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Plenny Woods fo Bang In

cn: ablist/sanist insults, teenage fisticuffs

Dramatis Personae

Kelawini, Nanami, Rhydian


"Faka we pau talking!"


<XAV> Forest - Xs Grounds

Quiet and shady, the trees rise all around here high and thick. In stillness, woodland creatures make appearances, though sudden noises scare them back into the cover. Dappled sunlight filters down between the thick foliage, and the ground underfoot is heavily overgrown, though here and there paths have been worn, by deer or years of students wandering familiar trails.

It's a beautiful Saturday, sunny and mild, and it's no surprise that many students are opting to leave the mansion entirely -- scatter to Salem Center or take the train into the city or wander the grounds. The sprawling woods are quiet, more peaceful here than the rowdy sports and games happening on the courts and fields nearer the mansion. Somewhere here -- not quite along one of the wider genuine dirt paths, carefully weeded and tended for hikers and riders alike, but a smaller desire path tramped off to the side through a patch of hawkweed -- Nanami has found herself a comfortable spot. She has a small blanket laid out beneath her, a small bag beside her, Tupperware with half a sandwich still remaining. She's in a rose babydoll shirt with puff sleeves and intricate white lace edging along the cuffs and hem, a flouncy black midi skirt dotted with pink sequined flowers, white hose and sequined black maryjanes -- maybe not the most practical walk-in-the-woods outfit but she's somehow gotten here with clothing unscathed. She has a copy of The Sea of Monsters in hand, though doesn't, at the moment, seem too engrossed in it -- her attention is instead fixated on a praying mantis perched among the thorns of a nearby raspberry bush.

The weather was nice enough that even Rhydian found herself wandering the grounds. She had ditched her typical hoodie for a light blue mid-sleeve shirt and a pair of washed out jeans. After meandering for sometime, she found herself quite turned around in the woods. Panic was on the verge of setting in when she came across another student. Not wanting to bother them, she stayed nearby but hidden. When they returned to the mansion, Rhydian could just follow them. Easy right?

Where her sister is a study in stillness, Kelawini has been hiking the wilder reaches of the forest. She's wearing a lightweight sea green cropped canvas jacket over an even shorter cropped white tank, her jean ripped at the knees from actual wear, though incidentally fashionable enough, and light hiking boots in green, black, and gold. She has found herself a Good Stick (or two, depending on how you look at the woody vine twisted around the downed tree branch), though between her fitness and the easy terrain she hardly needs one. Her progress along one of the wider paths isn't silent, but certainly far less obtrusive than the average contemporary teenager. All at once she comes to a stop, her head tilting slowly as she peers through the still sparse undergrowth at Rhydian, hidden from Nanami's perspective but not from hers. Then, quiet time is over.

"Eh, lolo!" She bellows, advancing on Rhydian. Though she's not as tall as the other girl she's broad and solid and moves with a surety of intent. "Why you stay creep up on my sistah? You try fo catch some cracks?" However much or little Rhydian may comprehend this torrent of Hawaiian Pidgin, her belligerence is hard to miss.

Nanami may not see Rhydian, but she sure hears Kelawini. Her sister's voice registers with, at first, a sigh, her quiet (and sister-free) time at an end. She folds a much-wilted cherry blossom into the pages of her book, closes the book and rises. She sets her book down but has thermos in hand as she wanders away from her spot, catching sight now of the others as she comes closer to the paths. "Eh, Wat?" Her brows lift. "One whole party hea now."

Rhydian whips around at the sound of an unfamiliar voice. “I wasn’t creeping up on anyone.” She snapped in her typical tone. “I was admiring the same animal she was until you came and scared it off.” She continued.

"No bulai you!" Kelawini sputters incredulously, looking to Nanami for backup. "All dese woods and you wen hide in da bushes wea she no can see, how you come tell us you no creeping?" She's getting right up into Rhydian's face. "You like beef or nah?"

"Cheeeee." Slow and drawn out, half under Nanami's breath in time with a shake of her head. The look she gives Rhydian is flat, and she picks her way halfway back toward the raspberry bush to peer at it. Then return, same flat look still for Rhydian. "Bug stay dea. What you lie fo?" Her chin jerks up to her sister as she makes her way back to set down her thermos, start shaking out her blanket, folding it neat. "This bitch mento. Odda day she wen aks, I gon murder her? Cuz why? Had da drill in da workshop." When she actually bothers to look straight at Rhydian -- no more impressed than she has been up till now, her voice and diction shift markedly. A little softer, a little lighter, certainly more like what many people, under most circumstances, interpret as gentle. "Has this --" she gestures, generally, toward Rhydian. "been working out well for you?"

“Bug? What bug? I was watching the squirrel that was on the branch.” She asked, now slightly confused. “Also sorry for that but most of the time when someone picks up something that could be used as a weapon, they’re intending on using it as such. I don’t know what <this> you’re talking about but I’m fine.” She continued before pausing to take a breath.

"He aha ka fuck?!" Kelawini looks just about ready to throw hands when Rhydian's explanation derails her. "'Most of the time?' What crazy haole bullshit--" Admittedly, she isn't derailed for long. She takes half a step back, drops the stick she'd been carrying (loosely at her side, even while she's been yelling) and aims a punch square at Rhydian's face.

Nanami sighs the kind of world-weary sigh, dredged up from the pit of her soul, that only a teenager can properly manage. "Girl..." She looks unsurprised when the punch comes. Just watches, tucking the neat-flat square of her lightweight blanket into the large messenger bag before putting the Tupperware in. "When they called this place School for Gifted Youngsters they sure as hell were not talking brains."

Rhydian reels back when knuckles met her nose for a split second before balling her own fist and sending it flying towards the other girl out of reflex. “What the hell was that for?” She called in disbelief as she apprehensively waited for the girl’s next move.

Already braced for the reprisal, Kelawini is not so easily staggered, and Rhydian does not have long to wait. "Faka we pau talking!" Her next attack is low, a heavy blow at the larger girl's gut. "You go creeping and lying and calling people killas you gon get buss up!"

Seeing the swing coming this time, Rhydian dodges the blow. “I didn’t call anybody a killer first off! Second I wasn’t creeping. And third, I’m not lying! I was watching the fuckin squirrel!” She rambles before aiming a punch at the other girl’s shoulder. She wasn’t aiming to hurt the girl much, just enough to get her attention off whatever power trip she seemed to be on.

Nanami has finished packing her belongings up and has been wandering back towards the actual path, but somewhere in Rhydian's words she drops her bag with a whump to the ground. "Skewz me? Neva wen call --" She doesn't finish her sentence, and doesn't, either, join in the punching, although her expression suggests she'd very much like to deck Rhydian. She does leap in a flying tackle at Rhydian, outfit be damned, aimed less at violence and more at separating the other two; her short stature quite heavily belies her lifetime of investment in Very Physical Sports.

Kelawini is not even slightly deterred when Rhydian's blow connects, and she's just about to hit the tall girl back when suddenly, flying sister. She stumbles back a step. "Chee, she come huhu now." she informs Rhydian casually as she crosses her arms and leans back against a tree to watch.

A grunt escaped Rhydian as she found herself laying flat on the ground. Turning to see who was on top of her, Rhydian saw Nanami’s eyes staring back at her. “Get off me!” She cried indignantly.

Nanami does get off of Rhydian, getting back to her feet with a snort. She dusts off her skirt and tights as best she can, with a look of distaste that is absolutely aimed down at the other girl and not at her sullied clothing. Picking up her things, she heads back to the path, bumping her sister in the shoulder on the way. "Eh, leave this haole. You stay bus her up ery time she come all huhu, fists get real sore." Her head jerks to the side, gesturing Kelawini to follow as she ambles away from Rhydian and back along the path.

Incidentally, as it so happens, not heading back towards the mansion. Alas.