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Three Part Harmony
Dramatis Personae

Gaétan, Harm, Mina


"I /think/ I'm supposed to be the villain?"


<XS> Music Room - FL2

Wide and spacious, seating in this soundproofed room comes largely on the sweep of gentle risers that afford the teacher an easy view of all the budding performers, and add another dimension to the acoustics of the room. Instruments of all types are carefully stored around the room, and a grand piano, immaculately upkept, takes the position of prize near the back. In a nod to the eclectic studies of the students, digital mixing equipment and turntables rub shoulders with the classical instruments. Music stands sit in front of most of the seats, and the only windows look out out over the side of the school grounds.

It's lively in the music room this evening. In the post-dinner lull of the mansion, this room is full of an upbeat jazzy sort of music, the deep plonk of a freestyled melody coming from a bass guitar. Barefoot, jeans cuffed up above his ankles, in black corduroy button down worn open over a heather grey tee, Gaetan's head is slightly bowed though his eyes are tipped up toward his companion as he plays, fingers slapping rapid against his strings.

Sitting at an angle from Gaetan, Harmony is wearing a sky-blue dip-dyed zip hoodie, a tank top knitted from bright rainbow ombre yarn, and green linen wrap pants. They're cradling an old but well-maintained bowlback mandolin, and likewise watching Gaetan as they plucking out notes in high and quick and clean harmony to the bass, giving a sense of distance and space to the music.

The door swings open just a little, Mina's head peeking around it. Just momentarily before she bounces in properly. She's dressed bright as always. Yellow sundress with a green wrap sweater over top, barefoot, too. Her heavily sticker-adorned ukulele is in her hands, and she's waving with it at the others. "Oh wow you're good! I mean that's not surprising -- even if I sound surprised, I just. Wait no I'm interrupting --" Her hand claps to her mouth. "I'm just going to sit here and be quiet don't mind me!" She's dropped her hand to say /that/, as she trots over to plunk herself down opposite the others.

Gaetan's hand presses down against his strings, eyes darting over to the door. Brows pulling in briefly as his music stops. "Oh! Mina. Uh -- hey." He blinks as she approaches, a half-smile touching his mouth. "Yeah no sure come on. You want to --" He gestures to her ukelele. Apologetic, to Harmony: "Desole, can you start us back up?"

Harmony's notes take a moment longer to fade away, their fingers settling slowly over the strings. "Hey, Mina!" They smile bright and wave the girl in. "Yeah, we were just jamming, you can totally join. If you want!" Their left hand shifts down the neck of the mandolin and they drag the pick across all of the strings lightly before starting up a light and playful tune, a bit slower paced than before.

"What me?" Mina's eyes widen. She bounces in place, looking down at her ukulele. "I'm not /even/ like on your level. Are you serious? That sounds fun." Tucking her skirt beneath her, she listens to Harmony's music with a small bob of head. "Do you do this often? Are you starting a band? Harm and I were going to start a band," she tells Gaetan brightly. "It's called I, Dead Girl. You could join too I think as long as we have /one/ girl it's probably okay."

"Yeah, for sure. It's not about /good/. Just for fun." Gaetan's foot taps along with Harmony's tune, fingers hovering above his strings as he listens to the new sound. He doesn't join in just yet, though. Waiting with a breath of laughter as he listens to Mina. "Serious? Uh -- I've never been in a band. Is that a real thing. That you're doing." It takes another few moments for him to pick up the thread of the sound, weaving in a lower harmony to underline Harm's melody.

"I wasn't sure if I, Dead Girl was supposed to be a /band/ or a /film/..." Harmony's fingers play light and swift down the neck of the Mandolin, the notes ascending. "But, yeah, we could be a /serious/ band. Just not /too/ serious." They smile broader, raise their eyebrows encouragingly at Mina as they revisit and reinforce the theme. "I've played with lots of people, but I've never been in a band."

"Oh it's both! It can be a mockumentary about our band." Mina's smile is bright with this. "We can be /really/ serious about not being serious. What kind of playing with people do you usually do? Oh wait! I'm doing music. Right sor -- right." She shakes her head, pushes her hair back from her face. Screws up her brows in concentration as she listens to the others. Her plucking when she joins in is -- not really all that in harmony with the others. Kind of trying to follow Harmony's melody, badly. Her foot taps along with the beat, though.

"I Dead Girl. I can dig it." Gaetan's lips twitch as Mina starts playing. He nods along, though. Continues his gliding harmony, rising and falling along with Harm's. "I haven't played with people as much as I'd like. And I've /never/ made a movie. I'm great at not being serious, though. I could hold that part down."

"Oh...I see! Well, I can do serious. I /think/ I'm supposed to be the villain?" Harm slows the melody a little, adding flourishes that call to mind eddies in a stream or leaves dancing on a breeze. "Back home music was just...a huge part of our daily lives, you know? We used music in all our rituals and celebrations." Their smile is fond and wistful. "Just about any time people were hanging out together, someone would start singing or playing, sooner or later."

"That's fantastic. Home, too." Mina's expression is a little more distant, too. "So much music. Not that it helped /me/ at all but -- There's /probably/ classes here on doing this right, huh? There's classes here on /everything/." Plunk plunk plunk! "I mean like improvising music. Playing with people. That kind of thing. Hey is it um." Her playing stops, brows furrowing. "Is it weird to ask you about all the magic stuff?"

Gaetan's brows pull just a touch inward, for a moment. One shoulder hitches up. "There's classes on a lot of things. Music, too." His head tilts, eyes skipping over to Harm. Then back down to the floor in front of him. He falls quiet, even if his guitar does not, light and plinking like raindrops splashing down into a stream.

"There's a ton of music classes here, yeah. I thought about taking one, but I still have some catching up to do, you know. But yeah, I love playing with people it's the best." Harmony's playing grows slightly more frenetic, the notes plucked fast and mercurial, like a stream swelling with the storm. "It's not weird for /me/ if it isn't for you -- or Gae."

"/Is/ it weird for you?" Mina looks to Gaetan, this time. "I just, I don't know much about any -- the only magic I know is home kind of magic and that's way different than --" She waves a hand toward the others. "I don't know. It'd just be nice, maybe. To learn what people do here. /Especially/," brighter, here!, "if it involves music."

Gaetan's music intensifies in time with Harm's. More forceful, more chaotic, stormy and turbulent. "My family's pretty big on music," he finally allows, head tipped down. "But don't ask Matt to sing. He'll actually do it. And he teaches a whole freaking /class/ on magic if you really want to know."

"There's so many different kinds of magic," Harmony says, "not /all/ of it involves music, I guess, but the kind I grew up with did. I mean our commune's called /Earthsong/." The music eases again, still fast and exhilarating, but less bombastic. "The class is /pretty/ cool, but it's's still just a class, you know? I think it would be pretty awesome if we had a campus pagan group, but -- I don't know if there's really enough interest." They shrug, executing a long, wavering trill that feels like freefall, a roaring cascade over a long drop, then fading to quiet. "Anyway, I can teach you some of our songs, if you like. It tells you a lot about our magic, I think."

"You could start one, right? Probably? I bet Mr. T... Gaetan's... Matt," Mina fumbles awkwardly, flailing one hand in Gaetan's direction, "would sponsor that." She picks her ukulele back up, smiling wide. "Oh! Yeah. Yeah, I think I'd like that."