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xxxxxAn apropos name; it is hard to escape the smell, when visiting this fitness club. Open twenty-four hours, this facility comes equipped with all the bells and whistles for those who want to train hard. All the standard gym equipment can be found and then some. In addition to private personal trainers, there are group classes in all sorts of things, from bicycling to crossfit to yoga to martial arts to more esoteric fare such as pole dancing and dodgeball. An olympic-sized pool makes this a popular draw, and the sauna rooms by each locker room are nice spots to unwind after a heavy workout.

Notes & Trivia

xxxxxOne of the owners is a minor celebrity - a retired Olympic athlete. Despite a mediocre sports career, he is a little full of himself. He tried to release an unsuccessful line of sporting gear. While it failed to reach the stores, it can be acquired in the club at a ludicrous price.

Important Events

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Neighborhood Greenwich Village
Type Fitness Club
Mutant-friendliness DADT
  • (2020-11-06)
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