in her field. Generally 15min = 1hr of enhanced affect.

xxxxxAeryune has a healing touch that can significantly heal a person's body. As long as there is physical skin to skin contact she can have a person's body heal from grevious injuries. If a person is in critical condition her touch will usually keep them from expiring or at least from getting terribly worse. Things like a stab wound, gunshot wound, etc will close within several minutes, and can be healed within a few hours with concious effort. This ability is incredibly fatiguing to Aeryune and will exhaust her within 15 minutes, so usually significant healing will take several sessions, from hours to days. Breaks in bones can be mended within a few minutes for simple breaks, however must be set appropriately or they will heal at the wrong angles, so it's best to have a medical professional available. The process is painful for the person being healed, feeling like a fire/burning sensation as the cells move in ways and at speeds they were not meant to. She can heal other people's injuries including regrowing limbs with several weeks worth of effort. Regrowing someone's arm was incredibly painful for them, and took about a month with consistent sessions. While maintaining a touch she can increase someone's natural healing rate up to 50x normal and touch will keep wounds from scarring.

xxxxxWith the positives also comes negatives. Anything that ignores the immune system, like cancer or a tailored/designer virus where the immune system couldn't overpower - her ability will have little to no affect. In some instances having an accellerated immune or healing response may be detrimental, and Aeryune does not have the ability to turn off her aura.


xxxxxFirst Aid - Junior Aeryune has some minor skill in first aid, including CPR as a junior volunteer medical worker. She took a course that certified her for CPR and with a certificate that she has basic First Aid skills.

xxxxxMusic - Singing, Dancing, Bass Guitar, Performing She has been training her voice and studying music and guitar for years. She has a good singing voice and skill on the guitar, and has put together routines for singing and dancing. She's never won any awards but has performed for school events.

xxxxxCheerleading She has been a Junior cheerleader, though has really fallen out of focus compared to the taller, more developed girls her age. Being a cheerleader helped her develop some of the skills to be in front of people and the confidence to put herself out there while people are watching you.



  • Nanami - She seems pretty sporty and active, helped me bring my stuff in! Has a bad case of static shock - maybe I'll loan her some moisturizer. Friendly!
  • Harmony - Seems a touch shy, lives in the boys dorm and apparently it's complicated? Likes to knit, but seems a little downtrodden. Sometimes bullied. Helped me bring my stuff in! Gotta help her with the bullying stuff - because noone deserves to be bullied!


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Aeryune Aoife Mallory
Codename None
Birthdate 12/10/2004
Birthplace Belfast, Ireland
Species Mutant
Affiliation None
Alignment Cheerful Good
Powers Healing & Wellness Aura, Regenerative Touch
Occupation Student
Registration Status (currently n/a)
Faceclaim None
RP Hooks
RP Hook - From Wisconsin, born in Ireland
RP Hook - Into music (Singing, Bass Guitar)
RP Hook - Loves cheerleading, performing
RP Hook - Explanation.
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