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"I really fucking hate it here"

Dramatis Personae

Tomas, Taylor Cyric


Set right after Logs:Target Practice


Xavier's school- Tomas and Taylor's room.

After his encounter with the two boys outside Tomas felt a mixture of anger and frustration. He stomped his feet down the hall towards the boy's dorm, the PA speakers along the way emiting various swears and other distorted noises as he passed them, this only fed his frustration. He eventually made his way to his room, he swung the door open then slammed it shut as he entered. He threw his phone at his bed before he threw himself atop the bed. He buryed his head in his pillow and let out a loud scream, causing the lamp besides his to go extremely bright before it shattered. He slams his head down again when this happens before rolling over and groaning.

Taylor sat in the corner of his bed. He had found a jar of forgotten cheese puffs and snuck them into his room while he ate away and let his mind drift. He hated it here more and more everyday, thankfully his negative thoughts were quickly pulled away from him momentarily when Tomas swung the door open and threw himself on the bed. He jumped when the boy screamed because it was so foreign to hear something come from the boys voice he almost was beginning to think his vocal chords just didn’t exist, but they definitely did. When the lamp exploded he instinctively covered his eyes to shield them from the light and watched as Tomas groaned again rolling over. “Uh... wanna talk about it?” Taylor asked as he hesitantly ate another cheese puff from the jar.

Tomas sat up and turned to Taylor and nodded. He grabbed his phone and tried to turn it on but it wouldn't turn on, Tomas let out a frustrated groan. He reaches in his satchel bag that is next to his bed and pulls out a notebook still frustrated wrote in it: "It's I ran into Spenser and Gaetan on my evening walk. Gaetan was shooting arrows. And of course Spenser 'poof' was there. And we started talking about Yom Kapoor and fasting then the conversation turned mean. Gaetan said I was creepy cus I always wandered around the school and I was curious about people's hobbies, and he was mad, which I didn't understand." He turned the notebook to Taylor so he could read it

Taylor grabbed the notebook and read through the writing before sighing and handing it back. “I hate it here...” Taylor said finally. He could handle being ignored and left out, but it felt extremely weird when it was his roommate the only one here that he didn’t leave offend yet... yet. “But like fuck them.” Taylor said shrugging not knowing who these boys were anyway. “Like there assholes, what are they suppose to know about you anyway?” Taylor sighed closing the lid of the cheese puffs and tossing them aside.

Tomas shrugged and sighed, a bit, before writing: "Did you punch a girl for not wanting to talk to you?" he wrote and slowly showed it to Taylor

Taylor took the notebook as he read it over. “I haven’t punched anyone, she shoved me I fell, I tripped and her and I got kicked.” Taylor said handing back the notebook. “Than her psychotic sister finds me and punches me... I’ve gotten more bruises in the past couple days than I ever got in the streets!” Taylor bursts out. “All while not retaliating.”

Tomas nodded and wrote "okay I trust you I understand you are a pacifist, , I'm sorry that happened, people are just spreading rumors and exaggerating" and showed Taylor giving a thumbs up. He turns his head a bit at the last comment: "The streets? what do you mean by that? like the local town near your commune? " and shows Taylor

Taylor shook his head and crawled under the covers of his bed where he took off his signature hoodie and tossed it on the floor. “Never mind.” He sighed holding the pillow. “I'm glad you trust me though, I haven’t meant to make anyone upset ya know?”

Tomas gave Taylor a concerned look before writing: "I understand what its like to be harassed for being different, even before I had powers, people would bully me for being 'dumb and mute'. I'm not religious and haven't experienced that kind of hatred, but I understand and wanna empathize with you. Im here to talk, id like to be your friend." Tomas showed him the notebook with a little grin.

Taylor shook his head. “Not tonight... I just had a shitty day no need to make it worse ya know?” Taylor sighed reading the paper. “For what it matters though, those people are only half correct. I heard you scream so you’re not completely mute.” Taylor said with a smile joking around trying to make the room feel less claustrophobic for himself.

Tomas nodded chuckled a bit at the comment kicking off his shoes and writing more: "I understand, hey thanks for talking to me, and I'm here for you if you need to talk, or my version of talking, lol" he shows the notebook to Taylor and slips under the covers of his bed.

“I prefer your way of talking.” Taylor mumbled. “It’s much easier.” He gave out a low sigh. “I really fucking hate it here.”

Tomas shrugged and wrote in the notebook: "I'm Sorry, I actually haven't minded it except tonight, why do you hate it here? like why do you say you've gotten a bunch of bruises? getting into fights? like other fights?" he turned his head as he showed the notebook to Taylor

“It’s just like home, I just can’t seem to fit in.” He said disregarding the part about bruises. “It’s just hard and I’m not enjoying myself anymore.”

Tomas thinks for a moment then writes: "Tell you what, if you tell me what you like doing, ill makes sure we do that, together. maybe i can help you enjoy yourself a bit, [smiley face]" he hands him the note book with a slight grin.

Taylor grinned slightly as his mind raced of what he used to do for fun in the swamps, than on the streets of New York. Most of it involved stealing... or racing the alligators neither of those things he figured Tomas would enjoy. “I miss heights. Like going to the top of a building, and just like watching the stars... I know I can do that whenever here it’s just not the same.”

Tomas nodded and wrote: "well what if after classes tomorrow we figure out how to get on top this building? That wouldn't be like a sin or anything would it? "

Taylor shrugged. “If it is I don’t care anymore.” Taylor smiled as he pulled the blankets up to his chin. “Thanks for like not hating me.” Taylor threw in there quietly.

Tomas nodded before writing: "of course, I like you you're a cool guy, and my aunt likes you to that is a plus, anyway I think its time to hit the hay" he shows him the notebook with a yawn.

Taylor nods. “Yeah agreed, hopefully we can just both forget this day ever happened.” He sighed wistfully before rolling over on his side