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Bugging Jackson
Dramatis Personae

Peter, Jackson


Prelude to Communication, or Lack Thereof



*(Peter --> Jackson): jax
*(Jackson --> Peter): Yessir?
*(Peter --> Jackson): hi so
*(Peter --> Jackson): i double cross my heart superpromise im not up to anything bad but
*(Peter --> Jackson): do you know where the twins are and if so could you send me their address plz
*(Jackson --> Peter): That wasn't sketchy at all! What ARE you up to?
*(Peter --> Jackson): back srry was train hopping
*(Peter --> Jackson): so basically uh
*(Peter --> Jackson): i just want to tell them everythings ok rasas fine ivans sorry also the schools gone terribad without them also were under attack by evil sushi and the only thing that can stop it are hungry landsharks
*(Peter --> Jackson): maybe not that last part but
*(Jackson --> Peter): I was just at the school this morning, oh dear, what's gone terribad now?
*(Peter --> Jackson): i dunno rasa said the schools terribad without them i guess they said that when they touched rasa said he was unhappy when he was happy it didnt make a lot of sense but
*(Jackson --> Peter): I'm not sure they've been happy for a while.
*(Peter --> Jackson): also id buy them a gift or something on the way but i dont have any money plus i dont even know what they like maybe i could bring them fish puns do they like fish puns
*(Peter --> Jackson): brb bus hop
*(Jackson --> Peter): Don't you have their cell numbers?
*(Jackson --> Peter): ... Are you riding ON the buses? Or IN the buses?
*(Peter --> Jackson): uh it depends
*(Peter --> Jackson): is one of those choices going to get me in trouble
*(Jackson --> Peter): No, but one of those choices is a lot less safe. I'm going to get you a monthly transit pass, OK?
*(Peter --> Jackson): oh man you know i didnt even think of that i mean
*(Peter --> Jackson): i guess thats really obvious tho but im getting all distracted no i dont have their cell and i dunno
*(Peter --> Jackson): i think that like
*(Peter --> Jackson): if i called theyd be all 'go away peter' but if i show up maybe i can smooth talk them or something or maybe give them hugs or something
*(Jackson --> Peter): Surprising the twins isn't always the best idea. You could email them. Probably should be up to them who has their address.
*(Peter --> Jackson): ugh yeah i guess youre right i just
*(Peter --> Jackson): b went all sharkface on ivan and im kinda angry about that but also mostly just worried
*(Peter --> Jackson): um it feels weird to tell you that i am kinda angry at one of your kids i keep forgetting you are like an adult
*(Peter --> Jackson): um i didnt mean that in a bad way
*(Jackson --> Peter): I forget I'm like an adult a lot of the time, too.
*(Jackson --> Peter): I think being angry at someone who attacked your friend is pretty much rational.
*(Peter --> Jackson): but you are a super cool adult and i mean yeah but im only a little upset about that i guess im more just worried because i dont think thats a good sign i mean
*(Peter --> Jackson): i guess i just want to talk to them and let them know
*(Peter --> Jackson): nobodys mad
*(Peter --> Jackson): and we want to see them again
*(Jackson --> Peter): It's not a good sign, no. You should email them if you want to get in touch. Maybe they'll give you their numbers. Or address.
*(Peter --> Jackson): ok do you have their email address cuz i kinda dont
*(Peter --> Jackson): do they even have access to computers man i dont even know what kinda house they are in
*(Jackson --> Peter): Same as everyone's. sholland and bholland
*(Jackson --> Peter): Their phones have email, c'mon, this is the 21st century.
*(Peter --> Jackson): oh right i keep forgetting that were basically living in the future
*(Peter --> Jackson): ok thanks ill email them
*(Jackson --> Peter): I was fighting holodeck direwolves last night, we ARE living in the future.
*(Peter --> Jackson): omg yes we need to dr more i want to fight holodeck direwolves why am i not fighting holodeck direwolves every night
*(Jackson --> Peter): Because I haven't tweaked that scenario's safety protocols to be student-appropriate yet. How do you feel about orcs?
*(Peter --> Jackson): they get a bad rap their only crime is bein mean and green still i would totally be up for fighting orcs omg the sharktwins can tank ill be dps rasa and ivan can healz yes
*(Jackson --> Peter): Maybe some wendigos or something, Bastian's pretty into Shadowrun at the moment.
*(Jackson --> Peter): Except, right, they're not there. Um. Probably Taylor can tank.
*(Peter --> Jackson): i know what a wendigo is but not a shadowrun but that would def work
*(Jackson --> Peter): It's a roleplaying thing. He was starting up a campaign.