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Party Plans
Dramatis Personae

Micah, Melinda, Tola

9 February 2015

Featuring carnivorous plantbaby!


<NYC> {Melinda} - Harbor Commons - Lower East Side

The entry way to Mel and Tove's apartment dumps directly into the living room, a small set of hooks on the wall beside the door for immediate removal of winter gear in the season. The floor in the entry way is a beige tile, optimal for collecting wet clothing items, instead of letting it spread out over the polished hardwood floors. There is a small nook with a window seat, on the same wall as the entryway, peeking out into the courtyard on the other side of the building's entrance. Two large windows line the right wall, casting light inside. There's a small dining table in the corner formed by the kitchen jutting into the living space from the wall opposite the entry; a small half wall providing lower counterspace and a barrier between the two rooms. There is a small hallway beside the kitchen, running along the side of the stairway to the second floor. At the base of the stairs, there's door to the small guest bathroom residing between the stairs and the interior wall. Hidden away in the back of the apartment is more storage space, a stacked washer and dryer, and exits, one to the basement utilities and one to the back yard.

The second floor begins where the staircase ends, with a closet to the left, a bare wall, and a turn to the right. There are three doors, Tove's bedroom first, then Mel's master bedroom, which takes up most of the corner of the upstairs. The rest of the upstairs, over the living room and part of the downstairs bathroom, is a healthy sized bathroom with a large claw footed tub - one perfect for soaking one body or two.

Even for the short trip between buildings, Micah is a bundle of clothes with a person somewhat visible under it all. His Jayne hat and the shoulders of his olive puffy coat are dusted in snow already, fat flakes settling where they please since the weather took another turn for the /colder/. The knock at Mel's door is muffled, delivered by a candy corn striped mitten covered hand as it is. Micah's arms are both placed through the cuffs of forearm crutches, hands gripping their holds lightly for all that he's standing still.

It doesn't take long for Melinda to arrive at the door, the reason why is soon clear. Just over her shoulder is a blanket lay a small green baby, in a blue and white striped onesie that covers her from the soles of her feet to her wrists and neck. She giggles as she waves her limbs, already starting to roll herself into a sitting position. Melinda is dressed in a navy and purple striped sweatshirt, with thermal lined leggings. She smiles when she sees Micah, studying the amount of snow on his hat first and foremost. "Hi! You should probably come in before you catch anymore flakes. How are you? Have you eaten?"

"Cold," Micah answers the question of his status a little too immediately. "Well past overdue for spring. Can't we call it in faster if we all make a fuss?" There is a touch of playful smile to the question as the redhead sneaks just inside the door, keeping his wet snow boots on the mat as he strips out of his snowy gear. The process leaves him mussed-haired and wearing his usual eveningtime sort of outfit: Batsignal hoodie, off-white henley, olive tee bearing Darwin-like sketches of finches with adaptive technology upgrades, lined jeans, thick socks with a crawling lizard pattern on them. "Did just finish cleanin' up from dinner 'fore I headed over. How are y'all?" No longer busy with making sure his snow-mess stays isolated, he wiggles fingers and makes faces for Tola's amusement.

"Now, Micah, if I had the power to mellow out this winter, I would. Come on, inside, inside." Melinda steps out of the way as she welcomes Micah in, turning away moments later to return to her child's side as Tola is beginning to rock back and forth on her hands and knees to start to gain momentum and get off the blanket. "Oh, we're fine. Just trying to burn a little extra energy before bed, aren't we." Melinda doesn't bother trying to curb her child's movement, but is putting things in her way to keep her entertained. "It's the parent's fondest wish to get every ounce of sleep possible out of a night. You want to play for a while?"

"S'the best way t'do it. Tucker 'em out honest." Micah chuckles at Tola's rocking. "She's really gettin' ready t'go, ain't she? 'Course we can play for a bit." Fumbling through his pocket, he comes up with a little spray canister of lemony-scented sanitiser, which he spritzes on both of his hands before plopping down by Tola and picking up a spinny rattle to spin for her. "Jim an' Matt's both got birthdays comin' Friday. Been tryin' t'plan a bit. Jax's...still worn out. Still winter. Matt's /easy/. Just give 'im some chocolate an' people an' board games an' he's thrilled. Harder t'figure Jim. Usually'd have Hive doin' that part, but..."

"But Hive's still keeping himself away from everyone," Melinda finishes for Micah, drawing her knees up against her torso as she watches Tola crawl toward Micah and the rattle. The infant is still very much of a fumble crawler, her limbs not quite matching her desire for movement, but she does get to where she's going eventually. And that is to stick a chubby green hand out to bat at the spinning noise maker. Once the hand finds it, little fingers try to wrap around it, still uncoordinated in where she places her little grippers, accidentally choosing the part of the rattle that is too large for her to really hold. "So. Parties. Jim's not that hard. Warm food, good company... and probably a stash of disposable cameras would be fun. A couple years ago, Hive threw him a funeral that will likely be hard to top, so it's easy to just aim for a gathering. Truth be told, he's somewhat aloof these days, too. He comes by, but he's not talking all that much."

"Wouldn't say Hive's...keepin' 'imself anythin' lately," Micah replies with a frown at the thought of the telepath's near-catatonic state. "S'much as bein' kept." Tola's antics do brighten his features with an amused smile, however, as he dangles the rattle a little closer for her to try and spin herself...or /snatch/, if that's what her hands manage. "Was at that one, yeah. Can't have a funeral for somebody ev'ry year, an'...honestly had enough death on the brain without..." A shiver makes its way across his shoulders and down his spine. "Disposable cameras can sure do. He got any favourite foods or desserts y'happen t'know of? Think Jax might do a chocolate...cake or cake-like thing for Matt. I was gonna make a gallon or two of pesto."

"Oh?" Melinda raises an eyebrow at Micah's clarification on Hive's state, furrows of confusion following after. She turns her attention back down to her child. Tola plunks her butt down as she lifts her other hand to try this grabbing thing. Her efforts primarily cause the rattle to swing, making it harder for her to try again, but the child is sooo focused. Melinda's lips purse as she contemplates food. "Ah. Well. I don't know about that. He mostly just eats whatever is available. I don't know if I could say he has a favorite. He loves coffee, though. But, then again, I seem to attract coffee lovers." She pauses for a moment and wets her lips before admitting. "I... don't really have, well, I don't think I have the kind of relationship with Jim that you might think I do. We don't really communicate that much. The less I talk, the more he's likely to hang around. Sometimes, I think he just... appreciates my presence sometimes. And he loves Tola."

Micah's eyes widen slowly. "You...haven't seen 'im lately, have you? He... The dreams. The future dreams. He went an' did somethin' t'try an' somethin' 'bout 'em? Telepath-somethin'. S'apparently Hived more people even than...ever, I guess. It ain't...he's... Not...good." He bites down on his lip, halting in delivering this news. His hand remains steady to let Tola attack the toy as she will, however. "Um. Could maybe get Shane t'bring some caterin' containers of fancy coffees in from Evolve. Have a little coffee bar. An' tea. Some herbal for Flicker..." His head nods at the further information on Jim. "We'll be sure t'invite 'er, then."

Melinda listens quietly, still hugging her legs to herself. Her gaze grows more distant as she listens, letting out a breath when he finishes. "No. He hasn't told me anything. Then again, I've stopped trying... to." She inhales deeply and gives a little grimace. She pulls her spine up straighter and relaxes her legs. "Sure. I'm sure Shane would love to participate. If he needs money, I'll chip in. Tea and coffee sounds lovely. Of course, don't ever let me stop you from making a gallon of two of pesto. Love the stuff, personally."

"It ain't...he ain't tellin' /nobody/ anythin' just now, sugar. We been takin' turns takin' care of 'im. Right now he's not really...there." Micah passes his free hand open-palmed in front of his face a few times by way of illustration, shoulders tensing a little uncomfortably. "Okay. Coffee, tea, cake, pesto. Prob'ly add some /giant/ salads an'...I'll hafta figure somethin' for the carnivores, too. But that sounds like a good start. Sure...there'll be a collection once we get some shoppin' done an' an estimate from Shane. Thanks for offerin'." Reaching out, he gives the rattle another spin for Tola's benefit.

Melinda sniffs quietly, her eyes starting to moisten. She blinks a few times and nods. "I get it." Her voice is soft when she replies, head bowing. Tola is attempting to corral the rattle directly into her mouth when it spins again, a tiny pink tongue sticking a thin trail of drool to the surface before it turns away. The child looks up at Micah expectantly, then reaches for his hand. Mel wipes at her face quickly before putting on a quick smile. "Sure. Definitely. Are we going to hold it at someone's house, or reserve one of the rooms in the Common proper?"

Micah chews harder at his lip, scooting closer to Mel to throw an arm around her shoulders and give a little squeeze. "I'm sure...he had a good reason for whatever he's done. He just didn't really tell nobody 'xactly what it was." His other arm remains extended for Tola, letting the child claim his hand and the toy therein wholesale. "Prob'ly should reserve the kitchen an' dinin' room for food. An' the game room t'have games set up for Matt. Maybe the sun room, too, for more loungin' space. S'a planty spot for Jim, too. Have food out an' folks come outta the woodwork, so's likely t'get crowded in the dinin' room alone."

"Oh, I don't doubt that." Mel leans into the embrace for a moment, lips trembling a breath or two before she nods to herself or her companion. "Sometimes, I just wish I could read his mind. It would make things easier. Miss that." She lets the topic drop just then, turning her attention back to the party planning. "It'll be good to see Matt. I haven't seen him since Christmas." Tola is now more interested in Micah's hand. She tries to nom upon it with her tiny little mouth, teeny nubbins of teeth poking at his skin as she attempts to really taste him. The sanitizer is a little bit of a deterrent, at first, but either she forgets about it or learns to love the taste, as she keeps trying. "Is there anything I can do?"

"Occasionally wish I could read folks' minds, too. Then I remember how /uncomfortable/ it was havin' Rasa's ability an' touchin' folks. Just like a headache in 3D, surround-sound, full-sensory glory." Micah arches a brow at Tola but doesn't withdraw his hand. "Y'got a man-eatin' plantlin' here, Mel," he informs in mock-seriousness. "Um...sure there'll be need t'help with food prep closer t'time. Any kinda decoratin'? Not sure as we were plannin' t'do much. Could pick up the cameras if y'want, when you're out. Don't think they have those in the reg'lar grocery stores, anyhow." Again, teeth meet with lip, leaving little divots in it before he speaks. "Flicker's been takin' care of Hive the most. I usually ask 'im what he needs an' when. Far as taggin' in an' out for cares. Sure he wouldn't mind another set of hands."

"Yeah, my only experience is when I had Hive in my head for that period of time a year or so ago. Man, it was probably two at this point. Anyway. I'm sure it's not pleasant in the long run. It wasn't all that great in the long run for me either." Mel gives a small smile of appreciation when Micah points out what Tola is doing. "Well, I always thought she was a venus fly trap. She seems to handle milk well enough. Perhaps she is ready to suck all the nutrients out of a finger or two." She raises her brows with a small smirk before nodding again. "I'll figure out where to get disposable cameras, if they do such a thing anymore. If not, maybe I'll just get a printer that everyone can wirelessly print to from their phones. Maybe that'll stand in nicely." Bored, Tola turns away and starts to crawl past her mother's lap, heading for the couch. "Yeah... I'll talk to Flicker. He... usually does. Do that."

“Mmn, that was. Interestin'. Too.” Micah's cheeks pick up a hint of a blush. He reclaims his baby-slobbered hand and wipes it across his denim-covered thigh once Tola wanders off. “Could easily set up a dockin' station or wireless printin', yeah. Maybe a party store might have disposables? Or Amazon. I know they still use 'em at weddin's an' such.” He nods at Mel's plan. “That'll be good. D'you need a minute t'yourself? I can get goin' if y'needed. Was mostly comin' t'say hi and ask 'bout Jim.”

"Oh, I don't know about needing time to myself. I don't mean to keep you here. I'm just... well, it's a lot of information. Just talking it all in. It doesn't seem like anything I shouldn't have expected." Mel gives him a tired smile before watching as Tola starts to hoist herself up on the side of the couch. The mother resists the urge to reach out, letting the child stand as best she can... or can't. "I'll be fine, if you need to head out for your own reasons."

“Okay, I just didn't mean t'crowd. Sounded like y'all was headed toward bedtime rituals soon. Ain't /too/ awful long 'til doin' the same with Spence. I mean...he does most of ev'rythin' 'imself but he still likes t'be tucked in an' read to. Figure we'll keep doin' /that/ long as he'll let us.” Micah circles his other arm around Mel for a squeezing hug before righting himself and starting to haul to his feet. “But I should get some paperwork done 'fore all /that/, too. You let us know if /you/ need anythin', too, alright? I know it's...a lot. S'always somethin' workin' on bein' a lot 'round here.”

"Ah, see, I get all of my stuff done after I get Tola down. She's still at the age when she goes to bed early enough that I am not inclined to follow her just yet." Melinda hugs Micah back and starts to get to her feet. She moves over to snatch up Tola where she stands, before the child has a chance to fall over. "I don't know what I need right now, if I need anything. I'm just missing him. That's all." Tola continues wiggling in Melinda's arms, as if trying to jump from her suspended position. "It seems like there is always something, true."

Melinda gets one more hug once they are both on their feet, which also serves to bring Micah close enough to deliver Tola cheek-kisses. "It is...hard. Missin' folks. 'Specially when they ain't really /gone/. You ever /do/ figure somethin' y'need, though." Micah mimes holding a phone to his ear with the type of receiver that no one really uses anymore outside of office environments. "Y'all have a good night. An' happy bedtimes." Then comes the winding /back/ into outerwear and bracing to face the cold walk home.

"I'll let you know," Melinda agrees, giving him another smile after the last hug. "Don't worry about me. I seem to go on, nevertheless." She leans in and gives Micah a kiss on the cheek when he is close to finished bundling before walking him to the door. "Be careful out there. Text me when you get home, okay?"

"Good. But me? Not worry?" This is said with a curl of self-deprecating grin, at least. "Love you, sugar. An' will do," Micah adds as he tugs on his ridiculous hat. "G'night, hon. I wish you many good sleeps." With a sharpish mock-salute, the redhead makes his way back out into the night.