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Coffee and Powers
Dramatis Personae

Elli, Ghost


Elli and Ghost grab coffee and discuss social media


<WES> The Grindstone - Salem Center

Bright and cheery, this coffeeshop is Salem Center's social hub. Its black-and-white tiled floors are always kept spotless, and the deep wooden tables are polished smooth. Seating here is abundant, found in the clusters of large and social tables and tucked away at smaller booths, or along the stools at the window counters where the large windows make for ideal people-watching along the main street of Salem Center.

It is, perhaps, thankful for the many members of the Xavier's School that the occupants of Salem Center have become used to strange things. Purple students, people appearing out of mid air, things hovering with absolutely no permits - after a while, it just becomes part of the town. This probably works in Elli's favor as she steps out of a storage closet next to the bathrooms of The Grindstone, holding the door open for her roommate. "I need the caffeine," she confesses, grin teasing at her lips. "And the coffee is way better than the kind downstairs."

Elli's hair is a shade of dark purple-blue that matches her lipstick, with a beaten-up leather jacket hanging off of her shoulders. "Come on. I think I actually got us to the right part." A pause, as she frowns at the front door of the cafe. "Almost. Close enough."

Slowly stepping out of the doortal, Ghost takes a glance around the cafe. "That still freaks me out and is also one of the most amazing things I have ever seen.". One of those 'purple' students, with bright yellow eyes, she is dressed in a blue jacket, gray under-shirt, and a pair of jeans, but is pretty much not as fashionable as Elli. "Good thing you didn't warp us into the Hideaway. That'd be..a bit harder to explain to the staff.". Ghost heads towards the counter, grinning. "So, what you getting?"

"Eh. You walk into enough people's bedrooms, and the explanations get more rehearsed." Elli says, with a shrug and a grin as she closes the door behind Ghost. "I mean, it's not as cool as some of the other teleporters. I need a door; they don't. Still, I can probably go a lot farther than most of them, so it's a balance, ya know?" Her eyes turn upward as she glances over the menu. "They have drip coffee. Do you think I can get them to drip it into an IV? 'Cause that's what I think I want."

"I think coffee directly into your bloodstream might..kill you? I don't know.". Ghost grins, looking over the menu. "I'm probably going to get something with chocolate in it. And sugar. And more chocolate. Wonder what they call that.". Ghost looks up, envious on teleporter conversation. "Well, you still have a cooler power than me. I stick to walls. I'd much rather be able to open a door and go somewhere else. My ears get me migraines and my nose..well I don't like being near the locker rooms, really.".

"Yeah, well. Which one of us wrote an expose so poignant that it caused the administration to start hunting down teachers who weren't doing their jobs right?" Elli counters, waggling a finger at Ghost. "All the good powers and the brains? Just leveling the playing field." She turns her attention briefly to the counter just long enough to order a two shot espresso and place some money on the counter. "Besides, I bet you can pick up a lot with those ears that's worth hearing." A tilted grin slides on her face before she adds, "Maybe you were just meant to be a star reporter."

"Yes, yes, I'm amazing, I know.". Ghost is removing her own money and putting it on the counter, ordering some sort of chocolately mocha death drink. "Ha, like anyone would hire me. Just look at me.". She flicks her wrists out, showing her skin, and then points to her eyes. "But totally. I know so many things around the school. Like, being in the same room as me and talking is a death sentence to your secrets. I HEAR ALL.".

"If you can dish the right kind of information, I doubt people will be too picky about where it comes from." Elli pauses for a second, drumming her fingers along the counter. "Eh, fuck 'em. You can freelance. If your school articles are any indication, I think they won't be able to not buy them from you, or risk getting scooped by a competitor on some juicy new story." Elli's eyes turn to scan the rest of the room, darting from booth to booth, patron to patron, before turning back to Ghost. "Remind me to lock up my diary."

"Heh. Almost went freelance on the paper. Was worried they'd decline my story and I'd have to print it myself. Luckily, they didn't and now I'm a celebrity.". Ghost grins again, also drumming her fingers along the counter in rhythm with Elli. "If you locked up your diary, then what would I have to entertain me?". As Elli's eyes dart around the room, Ghost is actively listening in instead of trying to tune it out as usual. She sniffs as well, but this is mostly blocked by coffee smells. "Besides, who even keeps diaries?"

"I was surprised they didn't." Elli admits with a chuckle. "I certainly wouldn't have accepted it. What a pain in the ass." Her smile is teasing as she glances to her drink being made. "Everyone else's, I guess. But, you're probably right. I had one, when I was little. But it's been years, and I certainly don't do it anymore." A pause, and her smile turns to a bemused one as she adds, "I guess I just put it on G+ instead. No lock-picking required."

There aren't many patrons at this time of the afternoon, and the few that are there are all town residents. The shop currenty has five of them, two alone and not talking, and one group of three that is clustered in the corner. Apparently, it is someone's 16th birthday, and their family is making sure they don't forget it.

"Happy birthday.". Ghost slowly mutters, grinning, as she taps again, awaiting the coffee. "I don't know if I ever kept a diary. I can't remember, heh. Maybe also when I was little, but, eh. I'm too busy publishing other people's secrets to write my own down.". Ghost taps her hair, brushing through it, as she grins again. "Who the hell uses Google+? I think that's worse than a diary!"

"Exactly! It meets my obsessive need to post boring details of my life for my friends to be jealous of, yet ensures no one will actually ever read the shit that I'm putting out there." Elli accepts the mug of coffee from the cashier with a smile, hanging about the counter and taking a sip while she waits for Ghost to get her drink. "Two birds, one stone. Brilliant, isn't it?"

"Which is why I'm now making a Google+ account, thank you for the wonderful suggestion.". Ghost grins, grabbing her own coffee as it's handed to her. "Also, stop killing birds, some of the other students might get upset about stuff like that. Especially with stones, yeesh.". Ghost is taking a sip, as she grins again. "Like, if you want a /good/ social network, Myspace. Totally."

"Yeah, I did not think that one fucking through." Elli laughs and gestures towards a table, and then back towards the door. "Drink here, or drink it in our room?" A pause. "Myspace!? I mean, if I wanted, I could go to Doctor McCoy and ask him to remove most of my higher brain functions, and I'm pretty sure I would still think that Myspace was too stupid for me to use." Her eyes light mischeviously, and she winks at Ghost.

"Our room, definitely. Way too noisy in here and I can't listen to the birthday family over there for another second.". Ghost grins again, standing up. "Hey, /I/ have a Myspace. From 2009. That I haven't touched since then.". Instead of heading for the front door, Ghost is heading back towards the storage closet, maybe it's an easier route back, she doesn't know. "Do people still use that Friendster crap?"

"Did anyone ever use it is a better question, I think." Elli shakes her head and chuckles as she glances back at the trio. "Birthday, huh? Poor bastard looks like he's about ready to do himself in." She turns her attention back to Ghost, stepping up and putting her hand on the door knob. She opens it and steps inside - right into one of the boy's dorm rooms. "Ah, fuck. Well. Close enough. Come on, before whoever this is gets back."