From X-Men: rEvolution
Everybody's playing the game, but nobody's rules are the same; nobody's on nobody's side.

xxxxxNeve has two histories. The first began and died with Audrey Garrett, missing daughter of Annapolis’ mayor, and the creation and capture by Prometheus of Nox, the shadow mistress. The second history was constructed for her by Prometheus, to suit their plan to provide a kinder and gentler face to the world through Themis House. With Prometheus now under siege and Themis' New York office burned to the ground, where Neve will fall remains to be seen.


xxxxxIt's complicated.


xxxxxCurrently held in check by a chip surgically implanted by Prometheus, though with suppression drugs now leaving her system the cosmetic effects of her mutation are visible again. When active, due to lack of practiced control, she is made of shadow stuff and has the ability to merge with and manipulate darkness. The flipside of this is extreme photosensitivity, including taking damage from strong light sources.


xxxxxGardening is a passion. She's recently begun to cultivate orchids.

xxxxxLike many New Yorkers (and D.C.ites) she cannot drive. Themis House provides a driver but she prefers public transit and has purchased a bicycle as well, much to the dismay of her minders since she never learned how to ride one as a child. She has all of the wobblies.




Out of Her Life


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Codename Nox...maybe.
Birthdate 1990-05-06
Species Mutant
Affiliation None
Alignment Lawful Good
Powers Shadowkinesis
Occupation Undetermined
Registration Status Registered
RP Hooks
Themis House - This Prometheus associate was recently outed, and Neve revealed to be working for them in some capacity. Victim or race traitor? You decide!
Seems familiar... - Audrey Garrett? Nox? Neve? What?
Monster? - Currently wanted for the murder of Officer Kyle Whelan; recently published a statement admitting responsibility for Whelan's death.
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