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New(ish) Recruits
Dramatis Personae

Dani, Jax, Matt, Ororo


"I can work with this."


<XS> Command and Control Center - B2

Here is the heart of the Xavier Institute's true operations, the room most central to its purpose, where the Institute's most adventuresome and powerful individuals gather to receive exposition. The room is dominated by an oversized viewscreen on one wall, presently displaying an intricate diagram of the planet Earth, as well as a large central holographic projector and a handful of computer terminals along the periphery. Curiously, the whole place is rather dimly lit, as though its designers prioritized dramatic lighting over being able to find anything.

'Not that I am saying we just like being theatrical but.' Jax is, at the moment, leading Matt down the Very Futuristic hallway of the X-Men's seeeekrit sub-basement, pausing to let the doors to the command center whoosh open so that he can gesture the other man in. Dramatically. 'Your brother would feel at home.' His hands sweep the room once he has finished signing this, flourishing out wide. He isn't dressed in uniform, right now -- just in dark slacks, a kind of sheeny-metallic button down, a wide-brimmed silver-trimmed black Stetson on his head and very glittery makeup accenting his too-pale face. "Guess they're tryin' to set /some/ kinda mood."

Standing by, Dani tries to come off as studious and perhaps regal as she attempts to resist the urge to squirm against the tight leather of her new X-Men uniform. Appearing to to have augmented it slightly, the young woman wears a belt with turquoise-orb detail in place of a traditional X. It's also likely that the fringed calf-high moccasin boots her pants tuck into are not regulation.

A red headband stretches over the woman's hairline, disappearing under her dark hair. Lifting a hand to her head, she runs her fingers against one of her long pigtail braids and shifts her weight from one hip to the other. Arching an eyebrow, she steals a glance over her shoulder at her own reflection in one of any of the surfaces behind her to see how her ass looks in this getup. Pouting and arching her eyebrow, she gives herself a small nod of affirmation, "I can work with this."

Ororo, also not in uniform, is standing in front of a computer, information, words, diagrams flashing across the screen as she studies it intently. She wears a beige tunic sweater, brown braided belt holding it to her waist and giving it some shape, with black jeans and brown leather boots completing the look. Her white hair hangs freely across her shoulders. When she hears others approach, she closes whatever she had been looking at down, turning the screen off and turning to the others as they enter, a warm smile spreading across her face. "Hello Jackson. Are these the new recruits?" she asks, her voice deep and smooth, very friendly. "I was hoping you might bring cupcakes."

Matt follows Jax closely, as though he fears he might get lost down in this new territory. His green and gray softshell jacket is unzipped over a royal blue t-shirt depicting a cartoon figure reading under an arch of books, bracketed by the words 'Best Time Machine EVER!' His faded blue jeans are a little overlong, their cuffs tattered where they slouch down over green and brown hiking boots to drag on the ground. He's been /staring/ at Jax's hands intently to keep up with the signing. When he turns to actually look into the room, his jaw drops open a little bit. "Mon dieux!" he whispers, then signs 'sorry' quickly, blushing as he ducks his head, his mouse-brown hair having grown out enough to fall across his eyes when he does so. "Bonjour, Ororo." He waves, shyly.

"Oh!" Jax blushes, though his smile is bright and wide. "There's Mexican hot chocolate ones in the teachers' lounge. Chocolate mousse on 'em. Um, they ain't real /new/ new recruits, you, uh, want I should go dig up some /actual/ fresh meat? These is both fake new." He moves away from the door, pulling out a chair at the table to spin it around, kind-of set into it, one knee resting on the seat and his arms draping over the back. "An' you look great," he adds to Dani. "Probably the Scott an' the Professor'll nag you but --" SHRUG. "They do that."

"Oh, stop," Dani flaps her hand at Jax. In contrast to the gentlemen, her copper skin doesn't so much as show even the slightest hint of a blush as she turns to face the group. "Nothing I'm not used to," she says with a small smile, tossing one of her braids over her shoulder. "I've seen your face around but I don't think we've actually introduced ourselves! I'm Dani," the woman's smile brightens as she steps forward and extends a hand to Matt.

"Ah, I see what you mean," Ororo says, blue eyes flitting over the two new recruits. "Either way, welcome." As Jax describes the goodies waiting in the teacher's lounge, her smiles grows brighter, her eyes containing amusement. "That sound amazing. I'll have to stop by." As Matt and Dani make their way in, she holds her hand out to each of them to shake in greeting. "Being an X-Man is a...different beast than teaching. Though I'm sure you'll both do well." Her eyes linger on Dani's face for a moment, taking a few secounds to place the girl's face before she smiles. "Ah, Danielle. Welcome back."

"Nice to meet you, Dani." Matt's smile is warm and boyish, his grip gentle when he shakes. "I'm Matt. I teach French...and pagan history. I live in the city, but you'll be seeing a lot more of me once classes start back up. " He nods at Ororo's welcome, and he accepts her hand, as well. "The cupcakes are ten times as amazing as they sound. Great with a nice strong black tea. Thanks for the vote of confidence, but I'll be the first to admit I've a lot to learn in this area."

"Though with our students," Jax doesn't sound like he's complaining so much as warmly amused, "I've definitely had some classes that feel just about as -- exciting. Though my art room ain't been lit on fire yet /this/ year." With a frown, he is forced to add the (veeery sheepish) addendum: "... not, uh, by any of the /kids/ anyway. -- So this --" with a sweep of hand towards the room, "is usually where we have meetings and briefings and things for maximum. Secret lair ambiance. It's -- also where I nap when the teacher's lounge is too noisy." This is more of an aside to Matt, given the other two actually /have/ rooms at the school.

"I look forward to it," Dani's handshake is gentle but confident. Turning, the young woman glances casually about the room as its intentions are explained. She even goes as far as to wander a few steps in to observe one of the computer terminals. "Thanks. It's good to be back," Dani cocks a smile over to Ororo before she goes back to taking in the room's many details, "I can't imagine what they'd say if these walls could speak. Nothing very believable, I guess." She presses a button to see what it does and pouts when nothing happens. "Do we get codenames, now orrrr-should we catch up with Scott? I just don't want to get stuck being called 'Psyche,' again."

"I'm still confused Jax's abilities are really just baking," Ororo adds, her grin still light and playful. "Ah, yes, codenames. Feel free to name yourself whatever you like. It's a personal choice. Though I will warn you, if you take too long," she says, giving a lightly shrug as she presses her lips together, trying to hide her humor, "a name /may/ be provided for you. And it's harder to get rid of names than it is to come up with new ones." As Jax admits to sleeping in the conference room, her pressed lips become somewhat more genuine. "You know you /are/ more than welcome to move here anytime you like."

"That actually /is/ his power. The lasers and illusions are side effects." Matt also drifts into the room, staring about him in wonder. "This can't all just be for...ambiance, though. Is this integrated with any official disaster response network? Or does it just pull from the media? I'm guessing the latter, but then who manages all that information? It must be staggering!" He turns to look directly at Ororo. "Oh! I...kind of already have a codename." He blushes. "Tweak."

"S'true, baking's my real mutation, the rest's all parlour tricks." Jax shrugs at Dani's question, resting his chin down on the back of his chair. "I ain't never gone in for that whole codename thing, but if you want one have at? Ororo's right enough, folks'll end up calling you pretty much everything though." The corner of his mouth curls up at Ororo's offer, nose crinkling. "I mostly just meant when I had downtime between classes, though with my /house/ burning down that's got so much more tempting. My youngest's got school in the city though, which --" Shrug.

He twists his chair around, stifling a small laugh as he looks back at Matt. "Did Spence tell you we had a rat named Tweak once when they gave you that'n? Real cute rat, though." His teeth scrape down over his lip, eye drifting back to the

"Tweak?" Dani grins at the name, laughing just a little, "My imagination is running wild." Making her way around the holographic projector, Dani keeps one finger trained to the large display device. "I love rats. They're so intelligent," she offers, in case Matt feels any shame in being named after one. She settles against the projector's large central island after making a full trek around the room. Leaning the small of her back against it, she crosses her arms and adds, "Much more reasonable to talk to than quite a few people I've met."

"Yes, well, I'm sure something semi-permanent could be arranged. A bed for you to use on occasion, during downtimes or late nights. A discussion for another day," Ororo says, turning from Matt to their guests. "I find animals in general make better company than most people some days." She looks Matt, thoughtfully silent for a moment. "We'll work on your code name," is all she says before she turns towards the various computers and screens and technology. "It's best if you don't think too much and just trust it. You'll save yourself several headaches."

"He told me." Matt snickers. "I said it was an honor, given I'm probably not nearly so cute. Anyway, it's not important, but it /is/ pretty descriptive." He just smiles. "I love animals, but people, too. And also technology!" He spins around, gazing at the glossy terminals with a grin. "You know I've never met the sysadmin? They're more than competent, obviously."

Jax considers Ororo thoughtfully, nodding after a moment at her suggestion. "-- Might be real useful," he agrees. "An' yeah, they're -- well. I don't know if they even live here. 'least I ain't never met them neither." One shoulder hitches up briefly. "Anyway this is way the more boring of the places you'll be spending lots of time in. The hangar's got all the exciting toys an' the Danger Room's got -- uh. All the..." His brow creases. "Danger."

"The Danger Room," Danielle breathes out fondly, clucking her tongue, "How could I forget. Are we officially cleared for use? Screw napping in here." Leaning back more, she crosses her legs at the ankles, "Program a hammock, a quiet beach scene, and pass out in there. Call is Sleep Training."

"That...I'm not sure about. You'd have to ask the Professor. If you're not already, it won't be long though." Ororo seems to chuckle at the excitement for Danger Room. "I assure you after your first session, you will be singing a /very/ different tune." As Dani describes her ideal use for the Danger Room, Ororo seems to fade a bit, as if being drawn into the illusion. "That...well, I won't say no. Let me know if that works for you. I really could use a beach vacation."

"Danger Room, right." Matt rubs his smooth chin with the side of an index finger. "So, about that. Jax knows, but, the thing is..." He looks down, embarrassed. "I really don't know how to fight. Without powers. My brother has started to teach me. Especially with the outbreak, but..." He shrugs. "As far as hand-to-hand goes, I'm starting from zero."

"I'm not gonna say how many times I've used the Danger Room as a quiet getaway spot. It's good for meditating." Jax doesn't sound abashed at this at all, really. "Or for --" His expression goes briefly distant before he shakes his head, sliding down out of his seat. "You wouldn't be the first," he adds to Matt. "Ain't nobody gonna send you out to /fight/ without -- anyway half the time I'm out in the field fighting ain't got nothin' to do with it. C'mon. We should show you the rest'a -- everything."

"I'm no UFC fighter, but I'd be happy to show you a few moves if you wanted," Dani offers pleasantly to Matt. As the tour threatens to continue, she shifts casually back to her feet in order to follow. "Are you going to take us out on the jet?" She jokes, bouncing somewhat and rubbing both hands together in preparation.

"You are far from the first person who joined us without any fighting experience. We will train you and there are many roles to take that don't involve being on the front line. Goodness knows I did my fair share before I learned to fight," Ororo says. As Dani brings up the X-Jet, Ororo raises a brow, looking to Jax, apparently as curious as them as to whether or not the tour continues in that direction. "Well, don't let me keep you. I've some work to finish up in here. And Jackson...make sure you swing them by the lounge for some of that chocolate, mm?"

Matt goes to Jax and presses a hand gently to his arm. " I'm not worried that..." He shakes his head. "I know. Just, I do want to learn how to fight. If just so I /can/. If it ever comes to that." But he perks up at Dani's suggestion. "Oh boy! Bet it's a smoother ride than Sugar, at least! Lead on, then." He grins at Ororo, waves. "I've already helped myself to cupcakes, but I'll happily steal another. Thanks for the official welcome, and see you Monday, if not before."