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I do not treat my patients. I talk to them.

xxxxxCornelius de Wit is a recent Dutch immigrant. With a wealth of experience in his portfolio, the man has established a prestigious private psychiatric office. The establishment is peculiar in that while it does offer service to mutants, it bans telepaths and any other mutants that can breach the mind due to the understandable risk of compromising patient confidentiality. Money does not seem to hold great value to the owner, because he hand-picks the cases himself and word of mouth pins him as an eccentric.


xxxxxA large portion of de Wit's life lies in the Netherlands. Having been born in Leiden and having grown up in Utrecht, he has shown an affinity for the human mind at a very early age. Rather than possessing a troubled mind of his own, Niels has instead grown up among very troubled peers. As the years went by, his company deteriorated and his exceptional performance separated him from the turbulent environment. After graduating from school, Cornelius moved to Groningen to study psychology. However, the safe and stable environment proved to be too dull.

xxxxxCornelius moved abroad, in search of an environment in which the study of the human mind is not restricted to books alone. During his search, his academic pursuits were on a hiatus. He had stayed in Germany, Bulgaria and Lithuania. Ultimately, his travels brought him to Latveria. There, he finally found what he sought after. He had finished his studies, earning a doctorate degree and briefly pursuing an academic career. Both the country's climate and the psychiatrist's own convictions have conflicted with such a path, however.

xxxxxOver the next few years, de Wit instead explored the various applications of his knowledge, from counselling couples to working in mental institutions. When small riots began to form together a cohesive uprising, Cornelius de Wit pre-emptively left the country and returned to the Netherlands. His stay there was relatively short. Unable to stomach his home country any more, Niels arranged for a trip to the United States, establishing a prestigious office where he may service cases he himself deems worth his time.

Known For

xxxxxThere are very few things Cornelius is known for, seeing as he seems like a very low key person. He has very recently published a book that borders on autobiography. Rather than detailing his life, it details the complexities of adaptation and how difficult it is to deny the mind what it yearns for. There, he mentions his wanderlust years and refers to his experiences in Latveria. While the book is by no means political, the tone suggests the author does not side with Latveria and actually condemns the uprising, and there is no mention of Victor van Doom in it. The book so far is enjoying a humble success, but since it demands a certain knowledge of psychology and sociology from the reader, it is hard to pick up by any layman.



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  • Alice Lambton. Coolly fierce, ambitious, workaholic. Can't stand the thought of being imperfect.

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Cornelius de Wit
Codename None
Birthdate 1965-10-21
Species Human
Affiliation None
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Powers None
Occupation Psychiatrist
RP Hooks
Now Hiring! - The doctor is currently hiring experienced psychiatrists. The wanted ad notes a very rigorous screening process, and that a job interview might consist of multiple meetings.
Psychoanalysis - Any troubled mind is welcome to seek the aid of Cornelius de Wit. Unfortunately, not everyone might be granted it. Furthermore, the psychiatrist retains the right to discontinue seeing a patient.
Low Key Luxury - Cornelius is a man who - despite his prestigious position and a penchant for luxury - prefers to keep a low profile. He might mingle with the crème de la crème, but he doesn't make a point to.
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