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Names and Things
Dramatis Personae

Anette and Akihiro


"Dusk-ette is a beautiful name, what's wrong with you?"


<BOM> Garden - Ascension Island

Considerably reduced from what they must have been when this place was /actually/ running at full capacity, there is nevertheless a hefty amount of garden space tucked away behind the main cabin of the compound. Somewhat haphazard in its organization, the rows of plants -- mostly vegetables, with some herbs lining the borders -- seem to be chosen somewhat at whim. Despite the disorganized mishmash of crop selection, the ground seems well-tended, fielding the occupants a decent cache of produce three seasons out of the year. To one side, a fenced-in area with a raised coop houses chickens, often noisily squawking throughout the day.

It's nearing the end of the day and it's finally starting to cool off. Akihiro is out in the bird yard section of the garden, having watered and fed the pheasants and quail, now he's leaning against a fence petting one of his emus. The little dinosaurs have grown into full fledged giant goofy birds. After a few more moments of patting he grabs a ball and gives it a toss further into the enclosure, the big bird sprinting off after it.

"Finally starting to cool off." he says with a relieved sigh, sitting down in a folding chair next to Anette. "Gotta love that."

Anette doesn't so much walk as waddle behind Akihiro, her belly beginning to reach beach ball proportions. "You're telling me," she says, though she still fans herself with her hand. She seems content to watch Akihiro care for his birds, though once he begins to play fetch she finally speaks again. "We're going to be parents in less than three months." This is spoken quietly, perhaps trying to let it sink in herself. "We still don't have a name."

"Soon." Akihiro reaches over and gives Anette's hand a squeeze. "And you still haven't moved into the cabin with me." He's clearly teasing, but it's still the truth. "Well, what kind of name are we looking for? Something Japanese, or something less so?"

"I know," Anette says, though she doesn't address the issue at all. Not yet. "I don't know. I was looking through some Japanese names and none jumped out at me. That and I don't know how to pronounce any of them." She walks over to the emu fence and leans against it, as much as she can anyway. "What about naming her after someone we know? Dusk-ette maybe?" she says, a slight grin forming as she teases.

"I'd prefer Akira or Shinobu to Dusk-ette." Akihiro replies with a slight shrug. "Did you have anything in mind? Because we may end up having to get a book and just go through marking off names one at a time otherwise." He doesn't seem too bothered by the idea though.

"Dusk-ette is a beautiful name, what's wrong with you?" Anette teases, gently leaning over to nudge him with her shoulder. She stares off and watches the emus again for a moment, apparently lost in thought before she speaks again. "What about Regan? One of the few people I respect, she's saved my ass once or twice. Don't think I've ever heard you say anything bad about her."

"Why would I? Healing factor doesn't work against her, since it's all in the mind." Akihiro grins a bit, but that's true also. Don't bite the hand that feeds, especially when you're confident it can kill you. "Seems a little on the nose. Be a good middle name. Unless Regan is fine with us naming our daughter after her."

"I was thinking middle name, too. Not sure the island could handle two Regans." Anette suddenly stops and leans forward a bit, pressing her hand to her stomach. "I can tell you right now she's got your damned strength," she says, taking a deep breath and standing up straight again as she gently rubs her belly. "You have any ideas for names? Anything you want?"

"Itsu." Akihiro pushes up and rests a hand on Anette's back, rubbing it with the tips of his fingers. "It was my mother's name. Not Natsumi, but the woman who would've given birth to me if she hadn't of been killed." He can't help but grin a bit, "I'm sure she'll get more than that from me. Howlett blood runs strong."

"Itsu Regan Howlett," Anette says outloud, trying the sound out for size. "Maybe, I guess. Are you sure you'd want to though? Not...painful or anything?" she says, turning her head to study Akihiro's features.

"Hrm.." Akihiro thinks for a moment. "How about Harley? Harley Howlett." The man grins a bit before leaning over to press a kiss to Anette's cheek. "Or do you have something better? "Harley Regan Howlett," Anette repeats, emphasizing each syllable. She smiles, apparently enjoying the sound. "Harley. She feels like a Harley." She grins and turns, returning the kiss to Akihiro's lips. "I love it. Harley."

"There we go, problem solved." Akihiro gives a slight tug at Anette's bottom lip with his teeth as she kisses him. "Soon you'll be able to catch up on rest and let me handle all the baby things. Helps that I don't have to sleep but once every couple of days."

Anette pulls away with a smile before turning back to the emus. "I just wish I knew this was a good idea," she says, gripping the fence tightly with her hands. "Part of me still thinks this is all a horrible mistake."

"The only thing you can do is give it time. Show that doubt that we were right." Akihiro gently wraps his arms around Anette, pressing his lips to the back of her head. "We'll be fine."

Anette leans up against Akihiro, leaning her head against his shoulder. "I really hope you're right."

"Of course I'm right." Akihiro presses his lips to Anette's neck before looking out to the emu pen. "It'll all be alright."