Charlie Torres

From X-Men: rEvolution
"In real life, it is the hare who wins. Every time." - Anita Brookner

Description: Charlie is, essentially a hare. Not a rabbit. Definitely not a damned /bunny/. Wiry and all lean muscle, she is on the tall side of average for a female at 5'6”. Her wide-set brown eyes, low flat nose, bifurcated upper lip, prominent incisors, and /wealth/ of brown fur are a dead giveaway. The long ears only capable of half-hiding between hair and hats at best...also fairly obvious. The topic of shoes is a sore one.

Personality: Charlie does not take well to the presumptive role of adorable cuddly prey animal. Her surface layers are gruff, growly, and usually chewing on something agitatedly (ah, the blessings of lagomorph teeth). The chip on her shoulder from having to live most of her life in hiding is not small. She does enjoy the right kind of company to suit her spikiness and has a bit of a Trickster streak.


xxxxxIt's fairly obvious the baby's a mutant when she's furry and has long ears and a tail. Abandoned by her parents as an infant, Charlie was taken in by an adult cousin whose thermal manipulation ability was far less...immediately overt. The man who she grew up referring to as her uncle, in addition to supporting her and doing his best to provide her some home schooling while she stayed hidden as a child, was also involved with the Brotherhood of Mutants. While he never precisely /recruited/ Charlie, she was insistent enough on becoming Involved by her teen years that he did facilitate bringing her into the fold. The recent death of her uncle during a strike on a registration facility, which she survived only by virtue of her enhanced speed, led her to seek out the BoM in New York.


xxxxxCharlie's abilities are what one would expect from a person who is a good part /hare/. She is an inhumanly fast runner, with powerful legs that also supply impressive feats of jumping and leaping. The girl packs a punch rather /literally/, wiry-strong, tough, and dextrous in the manner of a scrapper. She is quite skilled at escaping pursuit and hiding. While her visual acuity is not at all above typical for a human, her peripheral vision and ability to detect movement are enhanced, as is her night vision. Her hearing is, predictably, her strongest enhanced sense, particularly when she frees her impressively-long ears up for independent swivelling to collect sound. She also has a very sensitive (and, yes, /twitchy/) nose.


xxxxxCharlie was home-schooled informally by her uncle and certainly is lacking in polished formal education. She is well-read, however, since Give the Kid a Book is a perfectly...existent method of teaching. Natively fluent in both English and Spanish, the only steady legitimate work Charlie ever found was through text translation services that did not require an in-person meeting. Her less legitimate pursuits include well-practiced pickpocketing and...somewhat less skilled breaking and entering (with more skilled running away). Charlie is a fair hand with computer technology in the way of young folk who spend a /lot/ of time at home. She has a green thumb that was apparent from an early age and exercised this well maintaining small indoor and rooftop gardens to help support her two-person family. In part through sheer necessity, Charlie is also skilled at hiding and going unnoticed. She does best in a fight when bare-knuckled or using small handheld weapons such as knives or...that thing just she grabbed off the table over there.



  • Anette: Kinda mouthy. But I'm hardly one to talk.
  • Daken: Probably a full-on psycho.
  • Dusk: Take me to church.
  • Eridani: Little monster. Okay so long as he keeps those fangs to himself. I am not a baby food.
  • Master Ion: Rides the lightning /and/ brings the party.
  • Isra: Tough mama gargoyle.
  • J.C.: Seems like a fun one. Gotta learn more sign.
  • Regan: She's /got/ this whole family thing.
  • Teague: Twinkletoes. Seems very new.


  • Veronica: Incites a riot at a scared kid...probably just for being a mutant. I always meet the nicest people.

Those Guys

  • Anole: Not the world's most skilled pickpocket. Hopefully this kid's got /somebody/ watching his back.
  • Ash: Dirty boy... Has a garden right in the middle of the city. Some kinda craziness about future dream robot concentration camps. Have to look into this.
  • Tag: A little Rainbow Brite and a little heavy on the puns, but he knows the deal. Apparently he's Dusk's and Isra's...stylist-colorist-whatever, so that's cool.


  • Burn (NPC): The only person in my "family" worth a damn and the best thing this life ever gave or took. Never forgive or forget, Tío Marcos.
Charlotte "Charlie" Torres
Codename La Liebre
Birth Date 5 March 1993
Birthplace Baltimore, MD
Species Mutant
Affiliation Brotherhood of Mutants
Alignment Trickster/Grump
Powers Lagomorph
Occupation Text Translator, Small-time Thief
Registration Status Unregistered
Player Linarien
RP Hooks
Big Brothers - Charlie has been active, if distantly, with the BoM since she was a teenager.
New New York - Charlie is new in town, seeking out the BoM there after the death of her uncle.
A Little Obvious - Charlie's physical mutations take a lot of effort to hide...not even particularly well
Green Thumb - Charlie is an avid and /skilled/ gardener. Stow the Peter Rabbit jokes.
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