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Come Home
Dramatis Personae

Jackson, Micah

14 April 2014

Micah gets a phone call. (Part of the Perfectus TP.)


TEXT, Early Monday evening:

  • (Jax --> Micah): come home
  • (Jax --> Micah): please
  • (Micah --> Jax): Honey, we've talked about this...
  • (Micah --> Jax): Is something wrong?
  • (Jax --> Micah): Yes
  • (Jax --> Micah): Please come home
  • (Jax --> Micah): Now
  • (Jax --> Micah): He's here
  • (Jax --> Micah): They all came here
  • (Micah-->Jax): He. Him, he, Sublime? Is at the school?
  • (Micah-->Jax): Are the kids okay? Are you okay? What's going on?
  • (Jax --> Micah): Sublime, yes. Was at the school. IS at the school.
  • (Jax --> Micah): still at the school
  • (Jax --> Micah): With his whole cult I guess.
  • (Jax --> Micah): The kids are fine. We handled it.
  • (Jax --> Micah): All the kids are fine.
  • (Jax --> Micah): Just please come.
  • (Jax --> Micah): I need you please come.
  • (Micah-->Jax): Everyone is okay?
  • (Micah-->Jax): The cultists are all subdued?
  • (Micah-->Jax): Even Sublime?
  • (Micah-->Jax): He can't make me hurt anyone anymore?

There's no text in answer to this; instead, Micah's phone starts ringing a few seconds later.

The phone is answered as fast as Micah's thumb can swipe across its screen. “Jax, honey, I love you. What's going on, please?”

"Come /home/." It's the first thing Jackson says, his voice edged, tense. "They /invaded/ the /school/ an' I /need you here/, I -- please. We locked him in the DR."

“Okay. Honey, I'll switch y'to hands-free an' start drivin', but you /gotta/ tell me what happened. What's happenin'. On the way there. It's gonna be an /hour/.” There is a brief rustling and slight click as Micah gets his device worked out, then the sound of the engine starting.

There's quiet, for a moment. A small sniffling. "I -- I don't know," Jackson admits shakily. "It was so sudden. They jus' opened up a /portal/ an' teleported their. Whole /crew/ in. Jus' all of a sudden there was all these folks stormin' the school. Attackin' everyone. I don't know where they come in from. Alarms started goin' off an' -- an'. Jus' -- jus' people everywhere."

“An' everyone's still...alive? Is anybody hurt? Did y'all capture all the cultists?” Micah's need to know gets the best of him, rapid-fire questions preceding all else. “Oh, honey. Honey. I'm on my way. You're okay, right? Not hurt? I'll be there as fast as I can.”

"Broke a couple bones a little bit," Jackson admits, and follows this with the incongruous, "m'not hurt." His breathing is slow, kind of shaky-shallow still. "The kids is all fine. Ain't none'a them hurt. It's over now I jus'. I jus'. -- Didn't capture /alla/ them but there's a fair few. Some -- portal-guy. Teleported some'a them – out."

"Oh...honey. Is somebody takin' care of you? How bad is it?" Micah /sounds/ like he might be trying to reach through the phone, by the tone of his voice. Just wanting to give hugs. "Oh, good. The teachers an' staff an' all, too? Everybody's fine?" There is a pause, Micah's breath sucking in audibly at the report of some of the people teleporting away. "Will the Professor be able t'track 'em? We can't let these folks be /out there/ knowin' what they know."

"Oh -- yeah I -- like I said m'fine I just -- I just need you just. Please. I just. Please, Sir, I --" Jackson's voice is very small, for a moment. He pulls in another ragged breath. "N-no the teachers are -- I mean, most're al --" Another pause. "Most folks're fine, jus' a -- some'a us -- I mean, everyone /will/ be fine," he settles on in the end. "It'll be aright jus. Banged up a bit. -- We got Sublime here so. So I imagine the Professor'll be able t'-- track folks down. S'all /Sublime's/ people after all."

"I'm comin', honey. Fast as I can. Without runnin' anybody over." The small sound from Micah's throat at Jax's tone is likely too faint to carry over the phone. "Hang on, love. I'll be there. Joshua or someone comin' t'help?" He nods, always useful in a conversation where people can't see one another. "Good. Just...hopefully he does that /fast/ before...any of 'em think t'/tell/ folks what's goin' on there. That secret /can't/ get out."

"No I -- Eloise is here she can -- I don't know there. There's a lot of. People, I'll -- get. Help eventually it's not. Urgent I'm. Pretty okay." Jackson swallows, audible over the phone. "I love you," he says then, small once more. "I'll see you soon, Sir, okay? Just. Just drive safe. I love you."

“Okay. Okay, honey. Just /don't play down/ how hurt you are. Y'get the help y'need. /That's/ an order.” Micah's voice is firm with this. /Worked/ firm, to avoid the alternative. “I love you. I'll be there. You all just...take care an' I'll be there as fast as I can.”

"Yessir." Jackson sounds relieved, with this order, a quiet rush of breath expelled soft across the connection. It's less shaky now than his other breaths have been. "I love you," is all he says, and again: "I love you." The phone hangs up.