From X-Men: rEvolution
Dramatis Personae

Anette, B, Eric


"The point is /always/ to win."


<NYC> Lower East Side

Historically characterized by crime and immigrant families crammed into cramped tenement buildings, the Lower East Side is often identified with its working-class roots. Today, it plays host to many of New York's mutant poor, although even here they are still often forced into hiding.

As evening descends over the streets of the Lower East Side, a sharp sting of chill starting to settle into the air, the streets of the Lower East Side are in a lull between people heading home from work and people heading home from the bars and clubs.A few blocks from Pandemonius Games, a figure steps through the streets, swinging a plastic bag filled with board games loosly from his side.

Dressed in a well-worn black jacket with straps hanging down over the back of his thighs and a pair of dark grey jeans, Eric whistles to himself as he walks, cracking out his neck once. "Drugs suck it up like vanilla ices, hmm-mm-mmmhm."

Wings hidden beneath her signature leather coat, Anette casually walks down the street, coming from Chinatown. Gloved hands tucked in her pockets, she keeps more or less to herself, though she does peer around her from time to time, casual people watching. Yellow eyes fall upon the all-American Eric, grinning at the sight of him. "What's this about drugs? You dealing now?" she teases, changing her direction to make her way over to him.

Eric blinks and looks up, eyes sweeping across Anette for a moment, measuring, before he takes a couple of steps off of the path and leans against the wall - one foot up against the brick. "I'm your doctor, when in need / want some coke, have some weed / you know me, I'm your friend / your main boy, thick and thin. I'm your pusherman." He hikes the bag of board games up his shoulder, shrugging his shoulders. "Nah, ain't my cup a' tea. I bust the dealers, not compete with 'em. Just worshippin' Mistress Del Rey, like she deserves."

Anette 'ahs' softly. "More of the classic rock type myself," she offers with a faint shrug. She glances briefly towards the bag of games, the side of her mouth twitching in a faint semblance of a grin. "Didn't take you as the board game type. What's the game of choice for New York cops? Monopoly? No wait, it's Clue, isn't it?" She slips her hands out of her pockets though the leather gloves remain as she remains on the sidewalk, though just off to the side so as not to block it entirely.

There's a faint glow coming from down the street, accompanied by a low hum -- B doesn't ride down the street so much as over it. Hir glowing hoverbike is easy to spot in the evening gloom, silhouette outlined by Tron-like lights on its sleek silver-and-blue body, the grinning shark-face on the front looking all the toothier for the lights that illuminate it. Ze glides over traffic to touch down into a parking spot not far from Anette and Eric.

There's a satchel slung over hir shoulder, heavy metallic boots on hir feet, Mutant Mongrels kutte worn over a silver leather jacket and black skinny jeans. The bike's humming stops as ze takes hir hands off its handlebars, though it takes a moment longer for the lights to fade. A moment longer after /that/ for hir to pull off the (also shark-toothed-grinning) helmet from hir head, eyebrows lifting as ze looks at Eric and Anette. "-- I don't suppose any of the cops on your team are, uh, athletically inclined?" comes her eventual (kind of reluctant) query.

"Hey, looks can be deceiving. Maybe I'm secretly a brainy nerd at home playin' Scrabble and memorizin' the dictionary." Eric shrugs his shoulders and flashes a grin at Anette. The lights in the corner of his eye catch the officer's attention, turning to watch the hovering glow-bike come to a stop near them. He whistles through his teeth, a lilting grin on his face.

"Ain't never gonna get used to it bein' the future n' all that." Eric's eyes light up briefly when the helmet came off, but return back to a merely warm look a moment later. "Oh, heya, B. 'bout half of us, I'd say. Maybe a bit more than that." He pauses for a second, one eyebrow raising. "Why d'ya ask?"

Anette turns her head to watch B land, pressing her lips together though she keeps from saying anything, instead turning back to Eric. "Oh yeah, you're a real Rubik's cube solver. Another side glance towards the motorbike at Eric's comment and she gives a light shrug. "I try not to think about it." As the discussion turns towards sports, Anette falls silent again, crossing her arms over her chest as she allows Eric and B to discuss.

"Future comes faster if you're friends with me." A tiny quick smile flits across B's face as she pats a hand against the handlebars of her bike. "Not sure we're going to market /these/ any time soon, anyway." She hops down off the bike, setting the helmet on the seat she has just vacated and opening up the front flap of her bag. Pulling out a small stack of papers, she offers them out to Eric -- flyers, it seems. Advertising signing up for a -- mutants-only -- athletic competition to raise money for the reopening of Evolve Cafe. "Well, if they want to get their free coffee back in this neighborhood maybe some of them want to join in. Either as competitors or -- I mean, I'm /sure/ we'll need security."

"I've solved plenty of Rubik's cubes. I don't understand what all the fuss is about -- the stickers come right off easy." Eric sticks his tongue out at Anette briefly, taking the papers and flipping through them quickly before reading the first page, teeth worrying his bottom lip for a moment. He nods one, twice. "I'm sure you will need plenty of security. We can provide that. And, I'm sure some'a them will be interested in competin' too."

Eric pauses for a second, raising an eyebrow. "Ain't exactly gonna be a fair fight, huh? I mean, if people can use their abilities -- or even if they ain't... well, you and Shane ain't exactly as strong as your size, yeah?"

Not given a flyer herself, Anette leans over to peer at the ones in Eric's hands. "A mutant athletic competition? That...actually sounds pretty cool." She continues to examine the page from beside Eric, reading it over and over again. "What kind of games? I was never a sports person really but I'd be nice to compete something other than Fight Club. Or hell, maybe I'll just watch." It seems whatever feelings she may or may not harbor towards B are momentarily forgotten as the competition piques her interest.

"Does it? Mmm." B just quirks a brow up at Anette -- briefly -- before looking back to Eric. "There'll be a whole lot of different arenas to compete in. I'm sure other people will have their own advantages. Or not. Anyway the point is to have fun and make money, not to win." Her smile returns -- a little bit brighter, a little bit /sweeter/, towards Anette, together with an outstretched flyer. "It's going to be widely broadcast online, though. We've got some big help with the marketing, so I'm sure it'll have a really wide audience of -- well, /anyone/ who's interested in mutant affairs watching. Feel free to join in wherever you think your talents would be best displayed."

Eric shrugs his shoulders, grinning. "Sure, but why can't we make money for Evolve /and/ win, yeah?" He grins and reaches out to gently fistbump B's shoulder. "I'll make sure that we all wear our trainin' uniforms. I'm sure the press office'll just be /thrilled/ to see the NYPD logo all over the broadcasts." The police officer crosses his arms over his shoulders, flashing a broad grin at the other two, as if he just came up with the BEST JOKE EVER.

Anette can't help but grin at B's words. "The point is /always/ to win" she says, glancing sidelong to B briefly. "Though if it raises money for Evolve, that's just icing on the cake." At Eric's idea, she nods eagerly, soft laughter escaping. "Oh I would pay BIG dollars to see that shitstorm live."

"Well then." B's tone is warmer, still, brows lifting slightly at Anette's reply; ze rocks slightly with the fistbump, one foot shifting back to catch hirself. "I'm sure it'll be excellent publicity. I'll be really interested to see how you both do. Eric, feel free to pass those around places that are friendly to us."

"You got it, B. Should I text you with the plans for security, or do ya just want us to show up?" Eric asks, glancing briefly between Anette and B. A flicker of curiosity glows in his eyes for a moment, head tilting slightly to the side. The police officer folds the pieces of paper and unzips his jacket to stuff the flyers into it. "Either way. I can just assign the unit to sit out front, worst comes to worse. They could get called away, but... eh. We'll figure it out."

"Yeah, I'll think about," Anette says, her smile faltering a bit but still not unfriendly. She catches a glimpse of Eric's curiousity and merely watches him, eyes expressionless before she shoves the pamphlet she was handed into her coat pocket. "I should be heading back. I suppose I'll see you around." Who this was said to exactly is left ambiguous and she quickly turns, making her way down the sidewalk once more.

"You should talk to Shane and Dusk about it, they're organizing. And Dusk's handling security -- stuff." B bounces lightly on her toes, waggling fingers at Anette as she leaves. "I should move on, too. Got a lot of these to give out. See you around." Hir boots come to life with a faint glow as they lift off the ground, carrying her -- the other way from Anette -- off down the sidewalk.

Eric glances back and forth between the two women, heading in opposite directions. He taps a finger against his chin for a few moments, considering. "Mm. Feel like there's a story there, somewhere." The police officer shrugs his shoulders and cracks out his knuckles, adjusting the bag on his shoulder.