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From X-Men: rEvolution
American Pie
Dramatis Personae

Clint, Steve


#RealAmericans eat people pies. (CW: Profanity, hashtags, people being wrong on the Internet.)



  • Steve Rogers (@CaptainAmerica): Enjoying delicious vegan pie and mash with some great friends at the Barrow Street Theatre, about to see #SweeneyToddonBroadway !

  • Allison L. (@greatwhitewayfarer): @CaptainAmerica you're in for a wonderful show, but I didn't think #SweeneyToddonBroadway had vegan pies???
  • Tinker Belle (@IfWeShadows): @CaptainAmerica @greatwhitewayfarer Their veggie pies contain butter :( You have to ask specifically, Steve, a lot of people think vegetarian and vegan mean the same thing.
  • Clint Barton (@takeabow): @greatwhitewayfarer @IfWeShadows they do accommodate special dietary requests made in the right people
  • Mackie Messer (@3pennysnuff): @takeabow Way to leverage your fame for special treatment @CaptainAmerica
  • Clint Barton (@takeabow): @3pennysnuff i didn't mean him
  • Allison L. (@greatwhitewayfarer): @takeabow I agree, I can definitely see them making special pies for @CaptainAmerica, but he wouldn't have /asked/.
  • Wendy Ho (@hotendencies): @greatwhitewayfarer A good review from Cap and they're set at the box office for weeks.
  • Hanna L. (@HannaFromHamburg): @3pennysnuff As if Steve would do that. He /is/ here with Lucien Tessier, though.
  • Tinker Belle (@IfWeShadows): @HannaFromHamburg Aaaaah wish I was there! #fangirlsquee
  • Steve Rogers (@CaptainAmerica): @greatwhitewayfarer @IfWeShadows It /is/ a spectacular show so far! The staff assured me the pies did not contain animal products, but mistakes can happen. #veganproblems #SweeneyToddonBroadway

  • Hettie Cista (@cishet4life): @CaptainAmerica #RealAmericans eat meat!
  • T. Rollin (@getoffmybridge): @CaptainAmerica @cishet4life #RealAmericans eat pussy not cock
  • Chad Thundercock (@mgtowtruck): @getoffmybridge lol ur so pussywhipped
  • T. Rollin (@getoffmybridge): @mgtowtruck At least I can get some
  • Chad Thundercock (@mgtowtruck): @getoffmybridge at least im not a dickless freak
  • Hettie Cista (@cishet4life): @getoffmybridge @mgtowtruck go back to 4chan already, women are #RealAmericans, too.
  • Chad Thundercock (@mgtowtruck): lol I bet @cishet4life eats so much pussy
  • Aaron Ward (@aaaron9000): @mgtowtruck At Mrs Mooney's pie shop

  • Kathryn M. Creeley (@BroadwayMom): @CaptainAmerica It's really inappropriate for a role model to endorse a show about cannibalism, especially in these dangerous times! I'm very disappointed in you. #boycottSweeneyTodd
  • Mackie Messer (@3pennysnuff): @BroadwayMom The murder and rape is alright, though?
  • Kathryn M. Creeley (@BroadwayMom): @3pennysnuff Of course not, how could you say that? But those things are so pervasive in entertainment today that they're almost impossible to avoid.
  • Jake Butler (@tbagsupreme): @BroadwayMom If you're looking for a role model in a fag who's fucking a terrorist freak one quarter his age you got other problems
  • Wendy Ho (@hotendencies): @BroadwayMom #SweeneyToddonBroadway is at some level a cautionary tale against obsession, and anyway I don't see Cap promoting it as children's entertainment.
  • T. Rollin (@getoffmybridge): @tbagsupreme She's just mad her kids are trying to eat people. Bad news @BroadwayMom, have fun with your zombie spawn.
  • Steve Rogers (@CaptainAmerica): @BroadwayMom I understand your concern, Ms Creeley, and I definitely don't think that people of any age should emulate the characters in this show! It's important to look at media critically so we can help children (and each other!) navigate the kinds of messages we come away with.

  • Chris Tallmighty (@Blasphemtastic): @CaptainAmerica What kind of American hero eats VEGAN pies that's some hippie pinko bullshit
  • Jake Butler (@tbagsupreme): @Blasphemtastic What do you expect from a fagot probably caught it from his freak boytoy Jackson Holland
  • Chris Tallmighty (@Blasphemtastic): @tbagsupreme Yeah along with the AIDS
  • T. Rollin (@getoffmybridge): @Blasphemtastic Who the fuck says "pinko" anymore were you like frozen in ice for 70 years
  • Bunny Wonder (@wunderbuns): @Blasphemtastic #RealAmericans eat people pies.