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Sometimes you've just got to get Lucky in life

xxxxxA political figure and war hero trapped in a coma for a number of years, now in a much younger body.


xxxxxJason Lucky was born in Fort Hamilton during the freezing cold winter. He was just the latest in a long running military family with a proud history. While his parents had planned to have a great many children, his father was cut down during a military exercise. Though his uncle took the two in under his care Jason wound up raising himself in the worst parts of new york getting into fights with other children, and learning rough lessons early.

The day he turned 16 Jason enlisted in the army, wanting just to get away from all the crime, and death his low end neighborhood brought. He lied about his age, and used family connections to get his foot in the door. There wasn't a single thought in his head about what kind of hell could be waiting for him, only that he didn't much care for the hell he was already living.

Lucky pushed himself hard trying to keep up with the requirements of army life, and through luck, or something else pulling the strings he managed to be one of only 600 men chosen for the 1st Ranger Battalion. Just in time for the second great war to really kick off. He lost friends left right and center, killed anyone he was asked, and did whatever he could just to survive, but somewhere along the line something strange happened. There where times he'd seemingly be able to take a direct volley of fire, and get right back up into the fight, as if nothing had happened to him. His last name started to become more of a nickname then anything else.

Jason was sent with the 6615th Ranger Force formed from several ranger Battalions, including his own, into the city of Cisterna, Italy. The 6615th was out manned out gunned, and had almost no hope of ever winning, but even knowing that none of them would ever see home again Jason rallied together what remained of his squad, and dug into the spot. They managed to hold on for far longer then they had any right to, but it was a losing battle behind enemy lines, and despite getting out one message to command help couldn't come soon enough. Jason and what few members of his squad were left found themselves captured and thrown into POW camps only after Jason finally succumbed to blood loss and faded from consciousness.

What happened next is up for speculation, but during this time it is known that Jason spent upwards of seven months in a POW camp. When the rescue teams finally found him he was the only member of his squad left alive in the facility. After several months of therapy, both physical and otherwise Jason was once more cleared for duty. Yet thanks to his efforts, he was assigned to one of the earliest squads dedicated to unconventional warfare, and deniable operations.

Officially during this time period Jason was assigned a desk job, though during his time working at this desk job continued to acquire various distinguished service medals.

By the time he finally decided it time retire Jason found himself the proud owner of a rather quite astoundingly large collection of medals, including the medal of honor, and many others for his conduct in the line of duty. People begged him to stay, offered promotions, trinkets, almost anything to say they had an everyman who could go through just as much as any 'super', but he couldn't do it. Lucky was dead set that he was done risking his life, and he'd already served way more then his forty by that time.

Using what ties he had left in the military world Jason stepped into the field of politics. Now he was dodging allegations instead of bullets, and working to try and make the world a better place in the process.

Time went on and he managed to rise up the ranks of political office eventually managing to reach a spot as a New York state senator, yet he wanted to reach further. He wasn't getting any younger, but he knew if he just pushed harder he could find himself a spot on the presidential ballot. He did his best to try and tackle tough issues like immigration, and unemployment, and was very vocal on equal rights, but never quite made his views on mutants public, leading to speculation that would hurt his career. He kept getting older, and the presidential prospects looked worse with each passing year.

When it came time to announce his third running for presidential candidacy he was sent into a coma by what would be later ruled off as a simple gas leak. Thanks to gracious donations from a number of 'old friends', he'd been kept alive, and in a coma on life support ever since, while receiving all the best medical treatment to try and bring him out of it.


xxxxxWhen Jason's heart stops his entire body regenerates itself back to peak condition, the physical appearance of his 25 year-old self. While regenerating Jason can feel everything the wounds mending themselves and all of the downsides associated with that. After doing a regeneration it can take him a while to come back to his full seances leaving him sometimes delirious. It can take longer for him to reset dependent on how severe the damage gets, from as little as thirty seconds for something fairly simple like bleeding to death, and can take more of a mental toll.


xxxxxJason received the full military training schedule, from his first days in WWII up to his retirement could all be considered training of a sort. He's proficient in handguns, long guns, and most everything else you could expect from a member of the US special forces

Fluent in German, Korean, and Vietnamese as well as English by order of necessity during his service Jason's able to hold a debate quite well in each language.



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Full Name
Nickname Lucky
Birth Date 1920-04-02
Birthplace New York New York
Race Mutant
Affiliation None
Alignment Good
Powers Reset/Regeneration
Occupation None
Registration Status Unregistered
Played By None
RP Hooks
Politician - A long standing political figure, and new york senator Jason's made a lot of friends and enemies over the years. He's even helped pass or in some cases helped stop a number of rather controversial bills, tough he was out of service for a little over a year,
War Hero - With a lifetime of service under his belt, and a prominent general for some time, it's not unlikely that anyone with a military family, or background might have heard of him at least in passing,
RP Hook - Explanation.
RP Hook - Explanation.
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