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Neena Thurman -- Domino

Neena is a bit detached from things around her, or at least often seems to be. She's been around the world, shot people, been shot at and generally in the name of nothing more significant than making some money. Work as a mercenary and you start distancing yourself from things. She's lost friends, lost loved ones, she knows the world isn't the friendliest of places. But, her heart still beats in there somewhere, causing her conscience to flare up occasionally on a job, wondering if she's doing the right thing or not and part of her wants something to fight for besides just making a living. When she does manage to grow close with people, Neena tends to take on a motherly or big sister sort of role, looking after people because more often than not, she's seen a lot more than they have.

Neena's a thrillseeker, to the core, and this is likely in part due to her power. Do something dumb and dangerous? Sure, why not. She'll be fine, probably. And she enjoys testing herself. She's been trained in numerous things since childhood, and every time she succeeds, she's sticking it to the people who deemed her a failure at Project Armageddon.

Unlike many other mutants out there she doesn't tend to stand on one side or the other. Mutants are people, and people are potential targets and obstacles. Granted they can be a bit tougher to break, but sometimes that's half the fun! It might seem like twisted irony that her method of accepting both species equally is to take jobs from, and against, both kinds. A girl's gotta make a living, after all. It's nothing personal.


The sole survivor of Project Armageddon based within the Florida Everglades, Neena was never meant to survive after the apparent failure of the genetic engineering which had created her. She had a mother, Beatrice, whom she never truly knew, and no father. Family time never factored into her life, having been created, raised, and trained from the beginning to be a living weapon. That her power happened to manifest itself as the subconscious manipulation of probabilities was completely unexpected, and virtually impossible for the minds behind the project to identify. The high stress of her programming first triggered her mutation as early as 12. In fact, it took them nearly three years to realize something about her wasn't quite right.

It may have been this uncanny luck which resulted in her being freed by her mother when Neena was 15, left in the care of the Church of the Sacred Heart in Chicago for several years following the escape, though a fresh start in life couldn't undo the damages or conditioning from the project. She became a very distrusting person who refused to let anyone else into her life. She would go to lengths to purge her own memories any way she could think of, which had involved smoking for a time and still happens to involve plenty of drinking. The most peculiar glitch in her creation developed from a young age, the scientists involved never realizing that they had programmed her with Alektorophobia, a fear of chickens. Unfortunately, she's only forgotten why she's afraid of them in the first place.

Her unique appearance and troubled history made life difficult. It was this earlier conditioning which soon led her into the underground world, quickly adapting to the role of a mercenary. It had been through one of these jobs where she acquired both the last name of Thurman and the codename of Domino, what would become her only lasting relationship and a marriage of about one year before her husband, Milo, was killed. She still blames her actions for his death and has since become somewhat obsessive-compulsive as she tries to cling to any sense of control she can lay claim to within her own world.

The loss of Milo also happened to cut deep enough that since then she would sometimes hesitate in a job or fail to pull the trigger. Milo had left her with more than a complete name and an identity, both of which she kept in his memory. He had also given her a conscience.

She had distanced herself from her real name some time ago in an attempt to put the past behind herself once more. These days it's just 'Domino,' the albino mercenary who by all counts should have died numerous times already yet still keeps coming back for the rest of her pay. Living on the edge keeps her looking at the present and the future, never back to the past. Sometimes, she even forgets herself.


Probability Manipulation:

Domino's one power isn't an easy one to pin down. Things simply have a way of 'falling into place' for her. She has no means of controlling exactly how this power works but she can effectively 'push' it by throwing herself into dangerous or high-stress situations. She could make a living off of gambling or playing the lottery. She could stand before a firing squad and somehow never take a bullet, although everyone aiming at her just might find a few of them. Because of this she may seem to have superhuman reflexes at times, though it's nothing more than a subconscious trigger to move or act in a certain way at just the right moment.

Having amazing luck can be a double-edged sword, however. Sometimes she misses her shot, the target could serve a bigger purpose which would somehow end up benefitting her. Sometimes she gets injured or cornered, yet this only spares her from a much worse fate. Ultimately this power only works to her benefit through any means possible, often to the detriment of those around her. While this won't always save her from digging herself into an impressively deep hole it can, against all odds, pull her back out of it. After all, everything happens for a reason.


Dr. Iolaus Saavedro - 'Springtime,' bright green hair. Runs a clinic, known to hang out with at least one mutant. Potential job source.

Jax Holland - 'Sushi,' fish-scale patterned leggings. Who -does- that? Very peculiar sort, openly mutant. Works for Iolaus. Curiously defensive about personal space. Stark gave me his phone number, as well. Something-something-ringleader for dystopian future resistance-something. Worth checking up on sooner rather than later. S/O of Micah.

Micah Zedner - Connected both to the 'Evolve' joint and to the Mendel Clinic, -and- the S/O of Jax. Very disarming smile. Might prove to be useful. Because of his connections..not because of his smile.

B - 'Fish-face,' though they don't seem too fond of this nickname. Invented a freakin' hoverboard, almost as memorable as the blue skin and gills. Adopted by Jax and Micah, go figure.

Pepper Potts - Yeah, we've met.

From future dreams:


Tony Stark - Just called him 'Stark,' apparently I had been ..will be.. working for him somewhere in the next five years. Maybe. I don't know, but if the dream holds a grain of truth then apparently he's also in possession of some very advanced robotic armor. He wasn't quite so amused when I showed up at his building to chat about the experience, though.

Kisha - Creepy gal with a self-propelled sword. Yeah, I've got nothin.'


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Codename Domino
Birthdate November 2nd, 1986
Species Mutant
Affiliation Citizen
Powers Paradoxically Fortuitous
Occupation Freelance Mercenary
Alts None
RP Hooks
Mercenary - Want something protected? How about stolen? Want someONE protected? Stolen? Removed from society? Want to get back at your boss by having his expensive new Ferrari turn up torched somewhere in the depths of Newark? Maybe you want to send a bigger message and would like to see a bridge suffer some unexpected bomb damage. If your coin's good then Domino may be just the girl you're looking for. Crazy, stupidly dangerous, suicidal, any job will be considered.
Mutant - Visually she's a 'mutant' in the sense that she's an albino. Not so visually, she also possesses one of those dandy X-Genes. Either way, she looks weird and has a way of seeming slightly detached from the rest of reality both in her own outlook and how bad things seem to happen around her, yet never -to- her. Quite the opposite, really.
Reputation - There's only one woman on the planet that looks anything like Dom. She's been lucky to make it this far but she's made plenty of rivals and enemies along the way, way more than she's made friends. Anywhere she might disappear to she will eventually be found. Then..things might get a little ugly.
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