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xxxxxAubrey tends to be quiet and comes off to most as extremely diffident/unassertive. He opens up a little as he gets to know people, but even with friends he has a tendency to err on the side of yielding. He's extremely anxious and fearful, but has a decent handle on these tendencies and can work through them.


xxxxxWithin the Prometheus labs he's been in, is known as a bit of a timid doormat, kind of spineless, has a creepy power but is excessively unintimidating as a human being.


xxxxxAubrey was the youngest of three children raised by divorced middle-class parents in Spokane. His childhood was largely a blur of being caught in the middle of his parents' ongoing low-grade feud and weathering the apathy of their new partners.

His power emerged (or at least it first became noticeable) when he was fifteen. It started out weak, but even then, Aubrey could tell that people agreed to his requests far more easily than they seemed like they should -- sometimes when he was certain they had no good reason to do so.

He was neither spectacular nor awful in school, and studied social work for a couple of years at community college before dropping out to play music full time with his Celtic neo-folk group, The Táin (with such Ren Faire pub hits as "Medb's Friendly Thighs"). With the aid of his power, Aubrey secured his band enough regular paying gigs that he was able to pay the bills off of performing alone (and for some reason, people always tipped generously when he asked).

In his late twenties, his entire social life collapsed when, in the heat of a fight, he told a friend to go sleep with his girlfriend "if he liked her so much", thinking there was no way this could have been taken as a serious request. The friend subsequently did, and the resultant drama and stress (during which he was outed as a mutant to much of his friend group and was ostracized by about half of them) landed him in a psychiatric ward.

When, still in the midst of a nervous breakdown, Aubrey started mind-controlling the hospital staff who tried to manage him, an emergency care provider there called in Prometheus. For the year and a half since, Aubrey has been in Prometheus, where researchers have been fascinated by yet wary of his abilities.


xxxxxCompels others do to as they believe he commands.


xxxxxAubrey is a competent singer and a decent dancer. Good with words in general, his real gift is poetry, which found outlet through the lyrics he wrote for his band. He is reasonably skilled at homebrewing beer and cider.




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Aubrey Dooley
Codename None
Birthdate 17 September 1988
Birthplace Spokane, WA
Species Mutant
Affiliation None
Alignment Timid
Powers Mind control
Occupation Labrat
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