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New Roomies
Dramatis Personae

Elli, Ghost


Ghost gets a new roommate. God help her.


<XS> Elli and Ghost's Dorm - FL2

A standard, if comfortable, dorm room. Two beds, two closets, two desks, two dressers.

Inside Ghost's dorm room, the teenager sits at her desk, playing some form of computer game on her laptop. Ghost is dressed in a tank-top and pajama jeans, barefoot as usual. The room, Ghost having had it to her self for a while, has photos of the landscape among the walls, pictures of the forest, the lake, even some of the students in funny poses, all held up around the wall with tape. Whilst one of the beds has plain linens, the other, Ghost's, has purple floral linens, with a stuffed gorilla sitting next to the pillow. Ghost's desk is tacked with writing supplies, little knick-knacks, and her digital camera, whilst her closet is filled with various clothes and other packed away stuff. After losing at her game, again, Ghost cries out in frustration. "Gah..hate this damn game.". And then restarts the level.

There is a knock at the door, a rap of knuckles against the wood that echoes through the room. Opening it and sticking her head through, Elli grins at Ghost from the door frame. Her hair is a bright shock of pink, like she went through the laundry with a six year old's clothing, and streaked with black messily tossed through it. "Hey. Did the RA talk to you yet?" Her eyes twinkle, a sparkle of mischief in her eyes. "Or would bringing in boxes be a bit of a rude surprise?"

As Elli knocks, Ghost turns off her game, closing the laptop, turning to grab the door, but Elli has already entered. "Huh, so I guess you're the new roommate. Yeah, the RA talked to me, otherwise I wouldn't be wearing clothes.". She tosses a wry grin, laughing. "Need some help with those boxes? As you can see, I cleaned up. By the fact that there's not clothes everywhere, that is.".

Elli opens the door and grins, nodding once. "Elli. Yeah, a hand'd be great." She turns back around and opens the door, but the hallway on the other side is gone. Instead, it's a different bedroom - one side packed up with boxes piled on the bed, and with other random stuff strewn over the desk. If it weren't for the boxes, it'd not be all that easy to tell which person was moving out, considering the disarray. "I'm sure I'm going to lose something, but. It's not far, at least." She steps into her old bedroom, leaving the door open behind her, as she heads to the desk to begin scrunching papers into her two arms.

As Elli uses her power, a startled Ghost stumbles backwards. "Holy fuck! That is amazing!". She walks up to the doorway, cautiously waving her hand, and putting it through the doorway. When nothing happens, she slowly crosses the doorway into Elli's room, looking around. "Want me to grab a box? Ghost, by the way."

"It's great, when I end up where I'm trying to go. I can't even tell you how many things I've walked in on that I'd rather not have seen," Elli gripes, carrying a precariously balanced amount of papers over in a half-waddle to dump on the desk. "Yeah, please. Whatever looks easy. I'm Elli." Ghost gets a grin and she shakes her head. "I know what I'm dying my hair next," she says, smile curving wide across her face. "We can coordinate."

"You already said that.". Ghost laughs as Elli tells her her name, again, and grabs a light-feeling box. "Oh wow, that sounds awful. I woke up one day and my eyes were yellow. Parents thought I was dying or something. And then I turned purple. Things only got weirder after that.". She laughs, and then grimaces in remembrance, bringing the box through the wormhole-door-thing, placing it near what is now Elli's side of the room. "How long you've been here? Don't think I've seen you around."

"Oh, I've been around a while," Ellie says, returning through the Twilight Zone doorway to get another Box o' Crap. "But unless you play sports, I'm not all that surprised that you haven't met me. I tend to get off of campus every chance I get. Bars and clubs and things," she shrugs her shoulders, then grins conspiratorially. "Gonna rat me out?" Her voice is teasing.

"I swim. Not on team or anything, though.". Ghost grins, going back to grab another box. She laughs when Elli mentions what she does in her free time. "No, but now that we're roomies I get to tag along sometime. It's like, the golden rule of roommates or something.". Ghost laughs again, lifting the box up. "Though, you have to remember that the headmaster knows /everything/. Like, it's creepy.".

"Well, yeah. I mean, of course, he would. I'm not blowing off curfew or anything... usually." Elli says, lips twisting into a grin. "But I'm probably not a very good role model either, if my demerits are anything to go by." She dumps a box roughly onto her bed, then returns for the last of it. "And, yeah, you can come along. I'll need to get you a fake, but. Not so hard. I know a guy." Her wink is mischievous, and she glances around her old room before lagging behind at the doorway to wait for Ghost to come through. "So. Why Ghost? What's your particular brand of freakery?"

"Wow, what a wild child.". Ghost laughs once more, carrying the box through the eldritch portal of doom, setting it with the others in their room. "Heh, you've done good, since I don't know about you. I'm in the School Newspaper, so I try to learn about everyone.". She grins, before laughing at the ID comment. "Fuck, do I really look that young?". At the question about her name, Ghost stops laughing. "I climb walls. Not why I'm named Ghost, though. Was in the Prometheus labs until March. Snuck out of my room once, after that the guards started calling me it. It stuck.".

"If you're older than 21, then I really don't know what the fuck you're doing in high school," Elli counters, with a wink. She closes the door behind them then steps over to flop down onto her bed, back to bed, eyes to ceiling. "Ugh, I don't waaant to unpack," she whines. Propping herself up on her elbows, Elli smiles at her new roomie. "Climbing walls must come in handy for the newspaper, at least." Prometheus is carefully avoided. "It's a cool name. Cooler than Elli, anyway. Not even spelled right to boot!"

As Elli closes the door, Ghost scoots over to it, curious, and opens it, revealing the hallway outside. She quickly closes it back, laughing at Elli's comment. "I just thought I looked old enough to get past the bouncer, is all. Didn't think anywhere would actually card me. Then again, never actually been to a bar.". Ghost continues laughing as Elli whines. "Yeah, I hated it as well. And climbing walls does come in handy, as does my enhanced hearing. The sense of smell, not so much. More so makes me try and avoid the boy's hall as much as possible.". Ghost grins, sitting back at her desk and opening the laptop back up. "Elli's a neat name. Close to my real one, anyways. People have asked me if I was an actual ghost before, it's hilarious.".

Elli grins at Ghost, shaking her head once. "Nah, you'll probably get carded. I almost always do, even when I flirt with the bouncers." Her nose wrinkles up and pulls a face. "Ew. Then again, I can think that having really good hearing could get you into some of the same situations that I've been in. Hearing things you don't want to hear." A pause, and at Ghost's comment, she laughs, a loud barking noise. "Around here, you never know. We've got everything around here. Sharks who dress better than I do, making out with purple spider kids on the couch. Ghosts are rather tame for what mother nature can spit out."

"Fuck, is alcohol even kosher? I need to read up on these damn dietary laws again.". Ghost grins, looking over to Elli. And then begins laughing when she talks about sharks and spider-boys. "Oh. Oh god ahahahaha. Shane and...Peter? Or is it Sebastian? I can't ever tell the difference, but, ahaha.". Ghost then makes a disgusted look on her face, remembering something. "Oh hell, I've heard a ton of stuff. This /is/ a high school, after all.".

"Kosher?" Elli gives Ghost a shrug of her shoulders and shakes her head. "No idea. The one who dresses in suits. Unless that's both of them. I can't tell them apart either." A pause, and she laughs. "I sure hope Peter can, or he's going to have some stories to tell, too." She sits up on the bed, beginning to shuffle through the boxes. "You mean, it's a place where a bunch of high schooler's live. That's worse."

"Gah, being religious and sticking to it is hard.". Ghost brushes her hair back, looking towards the door. "Oh god, that must be rough for the twins. Ahaha. But yeah, I /think/ Sebastian is the suit one. But, then again, I may be wrong.". Ghost lifts herself out of the chair, turning to Elli. "Have you eaten yet? I haven't, sadly, so I'm going to get some food. Want to come?"

"Nah, not for a bit. And, yeah, I'd love to grab some food. Anything sounds better than unpacking. /Homework/ sounds better than unpacking," Ellie grouches, standing up and grinning at Ghost. "Lead the way!" she says, gesturing towards the door.

"Oh god, you must really hate unpacking.". Ghost grins, before opening up the door, into the hallway, leaving for /mealtime/.