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xxxxx Alexandrine can be sweet as Tupelo honey, or hotter than her momma's Shrimp Creole when her temper is raging.


xxxxx She was born and raised in New Orleans, went to a private catholic high school before getting her degree at Loyola. She moved to NYC with the promise of a job from an old friend, and a desire to see one of the world's biggest cities. She doesn't talk about anything personal in her history, until there's serious trust built with someone.


xxxxx Empathy - Alexandrine can feel and project emotions up to 125 meters, and can lightly manipulate them from 100 meters. She can get into more heavy manipulation at 50 meters, and the closer the source, the more she can work the emotions to suit her desires.

Telepathy - Alexandrine's telepathy is secondary to her empathy. Her telepathy can hear/project surface thoughts at 65 meters, and only within 45 can she get deeper. She has to be within 25 meters of the source in order to be able to dip into the subconscious and plant any mental seeds. Her success rate depends on how natural the desire seems to the person it is planted in, and how deep and firmly it is planted. If it is something the person might think of doing or have done on their own, it is far more likely to take than if not


More than Friend?

  • Dan - Possibly hopeless full on mutant hater, possibly just dealing with too much trauma because of mutants. Good looking. Can be chivalrous. Likes him too much for her own good. DANGER WILL ROBINSON.


  • Melinda - A fellow do-gooder at heart. Great taste in cupcakes.
  • Doug - A building neighbor. Possible friend and leftover recipient.
  • Jackson -Adorable, colorful, sweet, and possible dance partner. He's also a neighbor and a fellow teacher.
  • Shelby - Friendly acquaintance type, at least. Alexandrine is curious about the girl, but doesn't want to be pushy nosy.
  • Siddhartha - Police officer Alexandrine feels friendly towards.
  • Ezekiel - semi-celebrity mutant, possible dance partner, and needs a nickname.
  • Logan - Teacher at Xavier's, who sort of recruited her to do the same. Gruff, but kind to the redhead and perhaps softer inside than the exterior would imply.


  • Coming soon.

And everything in between

  • Eric While she'd liked flirting with him, recent information has lead Alexandrine to be far less sure he's someone to know. Especially if he's on the special police force.
  • Remy - Too cocky in Alexandrine's first impressions, but willing to give a chance.
  • Hive - Cranky fellow telepath, lately coming across as a judgmental dick. Doesn't have the courtesy (or maybe not the control) To stay out of everyone's thoughts.

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Full Name
Codename None
Birthdate July 14th
Species Mutant
Affiliation None
Alignment Neutral
Powers Psionic
Occupation Teacher
RP Hooks
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RP Hook - Explanation.
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