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Music Shop
Dramatis Personae

Hailey, Jerome, Peter, Sage




<NYC> East Village

Historically a center of counterculture, the East Village has a character all its own. Home to artists and musicians of many colours, this neighborhood is known for its punk vibe and artistic sensibilities. The birthplace of many protests, literary movements, it is home to a rather diverse community and vibrant nightlife.

East Village is notably home to quite a lot of interesting people -- but it's also known for its affinity with music. Which might be the reason why Sage and company have come here now, moving along the sidewalk to a local music store -- with Haily and Peter in tow! The latter -- clad forever in his dark, chitinous features -- has wrapped himself up despite the warmer-than-usual autumn weather; a dark black hoodie and blue jeans, with the hoodie pulled up to largely hide his face -- his hands shoved *deep* into his pockets. He seems to be largely in good spirits, up until their walk toward the musical instrument store happens to take them past the long-defunct Sublime Center... at which point, Peter's leisurely pace slows down to something of a stroll, head canting up, eyebrows scrunching together.

When the chitin-boy moves to catch up to Sage and Hailey, he adds, rather dryly: "I think that's the place run by that guy who was eating mutants."

Hailey looks around with a stretch, today she's wearing a t-shirt, over a long sleeve shirt, a grey and black beanie, some baggy jeans, and some heavy combat boots with a messenger bag draped over her shoulder. "Really? That's kinda sick man... Hey, why don't you that thwip thing to him then?" she asks Peter as she strolls along lazily, sighing as she looks at the store fronts.

Jerome stops his stare at one of the late staying street artists to head on down the street, pace putting him next to the group about the time Peter mentions mutant-eating. "That's some fuck shit." he drawls easily, though it isn't pointed at anybody in particular. He's wearing slim fitting jeans, a black Misfits hoodie, and a beanie. He clamps his teeth down lightly on the hoop in the right side of his lower lip (he's been wearing the clear one, probably changed for this neighborhood).

Sage is dressed in a black and gray long sleeved shirt, with a pair of jeans and tennis shoes, red sunglasses rather noticable on her face. She's moving a bit in front of Hailey, leading the pack in a way, as she speaks back to her once Sublime starts to get mentioned. "He is no longer a threat.". Her words are rather emotionless, no turn of a head as she says them, almost like she's a robot (is she a robot?). As Jerome steps up, Sage does not turn to him either as he speaks, but replies to him as well. "He is gone, but as soon as he vanishes, more trouble sprouts up, like serial killers, violence, and war.". Sage goes silent again, glancing at the musical instrument store. "Do you have a model in mind?". A glance of blue eyes shaded with red turns briefly towards Hailey before back at the store, to address who she is speaking to.

"...well, I mean, I *couldn't* just -- he attacked -- he's no longer even--" Peter starts to explain, but something prompts him to stop. Maybe it's the realization that he shouldn't be discussing this issue in a public venue; maybe it's the fact that Jerome just came within earshot, causing Peter to briefly stiffen -- the young chitin-clad boy's mouth twisting into a firm, straight line, his hands shoving *deeper* into his pockets.

" was," Peter admits, off-to-the-side, to Jerome, "pretty messed up." The boy doesn't elaborate; as far as Peter can tell, Jerome doesn't attend Xavier's -- and might not even be a mutant! Maybe he's a Friend of Humanity agent just trying to WARM UP to the mutants for intel. 'Hello, Fellow Mutant-Friends. I am a Mutant too; let us discuss our Mutant Plans formed by our Mutant Leader.'

"Also, now it's illegal to be a mutant, *plus* there's the mutant-hunting robot-drones, though that might have just been a dream I was never really clear on that," Peter elaborates on Sage's point almost automatically -- almost *cheerfully!* -- as if he had recently taken it upon himself to compile a mental checklist of all the currently terrible things happening that might involve himself.

Hailey looks around and tries to take a quick mental note of the group. "Eh...I might be able to drag a couple of you guys with me if we needed to run but like... I might pass out, or get a wicked nosebleed or something, It seems to work on mass I think.." she shrugs a bit and looks around. "So, like, who knows about these things? I don't wanna be a chump and get knocked for being a dumb *&*& buying something I don't need or overpaying." She adjusts her pants a moment and looks at Peter with a quirk of her brow before shrugging again.

Jerome looks over at Peter, expression dropping. "Seriously? If it's not one thing it's another." he exhales through his nose before giving his head a slight shake. "Yeah, was at a protest the other day. Police opened up on the crowd when this girl decided it was a great idea to absorb color from everything and spray them with it. Not sure what she though was going to happen.. It's getting ridiculous." a hand comes up to rub the back of his neck. "Mutant hunting robots. Of course." his gaze moves over to Hailey, "What are you looking for?"

"Peter, we are both aware that dreams can often a time not be normal dreams.". This, luckily, is public knowledge that Sage is sharing! What with a giant bank that offered free hugs being dreamed up and the like. "Ms. Starr." Sage doesn't turn to Hailey, but the tone is that of a commanding sort of tone. "You are not to do any such thing, if you had been listening to Peter, you would know why. Also, if you want knowledge on violin, I would suggest Shane Holland-Zedner. He is very skilled with the violin and could also be a potential tutor for you.". Sage notably does not make stops inbetween these two subjects, it is rather lightning fast! Her head turns slightly towards Jerome next. "She was rebelling against authority. She also inspired a serial killer to release a declaration of war, and will most likely harm any future protest credibility."

" from what?" Peter asks Hailey, nose wrinkling, puzzled at her suggestion. "We should have brought--" Peter begins, wistfully, glancing at the music shop -- but he's cut off when Sage promptly suggests the very name he was thinking of. Peter flushes, briefly; his eyes dart from Sage to Jerome, pausing at the latter for just a moment as he speaks nearby -- before adding: "Uh, hi. Who are... have we met? I'm Peter." Cautious! Though Jerome *seems* to be speaking to Peter, which means that, by now, he's probably noticed the whole chitin thing, and hasn't freaked out. Which is usually a good sign that the person he's speaking to isn't going to try and kidnap him. Usually.

"I'd suggest an Eastman or Franz Hoffman." Jerome offers to Hailey before nodding at Sage. "Yeah, I was there. Carried her off the street before she got shot. Also got shot stopping Micah and B from getting shot.. That color spray mutant is probably the only reason I'm not full of holes." he shakes his head a bit. "It's ridiculous how quickly they'll resort to violence like that. Don't know if I should blame them or the law that gives them that ability." Though the other statement doesn't really sink in until his expression drops further. "Serial Killer?" Though Peter steals his attention again. "I'm Jerome. Nice to meet you guys."

Hailey gives a little 'tch' when she has her last name called. She hunches her shoulders down before looking back. "What about one of those uh...Strati Varions? Aren't they like the best kind?" She asks before looking at Sage."And I was just sayin' in case we were chased or whatever, If they can't catch you they can't arrest you it's like...the law." She states it almost matter-of-factly before grinning. "Let's get in here an get buyin' before they arrest us for loitering."

"Stradivarius. Rarest violins out there, out of your budget.". Sage says this, matter-of-factly with no coldness towards it. And then Sage becomes a bit authoriative again. "It is illegal to evade arrest, actually. Being arrested is not fun, and I would recommend you not doing things that could lead to it.". This sounds as if of experience, though it maintains the emotionlessness.

"Micah and B Holland-Zedner? Are you a friend of theirs?". Sage actually turns to Jerome, but she's more looking for signs of injury, whether it be bandaging or a limp or slight motions that indicate he's trying not to put pressure on a side. "Pierrot. Anti-human serial killer. Not a threat to us, but a threat either way, having declared war against all who are not mutants.". Sage then turns her head back to the door, walking up and opening the door for the others. "This city has never been safe, however."

Peter's eyebrows *grind* together when Jerome mentions the names 'Micah' and 'B'. His Danger Sense may not be tingling, but they don't have to be; something seems *very* off. "--wait, what? You... know Micah? And B?" Peter asks, having just suddenly *stopped* walking forward. Staring at the back of Jerome's head. After a moment of pause, though, he scurries forward into the music shop, albeit somewhat reluctantly.

Jerome doesn't really have any visible sign of injury, other than a soreness to his midsection that's only notable when he moves a certain way, like he received a bruise or fracture from wearing armor. "He is a threat to us. People tend to throw us together with people like that." he sighs a bit before looking at Peter, "They were crossing the street when the protest got violent. They got arrested.. I ran off. I'm registered, the last thing I need is a police record to accompany that. Met Micah again a few days after outside of the Mendel clinic when he brought Jax some food. Hopefully getting an application there, or at Evolve. Love to cook, a place that'll let me do that is a plus."

Hailey looks around the store. "Man over expensive? That sucks." she looks around, rifling through this touching that, poking drums and cymbals. Almost forgetting why they were there before going over to the counter. "Ey, I need a violin, a good one but I want a good price too yeah? No gyping me got it?" she gives off her rebel glare at the servicer, seems the street is still strong in her. She turns around to look at everyone else. "Getting used to all this is kinda hard, I mean, everythings different for me."

"I believe him.". This is towards Peter, after a few seconds of Sage looking at Jerome and listening to him. She's not a lie detector, but he has been injured, and his story doesn't have any flaws to it. She walks into the store herself, waiting to see if Jerome enters as well, before glancing around. Generic music store! Sage turns to Peter briefly. "Are you buying anything?", she asks, before walking up towards Hailey. "Please forgive her. What are the recommended stocks of violin?". The guy working over the counter seems to grumble, before shuffling to grab a list. He does not seem to be in a good mood. Sage looks over the list for a second, before turning to Hailey. "How much money do you have?"

"...uh, dude, no offense or anything," Peter tells Jerome, at the doorway to the music shop -- his voice dropping *considerably* lower. "...but I wouldn't tell a bunch of strangers you just met that the police shot you up? I mean, it's cool and all I'm a rude, crude dude who ain't gonna tell anybody else, but --" Oh. They're all going *into* the music shop. Okay. Peter hesitates, glances at Jerome, and -- regardless as to whether or not the man follows, proceeds into the shop, immediately after adding a quiet: "--but, uh, if you helped them -- thanks -- Micah and B, I mean."

INSIDE the shop, Peter just wrinkles his nose and stares at the back of Hailey's head, but otherwise does not say anything -- promptly folding his arms, instead. And pausing to closely examine a harmonica.

Jerome does in fact step in with the group and moves to the counter. "I'd recommend a beginner Gliga violin." he suggests with a light shrug. "Perhaps one of the three-hundred dollar models. Lease-to-own. Assuming she has the cash for it." he rubs his neck a bit. "Thought about learning to play for a while.. Stayed with a fella that played before I moved here. He recommended that to start." he looks over at Peter and flashes an easy enough grin, but doesn't continue with the conversation.

Hailey looks in her bag a moment before thinking. "A C-Note, and a couple-a bucks... some change.... But ya know.. that's also my snack and budget ya know?" she grins at the guy before looking around. "I wanna make sure I got the best but also got some cash in my pockets." she nods a little and adjusts her bag a bit.

Sage seems to stare at Hailey. The emotion on her face is null, so it's hard to read exactly why she's staring. "Did you not research violin prices before you came to buy one? You can barely afford a violin, let alone any of good quality. Save up some money and do some research, in the future." And then she turns to the storeclerk. "I apologize."

Sage walks over to Peter after this. "Are you buying anything, Peter? If not, perhaps we should begin to head back to the school, or if you would like to go somewhere else, that is fine as well."

Peter's response is muted; it's followed by his sudden decision to *snatch* the harmonica, as if on impulse -- as if, for a moment, his fear is that if he does not snatch it, it will fly away on its own. After a quick chat with the front sales clerk, he has purchased said harmonica, and is quickly responding to Sage: "I'm ready." Peter, plus one harmonica.

Jerome clicks his tongue as he looks at Hailey. "Yeah, you need a bit to put down on it. I'd help you out.. But I still don't have a job." He shrugs a bit and nods at the group. "I'll be floating around the city. I'm sure I'll bump into at least one of you again, for some reason I end up finding you and your friends every time I go out." he flashes an easy grin. "If you guys know of a place that's hiring a cook or culinary instructor and doesn't need a diploma? Look me up. I'm usually around Clinton earlier in the day. And after I leave here."