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A Little Shine
Dramatis Personae

Ghost, Lyric




<XS> Rec Room - FL2

School this may be, but life for Xavier's students certainly isn't all studying. Outside classes, this is a popular spot to find students in their downtime. An enormous tribute to slacking off, this room is a wealth of fun and relaxation.

Comfortable armchairs, couches, and beanbags offer plentiful seating scattered throughout the room, and the cushioned windowseats by the high windows offer a cozy nook to curl up and look out on the grounds.

The room is often filled with the noises of gaming -- whether it comes from the big-screen television (tall racks of DVDs beside it, if nothing can be found on the multitude of cable channels), tricked out with consoles from retro to the latest releases, or the less electronic clatter and thump of the pool table, air hockey, or foosball. For those a little more subdued in their gaming, the cabinets hold stacks and stacks of board and card games, ranging as classic as chess and go to as esoteric as Dixit, Catan, and Gloom.

The lifting quarantine, the end of curfew, these things have done a fair bit to lift the spirits of those trapped in the quarantine zones. Around the school there's even been a little mini-celebration by way of actually having dessert again with dinner, pumpkin-chocolate chip cupcakes with cinnamon icing.

Lyric has one of these beside her, unpeeled but only barely nibbled on, just yet. At the moment she's not eating, but instead tucked on the floor at the table in front of the couch; the television is playing on mute with the captions on (the latest episode of Once Upon a Time) and Lyric's attention is split between the screen and the table, where her hand is splayed out. She's in the process of painting her nails, carefully applying lavender polish to them.

Ghost enters the Rec Room, herself holding one of the cupcakes, though in contrast to Lyric's, hers is already over halfway devoured, her still chewing a bite as she walks in. The purple-skinned, yellow eyed teenager is currently clad in a t-shirt and a pair of sweat pants, barefoot as usual. She approaches the TV, spotting Once Upon a Time on, and climbs over the back of the couch, sitting down. She speaks, unaware that she can't be heard. "What's up with the captions? Not that I mind, sometimes it's too loud in here actually, but, still.".

The tip of Lyric's tongue pokes out of the corner of her mouth, her eyes focused downwards through careful polish-application. She looks up at Ghost once she's done with one hand, nudging the bottle of nailpolish over so that she can start on the other. Her head tilts to one side at the speaking, shaking slightly as her unpolished hand gestures towards her ear. 'Sorry,' she signs rather than says, keeping her signing slow and basic enough to fall into what has already been taught in the mandatory sign classes that the school has started giving, 'What did you say?'

As Lyric signs towards her, an embarassed expression comes across Ghost's face, as she signs back, slowly. 'Oh. Sorry, I didn't know you were-.'. She pauses, looking for words. 'I feel rude now. I was asking why the TV was muted, but now I know why.'. Ghost, still embarassed, turns her head towards the show, watching it, before signing one last thing. 'I am Ghost.'

In contrast to Ghost's embarassed expression, Lyric just has a sudden bright smile. 'It's fine,' she signs, still slow -- maybe as much out of care for her newly applied nailpolish as for a still-learning signer. 'Being deaf isn't easy to see.' She turns her nails inward, blowing lightly on them, but then drops her hand to answer. 'I am Lyric. Are you really a ghost? There's a girl who is. A ghost.'

'I am not a ghost. I am called Ghost because I sneak like a ghost.'. Ghost signs back to Lyric, with a puzzled expression on her face. 'I do not know the girl who is a ghost. I do not know many people here.'. Ghost peeks over, seeing the nail polish on Lyric's hands. 'That is pretty, Lyric.'. Ghost then turns back to the show, watching it, as she curls into a ball-like position.

Lyric's mouth forms into an O shape, and she nods in understanding. Her smile is still bright as she carefully finishes the nails on her other hand, blowing on them for a moment too. 'I'm easy to sneak up on,' she admits with a small giggle and a flutter of fingers towards her ears again. And then, 'It /is/ pretty isn't it? It looks kind of like you. Pretty. You want some? I can do yours too. Or I have other colors. Green looks really nice with purple too.'

Ghost laughs a small bit as well, and then pulls a hand out to sign. 'Uh, no, I wouldn't want to..intrude on you. Though, it does.'. She then unfurls from her ball, sitting straight up. 'I've never been one to paint my nails, really. I think I'm colorful enough.'. She smiles nervously, still paying attention to the show. 'I don't want to become a rainbow, afterall'.

'I'd like to be a rainbow,' Lyric answers, amused. There's another stretch of no words, instead she flutters her fingers in the air, still trying to dry them as she watches the show. 'Not intruding. Silver might be nice too. Not a /lot/ of colour. Just some extra shine.'

'I think we have some rainbow people here too already.'. Ghost stretches, laughing a bit. She looks at Lyric's nails again, and then her own, and smiles. 'Alright, silver sounds alright, and since you're offering..'. She laughs as she looks back over to the show, watching. 'And, it could feel kind of good, with the crazy stuff being mostly over now.'

'I think we /do/. My old roommate was kind of rainbow. And have you seen Professor Holland? /SO/ rainbow.' Lyric smiles bright at this thought. She recaps her lavender polish, blowing on her nails once more and then leaning down to pick up a little green-and-purple bag that clatters quietly with the movement of many bottles inside. She pokes through it with the slow care of someone who is well /used/ to navigating the delicacy of drying nail polish, eventually pulling out a silver bottle and setting the bag back down. She scoots on her knees over by Ghost, shaking up the bottle and setting it down so she can talk again: 'Just give me your hand, I'm good at this." She uncaps the bottle, leaving it on the table and holding out her other hand for Ghost's.

Nervously smiling, Ghost begins signing again. 'Yeah, I know Professor Holland. He's so sparkly. He's my advisor actually.'. She nervously takes a deep breath, putting one of her hands out, still signing slowly with the other. 'I'm going to admit. This is actually my first time getting my nails done.'. As she signs this, she remembers her cupcake, which she had set down, and she takes a bite of it, before putting it back down to say one last thing. 'I was never really into it back before I came here so it just never really happened.'

'Oh wow /he's/ your advisor? He's pretty and everyone says he's like a superhero. I mean I guess lots of them are but -- more.' Lyric grins up at Ghost. 'It's not for everyone but we can take it off if you don't like it. And if you do, well, I can teach you so much more.' But then she quiets, of necessity as she takes Ghost's hand in hers, turning her attention downwards to add a little shine to the other girl's fingers.