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Kill Everyone
Dramatis Personae

Daken, Ion, Eggcetera


"Feel like I've been pretty solid so far."


<BOM> Garden - Ascension Island

Considerably reduced from what they must have been when this place was /actually/ running at full capacity, there is nevertheless a hefty amount of garden space tucked away behind the main cabin of the compound. Somewhat haphazard in its organization, the rows of plants -- mostly vegetables, with some herbs lining the borders -- seem to be chosen somewhat at whim. Despite the disorganized mishmash of crop selection, the ground seems well-tended, fielding the occupants a decent cache of produce three seasons out of the year. To one side, a fenced-in area with a raised coop houses chickens, often noisily squawking throughout the day.

Though it's been cold and been snowy it's starting to ease up, sunny today. Edging towards warm, if you take these things in relative terms.

Ion takes these things in relative terms. He's out here kind of underdressed for the weather, tall motorcycle boots and jeans and his kutte emblazoned large and bold with Mutant Mongrels insignia -- but the vest is worn open over just a black and white plaid flannel shirt. A lined flannel shirt, but still, it's not exactly seasonally appropriate attire.

The fact that he is hard at /work/ maybe keeps him from the worst of the cold. Frozen and snowy as the ground is, it isn't exactly planting weather -- but the coops are still full of chickens needing feeding and care and, standing across the lot from the chicken coops in their own fenced-off enclosure is a brand-new addition to the Brotherhood's venture into agriculture. A set of large new hutches still smelling of sawdust and cedar; Ion is, at the moment, busy raising them further up off the ground on stilted legs. The garden is filled with the sounds of hammering as he works on an empty hutch. The rabbits, poor terrified creatures that they are, are huddling off in a distant corner some ways away. Far far away from him where they've all been transferred to live together while he works on the hutches.

Strapped to his back there is a bundle, wrapped up in a tough leather fleece-lined version of a baby sling. Possibly a bundle that doesn't like the hammering any more than the rabbits do.

The bundle emits a low, steady stream of harsh clicking and squirms every so often. A batlike wing wiggles free from the pastel flower swaddling blanket, tiny hooked claws latching onto the outside of the leather sling. With a bit more wiggling and tugging, a head appears as well, peeking out over the edge of the sling with huge, bulging eyes. The face looks like some kind of goblin, gray skin with a fine dusting of short black fur, long ears that droop down at their tips as they swivel from side to side, and a gaping maw full of teeth, with the sharp canine most prominently visible.

Akihiro wanders in from the direction of the porch, hands tucked into his pockets. He dressed in a long-sleeved gray shirt with a black vest over it, and a pair of blue jeans. He casually wanders over until he can see what Ion is up to, gaze falling to the bundle on his back for a moment. "Hey." he calls out over the hammering. "Kinda cold to be out here working, no?"

"Ey-o." Ion doesn't look up for this greeting, just shifts a shoulder -- in a way that kind of nudges the /Omelette's/ wriggling wing in a kind of wave /for/ him. "Well, ese, see, what's-the-problem it's, is kinda-cold for these conejitos also, right? I sit them on the ground they gonna have a bad night, huh? I make it better, they get happier, maybe tastier, /everyone/ happier then."

The creature poking out of the sling on Ion's back makes a low growling noise when nudged, but their annoyance vanishes in favor of curiosity at Akihito's approach. Their bulbous head twists around, ears pricking almost upright and massive eyes squinting in the sunlight. Their flattish nose twitches, nostrils flaring. The clicking grows louder, turning into something more like a purr.

"Heat lamp never hurt either." Akihiro says with a slight nod, attention shifting back to the bundle. He wanders up to Ion to get a better look at what's in it. A hand comes up, hesitating momentarily before reaching out to poke towards their chin, much like an older person that doesn't understand the concept of personal space. "I may be thinking chicks, actually." he amends.

"Ain't put no power out here, huh?" Ion shakes his head, stopping his hammering to test the sturdiness of the legs he's added. "Issok, though. You keep it dry, no drafts, we built these /solid/. Good clean fresh bedding, they stay good. Tuck some heat pads in there. Just toss them in the microwave, they keep warm hours. Rabbits be snug all night. Daytime they okay. Watch it, this Frittata he bite."

The creature manages to work one spindly arm free from of the swaddling as well. They brace both arm and wing against the sling to heave themselves up a couple of inches to strain toward the newcomer. Even as the warning leaves Ion's lips, the little monster's jaw chomps down at Akihiro's outstretched finger.

Akihiro wrinkles his nose a bit as the little guy bites down on his finger, "Kuso!" he mutters slightly, not pulling back though. "Would have been surprised if he didn't. No harm done." he relaxes his nose just a touch. "Name's Daken, by the way."

Ion chuckles, head twisting back over his shoulder as Eridani bites down on Akihiro's finger. "{Egg, little monster, you watch it --}" Despite the previous chuckling his tone in the Spanish words here is firm. Even if Akihiro doesn't pull away /he/ does, shifting to pull back so the goblinbaby is out of reach, together with a firm press up against Eridani's chin that pushes their mouth back shut. "People they not for biting. Well. Not always."

His head tips as he shifts, loosening the ties on the sling, turning it around to settle Eridani on his chest instead of his back. "Monster tiny maybe but his one bite, it still pack some juice. Daken huh?" One arm curled around Eridani to hold them in place, his other stretches out in offering of fistbump. "Ion. The tiny gargoyle, this is Egg. Scramble. Omelette. Many-names she got."

Eridani--Egg, Scramble, Omelette, etc.--growls unhappily at the removal of their meal. Their fangs leave tiny puncture marks on Akihiro's finger and a rapidly blossoming sense of fuzzy well-being. The offense seems quickly forgotten when Ion's arm wraps around them. They nose at the crook of the elbow, mouthing the flannel shirt but not making any real attempt to bite through it. Their bright green eyes continue to track Akihiro, though.

"{I understood you well enough.}" Akihiro replies easily, cleaning the blood from his finger, though there doesn't seem to be a wound. He bumps the fist before showing where his finger was bitten. "See, no harm. Anyway, good to meet you." His attention drift over Ion'a shoulder. "You too, little Egg."

"Eh-huh?" Ion squints up in mild confusion at Akihiro, though a moment later he's just looking down at the healed finger. "{Hey look-it monsterface he shook you right the fuck off.}" He's starting to re-settle the babywrap properly, now. Tucking Eridani's blanket in properly around them for warmth before wrapping the sling again, this time leaving more freedom for their wings when he wraps the vampirechild back up against his chest. "Where you roll in from?"

Eridani suffers the tucking in with relative equanimity, only biting at Ion's hands in desultory fashion. Once settled again, they purr happily against their father's chest, eyes half-lidded but ears still cocked to listen to the adults' conversation.

"Was in Las Vegas, but it didn't go quite as well as I planned." Akihiro explains, jerking a finger back in the general direction of the west coast. "Figured it'd be best to head out here and see if the contacts I had are still operating. Probably easier to get a foothold in here, Vegas was undergoing a bit of change. He straightens his left wrist, and there's a SNK as black claws extend from between his first and last two knuckles. "Vegas was an awkward situation. Can't kill your way to the top, when you don't know who to kill."

"Eh-/huh/?" Ion's brows lift, here. He nudges Eridani's face gently forward when there is biting, settling in to scratching at the top of the gargoyle's head once the infant is settled. "I mean /huh/?" The unsheathing of claws just gets a shake of his head, brows raised further. "Hermano, killing your way to the top sound like the /dumbest/ fucking idea no matter /where/ the fuck you are."

Eridani's head lolls back and forth sleepily under Ion's scratching. Within a few moments, their chin settles down onto a fold of blanket and their purring fades slowly into rhythmic breathing.

"Good a plan as any. What are they gonna do, shoot me because I killed their boss?" Akihiro replies with a slight grin, retracting the claws back into his arm. "If gunshots were going to kill me, I never would have made it to forty." he reaches up to cover a yawn after watching Egg nod off.

"No offense, ese, but you a fuckin' idiot." Ion is shaking his head, returning to his hutch to finish setting it back up. "There worse things that getting shot, hermano. You build an empire on a mountain of bodies, every-fucking-body gonna be coming at you. And I don't mean for the killing, huh. Don't nobody need to /kill/ you to lock you in a concrete /cage/ for-ever and how all your healing and pretty-claws gonna help you out that one? Not-so-much help. Just give you a long-ass life to think on how making friends build a stronger kingdom than making enemies."

"You don't have to kill everyone. Just the people that don't wanna negotiate." Akihiro replies with a slight shrug. "Suppose it's better to keep your hands clean, have another person do it."

Ion tips his head over his shoulder, giving Akihiro a squinted-up look. Pursed lips, pinched-together brows. "Vato, you ever consider you seein' a therapist? There a clinic down here in this city, they got some good ones."

"The thought never crossed my mind, no." Akihiro replies a bit blankly. "Haven't needed one. Feel like I've been pretty solid so far."

"Aright, bro." Ion's head shakes slightly. He settles the hutch back beside the others, starting to layer fresh bedding back inside. "You do you, then."