The Grindstone

From X-Men: rEvolution

xxxxxBright and cheery, this coffeeshop is Salem Center's social hub. Its black-and-white tiled floors are always kept spotless, and the deep wooden tables are polished smooth. Seating here is abundant, found in the clusters of large and social tables and tucked away at smaller booths, or along the stools at the window counters where the large windows make for ideal people-watching along the main street of Salem Center.

Notes & Trivia

xxxxxThis place is essentially aimed at those who are too hipster for Starbucks. The employees are generally extremely friendly, serving a stupefyingly wide plethora of coffee drinks and a modest selection of teas and fresh drinks. There is also a nice selection of sweet stuff like cakes or cookies to have with your drink.

xxxxxAnd yes, the place has an actual grindstone. It is much more massive than pictures on the Internet might have led you to believe!

Important Events

xxxxxAnything particularly noteworthy happen in this spot? Note it here!

Place Name
Neighborhood Salem Center
Type Coffeeshop
Mutant-friendliness Friendly
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