Strand Books

From X-Men: rEvolution

xxxxxThe Strand manages to pack a whole lot of character into one bookstore, but they have a lot of space to fit it in. They advertise themselves as having eighteen miles of books, and whether or not that is true, it certainly is true that they have an enormous number of shelves packed into their rows and rows and rows of books. A book-lover's haven, this East Village landmark boasts an enormous collection of volumes of all types among their stacks, crammed into the narrow aisles. Well-known for their rare and out-of-print collection, they have many hard to find volumes tucked away in their labyrinth of shelves as well.

  • Note any PCs or particularly relevant NPCs who work here!
  • Note any other PCs or particularly relevant NPCs who work here!
  • Note any other PCs or particularly relevant NPCs who work here!
Notes & Trivia

xxxxxOther details about the location that might be pertinent to people's interests go here. (e.g.; are they lax about carding kids? Do they have secret back-room gambling on Friday nights? Is their service terrible? Are they where all the criminals hang out?)

Important Events

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Strand Books
Neighborhood East Village
Type Bookstore
Hours of Operation Mo-Sa, 9:30a-10:30p; Su 11a-10:30p
Mutant-friendliness Cautious; won't ban entry, but is quick to evict at even a hint of disturbance.
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