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Alien Flu
Dramatis Personae

Pedro & Teague


"...complete with anal probing." (Part of the Alien Flu TP.)


<BOM> Beachfront - Ascension Island

Largely rocky and desolate, the majority of the waterfront on this small island is an unwelcoming place. Craggy and forbidding, lined with jagged black rocks, the coast here can take a fair bit of scrambling to navigate. Here and there, though, the coastline levels out to narrow sweeps of pebbly beaches littered with shells and seaweed carried in on the frigid tide. Occasional old trunks of fallen trees dot the narrow beach, victims of the storms that frequently plague the island. One small stretch of the western shore holds a small dock, a few boats usually moored there. Tucked off the mainland coast in Jamaica Bay, the buildings and lights of the city can be seen far across the water.

Recently a number of logs have washed ashore, somewhere up or down the coast had a large storm, and the results have arrived. Studiously pulling these logs farther ashore is a relatively new face to the island. Featuring a number of batlike features, like wings and giant ears, the young man seems focused on striping the bark from the logs, exposing the wood underneath.

“Did somebody say you had to do that?” Jewel asks in a breathy Londoner accent as he steps out of the darkness and into a dim ray of moonlight, “Was it /Anette/?” Long, black hair whisping in the breeze coming off of the water, the teen shakes his head some to free his vision.

He taps the long, opera-length cigarette holder in his hand and orange embers float out over the rocks. The object is diamond, as is the thin coranet on the boy’s brow, “Because if it was, I’m sorry to say that you’ve been fucked with.”

Pedro looks up with a start when Jewel starts speaking, the young man looking rather surprised. "N.. no. She didn't ask or tell me to do this. I thought it would be a good idea to clean up the beach a little, and these logs could be used for something useful or decorative." Pedro runs a hand through his hair and shrugs. "Could make new seats for the fire pit, or like, little accents for the path to the front door."

A gentle crease forms between Jewel's eyebrows as he cocks his head back on his neck and scans the beachfront. He seems suddenly confused by it, muttering to himself, "I must have turned the wrong way down the path."

Gesturing back behind them with the elegant cigarette holder, the would-be Disney villain clears his throat, "There's a clearing out by the gardens. Might make for a nice place for a fire pit. Sitting on tree stumps." Jewel brings the slender diamond tube to his lips and regards Pedro with sultry, heavy-lidded eyes, "I like your hair."

Pedro raises his ears up when Jewel mutters, and glances around. "Lost? On this little island?" He follows where Jewel points, and nods, a smile coming easily to his face. "That's a good idea. I think I'll do that." The compliment causes a light pink to form on the insides of his ears. "Thank you." Jewel is more closely looked at, and the young man says, "I like your everything, pretty much. Are you a musician?"

The teen’s chin tilts upward haughtily as everything of his is complimented. Evidently, he accepts this. “No,” Jewel purrs, narrowing his eyes in skeptical amusement. “Are you?” He flicks some ash and prowls closer to inspect what the young man had been doing. “Odd thing to be doing…” His voice trails off as he stares down at one of the logs, and gets lost in it.

Pedro shakes his head, "No, I am not. I suppose that could be fun, though." The batty one eyes the other teen as he apparently gets absorbed by one of the logs. "Not really odd. I mean, it's a good idea to keep the beach clear, since if you want to enjoy it without tripping over a log every five feet, you should stay on top of clearing these. And since the wood is here, may as well make use of it, somehow." His claws dig into the bark of the next log, and easily strip the sodden material away. "Something to work on, instead of lazing around."

“... doing,” Jewel repeats quietly, “-in the middle of the night.” He blinks back to reality, turning to watch Pedro work. Sucking his cheeks inward in thought, he approaches a different log. Kneeling beside it with one hand holding the cigarette holder up and out of the way, his other hand flourishes. Warmth and sparkling light bursts forward from his fingers suddenly enough for the teen to nearly fall over. “Whuh-” He pants, frowning. Nevertheless, he’s produced a sharp scraper of his own ...and it’s diamond. Jewel digs into the log.

Pedro looks at Jewel, and then gestures to his large ears with a clawed finger. "Uhm. Yeah. I am fairly active at night. Comes with the mutation." The young man shrugs and grins brightly. He gives a bit of a start when there's a bright burst of light, and takes a few steps back from Jewel. "Oh uh... did you make that just now?", Pedro asks, staring at the scraper.

“Of course, nocturnal,” Jewel purses his lips, scraping in too daintily a fashion to really make any great progress. Maybe it’d be easier to do this with both hands. He takes a drag of his cigarette. “Usually it isn’t so startling,” he explains, flicking his eyes back up to Pedro and then, down to the job at hand, “I’ve been off since that cold.”

Pedro swallows noisily and takes another step back. "Yeah. A lot of folks have it. Was the flu, I have heard. 'Course, rumours abound about it being something more sinister. That the Brotherhood did something. Or the government. Or aliens." The young man chuckles at the last one before glancing at the other teen. "Erm. So you've an interest in uh, taking bark off these logs?" Another log is rather painlessly relieved of its bark, leaving the wood almost white in the pale moonlight.

"Only very mild interest," Jewel answers, tilting his head as he scrape-scrape-scrapes another very minuscule patch of bark off, "Aliens? Really? /I think I'd know./" He takes another break to puff on his cigarette holder, turning to stare off over the water as it laps up towards the rocks.

Pedro nods to the other teen, and moves close to examine the patch Jewel has scratched off. "Hmm, your way is more methodical, I think." The batty one tilts his head to one side as well, an eyebrow arched. "You know about aliens? For real?" He rubs a cheek and settles on the unworked portion of Jewel's chosen log. "How do you know?"

In close-proximity, Jewel's cologne likely smells subtle, but expensive ...or maybe that's all the diamonds. "I watched a documentary on Netflix about it once," he waggles his eyebrows, but remains otherwise stoic as he stares up at Pedro. It may be difficult to tell whether he's having a go at the bat or not. He is.

Jabbing the scraper down one final time, he leaves the glittering, dangerously sharp object jutting out of the log. "Had enough of that, I think."

Pedro's nose works as that subtle cologne is detected. He tries really hard not to, but he ends up wrinkling his nose a little. He makes no comment though. "A... documentary?" Blink. Beat. "I had thought you were going to regale me with an alien kidnapping story, complete with anal probing." The young man grins cheekily. When the pointy object is stabbed into the log, Pedro nods, and makes quick work of the remaining bark. "No worries. What were you doing before you ran into me?"

"I'm not much of a storyteller," Jewel's mouth presses into a small smile in response to Pedro's grin, which is the most he's likely ever to give. Without much effort, the teen stands and dusts off his black skinny-jeans in a markedly British way, "Hmn?" He stands fully, rolling back his shoulders as he gestures inland over his shoulder, "I was just sending a full report, you know, to the mother ship."

Jewel's eyes twinkle some as he looks from Pedro the the log, "Carry on." He takes a slow backstep, careful of his footing on the rocks.