TP-A Wrinkle In Time

From X-Men: rEvolution
A straight line is not the shortest distance between two points.

xxxxxwho goes to staten island, anyway?


xxxxxsomewhere during the day on October 13, an odd telepathic anomaly swept the city. over nearly as soon as it had begun, it left very little trace in its wake -- except for in the holding cell of a staten island police station, where one somewhat inebriated mutant recently picked up on a drunk & disorderly had vanished, leaving in their place a small and highly unstable anomaly.

xxxxxinitial investigations show this to be a rift between worlds -- a portal between this world and another... actually, very much like it. the general shape of life, for many people, looks much the same.

xxxxxthere are some changes, though. trump was impeached and removed from office fairly early in his tenure. prez. pence is still a fascist, but more politely. likely, biden is about to beat him in the elections bc he has the personality of a wet dishrag. liberals are psyched, and eagerly awaiting a return to quiet brunches and only intermittently paying attention to the news.

xxxxxnothing has fundamentally changed... except that a couple years back, in collaboration with the raid team, the story of prometheus broke to the world. it was huge news... for a cycle. a lot of outrage, horrors... until a series of Terrorist Incidents (some legit, some wholly fabricated/exaggerated by the cops) started turning the tide of public opinion before anything could be Done about the labs. instead of pushing to have them closed, a movement sprung up agitating that ALL mutants be forcibly registered and interred in the labs, with the explicit goal either of curing them (initial efforts have been less than successful at this, but the high body count on this project has not seemed to bother congress much) or harnessing whatever knowledge Science can glean from their powers.

xxxxxthe u.s. mutant community has been decimated -- large swaths dead, the ones remaining alive largely either captured in the labs, in hiding, or on the run. global solidarity is iffy; the u.s. is still a domineering superpower and if the international community did not come down on them for imprisoning/trafficking/killing/sterilizing immigrants they aren't about to step it up for a bunch of nightmare freaks that, honestly, many people feel would be better off dead. the resistance is active and hard at work ferrying people out of the country or fighting back against this genocidal project. for most humans... life continues on as it always has.

Involved Characters

in PRIME world:

  • S.H.I.E.L.D. had a team working in prime world to try and investigate, monitor, and close the rift -- Steve, Tony, Bruce, Clint, Natasha. efforts so far, not good.

in RIFT world:

  • Kate and Barnes - teaming up to help with resistance efforts
  • Sam - is captain america now, working with K.C. in resistance efforts
  • DJ, Lily, Wendy, Polaris, Spencer - run a resistance waystation/safe home out on the holland farm in georgia
  • Lucien, Matt - with the inner circle, good fonts of information for whoever wants it
  • Vector - angel of death. wanna kill all humans baby?

xxxxxcurrently, the rift is OPEN and unstable -- this means that anyone, anywhere, could get pulled into it in either direction! if you want your rift character to get yoinked into prime world or your prime world character to get yoinked into a terrifying adventure in riftworld, this is a-ok!! ICly, rift anomalies are more LIKELY to happen the closer a character is to the rift physically (located in staten island) but are likely to happen anywhere in the greater new york area and could potentially happen anywhere on earth, so if you would like your character to have a cross-world adventure, feel free!

if you are unsure what your character might be up to and want to think of ideas feel free to use the #brainstorming channel before you begin playing! if you are unsure if an idea makes sense please feel free to run it by me (natraj) and i will happily talk it thru with you! keep in mind that riftworld is highly dangerous for mutants but also you have no obligation to have Bad Things happen to your character -- this can totally be an opportunity for, e.g., characters like x-kids who are usually shielded to some degree from Actions to go inadvertently fall into actions. i am glad to do brainstorms if people want to throw their character into the mix.

xxxxxif you plan to rp in the rift world, please to keep these things in mind:

  • the date there is the same date as in the prime world; characters will be the same ages they are now.
  • currently in that world, registration is mandatory and all mutants are obligated to turn themselves over for internment.
  • in this world the avengers exist and are widely known.
  • internment was begun by president pence ~2 ish years ago.
  • initially, the project was a nationwide registration effort and internment for mutants identified as dangerous. protests around this were large and occasionally rowdy.
  • captain america/steve rogers was solidly opposed; iron man/stark was on the fence. during a standoff with some police officers, steve rogers was killed by jackson holland in an explosion of his powers. it has been widely disseminated and is largely publicly believed that this was an intentional attack by holland; the killing of steve rogers was used as justification to ramp up internment efforts. stark reversed course in his support, turning stark industries' efforts to helping upgrade the sentinels for the purposes of mutant-hunting.
  • the mark IV sentinels are capable of identifying mutants. rapid mutant detection tests is also widely available and frequently employed by the police nationwide when stopping suspects.
  • mark IV sentinels are p much ubiquitous throughout cities. though they do not TRACK or hunt mutants specifically there are so many of them that it is harder to avoid them in cities; outside of cities it is easier to stay off their radar.
  • mark V sentinels are much rarer but also more dangerous; they can both track specific individuals that they have encountered and, if there are a group of mark V together, can set up a suppression field to depower any mutant within the field (this is limited to about a ~half a city block range)
  • mutants are allowed back out of the internment camps provided they undergo a mutant cure that will permanently depower them. the cure itself is very iffy and kills a large number of its subjects, however.
  • there is a large active resistance movement, mostly mutants as well as some allied humans, that is helping liberate mutants from the camps and ferry them out of the country.

xxxxxon an ooc level, please to also keep in mind that if you wish to play a character who is significantly different than your current approved characters in skills or powers, you will need to submit a new application for that character. if you wish to keep a riftworld character permanently after the plot ends, you will also need to submit a new application for that character.

TP Contacts

xxxxxhaze/@natraj on discord

a wrinkle in time
Status active
Type chaotic
Risk-Level high chance of chaos injury confusion
(Estimated) Dates oct 2020-??
Location staten island & beyond
Affected Factions s.h.i.e.l.d.
TP GMs haze
TP Hooks
assemble! - do you want to avenge protect the world? maybe s.h.i.e.l.d. wants you
otherside - people across the rift want to save THEIR world, too. maybe you have an alternate universe clone who might help.
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