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Can you imagine what I would do if I could do all I can? - Sun Tzu

xxxxx Cool and calculating, Gabriel may seem like a sort of an enigma, always hiding his true colors on the inside. However, if there's one thing he cares about, it is his family, and no one gets in the way of that. Except maybe money. But don't tell him that to his face. Gabriel died from his mutation on December 24th, 2013, with his sister Lucia, Jackson Holland-Zedner, and Dr. Iolaus Saavedro at his side.


xxxxx Gabriel was born one uneventful Spring night in Manaus, Brazil, to a newly married couple. Up until Gabriel was three, his life was that of a normal toddler, with him learning his basic skills and the like, with his father being a courier and his mother staying at home with him. However, when Gabriel was three, one of his more wealthy relatives died, causing Gabriel's father to inherit money. He moved the entire family to New York, to open a restaurant, which had been his dream. However, once they were all there and he had bought the building where they'd work and live, he realized that this didn't leave them with much money. Gabriel's father decided to make the best of it, and also chose not to cheap out on bad-quality produce and meats. While they were by no means making good money, after the first year they had enough to barely live on, plus keep the restaurant alive, which they were able to do for many years until they were able to up their food quality, which allowed them to make more money, but still slightly struggle. When Gabriel was about seven, his younger sister Luciana, also known as Lucia, was born. Lucia was born deaf, with a condition known as Ushers I, which as when she became a teenager, caused her to go blind. Both Gabriel and Luciana was born mutants, with their parents being mainly indifferent and loving them anyways. When Gabriel was about 14, he was discovered by the Xavier Institute, and sent an invite. Gabriel excelled in his classes and did very well socializing, but left the school voluntarily when he was 17, to help his parents with the family business. Once he had made enough of his own money, he bought an apartment and got a job, but still helped out at the restaurant whenever needed. Gabriel has always been sort of a 'roguish' type. When he was 12, he begun stealing from the cash register or from customer purses when they weren't looking, always looking for new ways to steal. When he went to the Institute, his thieving stopped, but mostly due to Gabriel's knowledge of telepaths there. However, after Gabriel left, he needed more ways to make money, and begun picking pockets. In this line of work he met Jack, a fellow criminal and mutant. Jack and Gabriel have known each other for the past four years, doing small jobs with minimal risk together, splitting the profits. But sometimes, Gabriel feels like he wants more than this.


xxxxxGabriel was born with the mutant ability to manipulate space, but in a certain way. In simple terms, Gabriel can literally 'pull' space, making it look, in his perspective, as he is pulling a side of the room closer to him. However, to the perspective of others, Gabriel's matter is instead rapidly moving, but still tangibly, across the room. Gabriel can only 'warp' up to 12 feet, and must set a distance before hand. Anything Gabriel hits will effect his warping like running would, although he moves faster than running and also hits harder. Gabriel is able to 'warp' in any direction, including diagonally, and can also carry small objects, and sometimes, people with him. 'Warping', however, takes a large toll on Gabriel's body and metabolism, and doing it too much too frequently can injure, or worse, kill him. Also, because of how his matter and body work, Gabriel's metabolism is constantly out of whack, with him losing calories slowly but constantly, requiring him to eat massive portions of food every day to stay alive and healthy. Gabriel also has a secondary mutation. Gabriel is able to see potential outcomes for each action, however without an exact probability of said outcome happening. Most of the time, this can hinder Gabriel instead of helping him, and can also lead to migraines from usage, but can also help him think about the risks and rewards of a certain action.



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And everything in between

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Gabriel Rocha Araujo
Codename None
Birthdate May 13th, 1990
Species Mutant
Affiliation Village Lofts
Alignment Neutral Self
Powers Spacial Warping
Occupation Unemployed, officially. Thief, secretly.
RP Hooks
Thief - Gabriel and his "friend" Jack are thieves, often robbing apartments and the like. Perhaps you want to hire them? Or maybe, you're being robbed?
Former Student - Gabriel used to be a student at Xavier School about six years ago. Perhaps you went to school with him?
Family Business - Gabriel's parents own a Brazilian restaurant in Astoria, and Gabriel can sometimes be found helping out there.
Heavy Eater - Gabriel often frequents eating establishments due to his constant need for energy. Perhaps you'll meet him at one?
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