From X-Men: rEvolution
Dramatis Personae

B, Mai


"Damn this is awkward."


<NYC> Tompkins Square Park - East Village

Small but popular, this tree-lined park is a perfect centerpiece to the eclectic neighborhood it resides in. Home to a number of playgrounds and courts from handball to basketball, it also houses a dog park and chess tables, providing excellent space for people watching -- especially during its frequent and often eccentric festivals, from Wigstock to its yearly Allen Ginsberg tribute Howl festival.

It's a little cloudy out, a little chilly, though not as cold as it might be on the brink of the new year. The park is fairly crowded, festivities planned for this evening with plenty of New Year's Eve parties happening throughout the neighborhood and a concert scheduled for right here in the park. There's an impromptu one happening here already -- a lively drum circle ongoing, with a very acrobatic troup of breakdancers performing. They've gathered quite a crowd of spectators, cheering and clapping.

On the outskirts of their gathered crowd, one tiny blue sharkpup is watching with a (canine) pup in tow. The small one-eyed beagle is less interested in the dancing and more interested in the excitement of the people watching -- it's infectious, and his tail wags eagerly as he frisks about. On the other end of his leash, his two-legged companion leans up against a lamppost, unfortunately toooo short to see over the heads of all the people. Alas. Not that she seems particularly worried about it, smiling a small closed-lipped smile all the same as the music plays. She's dressed brightly, a shiny silver jacket with a black leather vest over top (Mutant Mongrels MC, it reads; its Jolly Roger logo has an inhuman skull, horned and sharktoothed, crossed fencing foils where traditionally crossbones would be), purple skinny jeans dusted with silver glitter, VERY stompy tall metal boots, thick dark glasses on her eyes.

Mai is out on a walk to clear her thoughts some, manuevering around the various-sized groups of people celebrating the upcoming new year, she herself being alone for the moment, and does watch the happy people she passes with somewhat longing looks, as they remind her of it being her first new year without a family. She gives a curious look towards the dancing number going on in the park as she walks past, certainly one to appreciate such displays of physical coordination. Then eventually her attention moves away from them as she spots a rather unusual looking figure at the back of the crowd, unusual, but still familiar. Her eyes widening as she realizes it is Shane, albeit dressed very differently than the last time she saw him. Biting her lower lip somewhat nervously as she contemplates whether or not she should approach him, taking in how their previous meeting went, but remembering what Paige told her, she eventually decides that she can at least try. Walking closer to him and offers a nod of her head. "Happy new year... well in few hours at least." she offers in a friendly tone.

The beagle is first to respond, prancing over with wagging tail to jump up against Mai's legs. "{Oh sorry!}" It's startled Vietnamese, B looking up with a sheepish wrinkle of nose as she tugs the dog back away. "Happy new year. Hopefully the next one's better than this past one."

Mai looks down at the dog, laughing softly as she crouches down to scratch it a bit as the dog seems friendly enough. "Hey there little guy, you seem to be having good time at least." this spoken to the dog, before looking up to its owner again, the first words seeming to only get a questioning expression in reply, not understanding them, but once the langue is switched to English she straightens up again to speak with the blue person on more even level. She is still somewhat puzzled though as Shane does not seem to recognize her at all? "Oh, you had some bad things happen this year too?" She inquires, certainly able to relate to that wish as it has not been exactly the greatest year in her life either.

"Does anyone go through a year with zero badness?" B shrugs a shoulder casually, leaning back against the lamppost. Obie is jumping back up when Mai crouches down, stretching up to slurp at her face. "Obie's having a good time pretty much whenever he's getting attention. His idea of heaven. You give him scratches you're his new best friend -- for the moment."

Mai giggles at the slurping, having to push away from it after a moment, reaching a hand up to wipe her face. "So it seems! And uh, I don't know, I guess some people might... though can't say that I would know any." she agrees, biting her lower lip then as she gathers the courage to say it. "I am not sure if you remember me, but uh, either way, I just wanted to apologize for what happened in Evolve the other day, I really didn't mean to cause any problems, it was a really unfortunate misunderstanding, and I am sorry for it." There, she said it!

"Remember you? What?" From behind her glasses, B's ridged brow pulls upward. Then back down. "... Oh." Flatter. There's a delay, before: "Misunderstanding?"

Mai looks as confused as B does at that reply, for a few moments simply staring at her, biting her lower lip. "Uh... you are Shane, right?" she finally realizes to ask, as it hadn't even crossed her mind before that there might be two people that look so similarly... fishy? But now seeing B's reaction thats the only reason that she can think of, well apart from total amnesia.

"No." B shakes her head quickly. "Shane's my brother. But what kind of /misunderstanding/ could that possibly have been?" She is geeeently tugging Obie back to her side. Very gently. "You told Taylor his arms were gross. That's pretty straightforward."

Mai blinks again at B's revelation. "Oh? Well... damn this is awkward..." she notes, having to take a few moments to gather her thoughts. "Well, yeah, that was a rather unfortunate choice of words..." she admits. "I didn't mean it in a malicious way, I was just rather startled when they suddenly popped out, and just kind of spoke without thinking. It was stupid, but just... sometimes everyone has moments like that I suppose." She tries to explain.

"If you didn't mean it in a malicious way," B asks calmly, "why did you complain to Shane when he tried to leave? People who are 'just having moments' apologize for them and move on."

Mai sighs as the whole ordeal isn't exactly her favorite topic, but tries her best to explain it. "Because by that point he had called me a mutant hater, and my friend a freak, so I had gotten kind of angry. I stand up for my friends. That whole situation just escalated way out of proportions."

"Uh... huh." B is standing, now, straightening up from hir lean against the pole. "That was really stand-up of you." Hir hand has tightened around Obie's leash, other hand tucking into hir pocket. "Happy New Year." Ze's turning to go, holding the leash close to hir side as ze heads off.

Mai winces as she hears that, lifting a hand to give B a wave. "Happy new year, I am sorry, it seems I offended you as well. I just wanted to apologize."

There's a distinct tightening of B's shoulders at the word 'sorry', but ze doesn't turn around. Just speeds up slightly, hir boots actually lifting faintly off the ground to hover (with a slight glow, a faint hum) as ze skims off with her dog to leave.

Mai doesn't try to chase after her, pressing an issue was after all what caused the whole incident in the first place, so she does not wish to repeat that mistake.