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xxxxxWith hair not quite as colorful or frequently changing as Jackson (much to her chagrin), Elli is on her own road. A middle of the road student heavily involved in athletics, growing up with her two older brothers have left her "one of the boys", complete with a sailor's speech and an alcohol tolerance to rival some fraternity students.


xxxxx Born the third child to a family of two psychologists, Elli grew up on the outskirts of the city of Akron, Ohio. She was never the best student - not first nor last - and never quite a popular kid or outcast. Middle of the road, her life was shaping up to be quite an average one. Perhaps because of the influence of her older brothers, some desire to be different, or some twist of fate, a remarkable set of determination and coincidence set about to quite thoroughily derail that possibility.

Seventh grade held a whole new set of interests for her. There was punk music, pot, boys, new friends, and a quite distressing set of disappearing acts. At first, she wasn't quite sure there was anything to them - maybe she was just zoning out. That doubt melted into a worse one - maybe she was going crazy. The first time one of her older brothers followed her through the front door of the house and ended up in the bedroom, the whole family was quite sure that something rather else was going on. The first time she ended up over a thousand miles away from her house just walking through a door in her living room, there was little doubt that average just wasn't on the menu anymore.

Thanks, perhaps, to some help from one of her teachers, she ended up at Xavier's School for her first year of high school. She flourished there, coming back to life as she had not for several years. Academically, she was not one of the best students, but she was involved heavily in many of the athletics. Not the best player, either, and not necessarily that easy of a person to get around with, she did make a few good friends despite tending to slip out of notice. Her control over her powers, too, vastly improved under the care of the Xavier's teachers.


xxxxxDoor Portals - Elli has the power to temporary link two doors together, regardless of distance, so that anything and anyone who goes through one door will exit on the other side through the other one. The portal lasts as long as the door remains open and Elli remains within a few feet of it. If Elli steps out of range, the portal will flicker and vanish, leaving the doorway open as normal.

Unlike many kinds of teleportation, distance does not cause an additional strain on Elli, nor does the amount of material or people that are going through the door. Opening and shutting portals, in fact, takes very little energy - it is the time between openings that causes problems. Opening the first portal is effortless. If she were to open a second immediately, it would be winding, and a third would leave her completely exhausted. The more time she has to rest between, the less harsh the punishment is. An hour wait is enough to bring her back to norm, but even five minutes is enough to make the second jump only an effort. The more portals she chains together, though, the more severe the drain is.

Accuracy is a major issue, too. The farther the distance is between the two doorways, the more difficult it is to be sure that Elli will open it to the right one. If she is within a building, for example, she is almost certainly going to open the right door. Within a mile or so, she is likely to at least be correct by a few doors in any given direction. Past that, she begins to get steadily more and more inaccurate. At a few miles out, she may only be able to get to the right building - and halfway across the world, she can be off by entire cities, even countries.

The main requirement for the selection of the doors is that she is familiar with what is on the other side of the door that can be linked - that is, she knows what it looks like and its location well enough to hold it in memory. A map and a picture can work, as well as visiting it directly. Both the door she is going through and the door she is ending up at must be unlocked for her to create a link between them - she cannot link to a locked door, nor use a portal to pass directly through a locked door.



  • Ghost - Roomie. Won't rat her out for ducking out on curfew.


  • Coming soon.
Elli Zamora
Codename None
Birthdate 18 July 1997
Species Mutant
Affiliation Xavier's
Alignment True Neutral
Powers Teleportation between doorways
Occupation Student
RP Hooks
Sportsball - Elli is into many different kind of sports, and is one of the only women on the varsity football team.
One of the boys - Elli is far from a blushing maiden. No sugar or spice here - more bile and snails. Even so, she's not that particularly forceful of a person, taking a little bit to lose her temper. Once it's lost, though - forget it. It's better to just let her temper burn out, and she knows it. When she finally breaks, it is not unusual for her to simply turn and try to get some distance from the person who angered her, lest she pick a fight. She does like her fights.
Drinkin' - Elli has a fake ID and knows how to use it. Come dancing or drinking with her. Just don't tell the teachers.
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