From X-Men: rEvolution
Dramatis Personae

Aerin, Shane




<XS> Forest

Quiet and shady, the trees rise all around here high and thick. In stillness, woodland creatures make appearances, though sudden noises scare them back into the cover. Dappled sunlight filters down between the thick foliage, and the ground underfoot is heavily overgrown, though here and there paths have been worn, by deer or years of students wandering familiar trails.

It's been a grey-wet week and it's ending in a grey-wet day, rainy and darker than the afternoon has much right to be, after classes have ended at Xavier's. Rain patters down through the leaves and turns the ground beneath the canopy squishy and sodden. At the moment there is a figure moving through the trees, tiny and blue and not /very/ dressed -- Shane is in just a pair of cargo shorts, soaked through and sticking to him; no shirt, no shoes. There's a wealth of smells clinging to him through the rainwater, wet rabbit-pelt and grass and sweat and sex and the faint smell of Old Spice and the much heavier scent of cigarette smoke. Blood, too; that's easier to see, still faintly red against his neck where two small puncture wounds have been poked into the side of his throat. He still has one haunch of rabbit held in his hand, raw and bloody where he's tearing off a mouthful of meat from the leg, making his slow way back in the general direction of the mansion though he seems in no hurry.

It seemed like a good time to let loose to the she-wolf. With the weather most seemed to prefer the inside instead of the outside. However some burdens come with being a mutant, and it's struck her mutancy rather strongly today. Laying between Shane and the mansion is Aerin. Her white dress muddy, blood stained with a half-gnawed deceased crow nearby. Claws dig into a tree she tries to use to pull herself up with. Her back to Shane, a low intense growing emits from the girl. Throwing her head back, she howls, though it slowly winds and alters, becoming a scream. Cracking of bone and flesh can be heard audibly just before a large pair of black bird wings jut out from her back, ripping through the dress, blood pouring down from wounds that were intially made through the exit point. The growling becomes stronger and more intense, as clawed points form at 3 points over each wing.

Shane halts a few yards from Aerin, tearing again at his rabbit haunch with a lazy rip of teeth. His tongue swipes over his lips as he chews, the gills along his neck and sides slowly rippling open and closed beneath the water streaming down over his skin. Slowly the hairless ridge of his brow lifts, head dipping to press elbow to ear, cover his opposite ear with his hand, as Aerin howls and screams. His enormous black eyes grow a little wider, and his tongue sucks in against his teeth. "What," he finally says, nose twitching, "the fuck, that happen to you often?"

Aerin grows about a foot in height, her claws extending further and curling into the tree. Hair slowly begins to grow out from her forearms and at the words her head snaps to Shane, eyes out of focus. Her teeth are growing longer, sharper, and she's drooling a fair amount. "M..Mutation!" she snarls. "If ah' cannae' control it, ah'll transform intae' a beast...." She sniffs, then snarls. "Yae' smell lik' masturbation n' old man. What th' 'ell 'ave yae' been doin'?" She stands up using the tree, her feet becoming rather hairy as well. "Wha' happened tae' mah? What changed?..."

"Maybe you'd better control it, then." Shane's voice is dry; he taps the rabbit-leg against his mouth, claws extending a little longer. "You want I should call a teacher? Got my panic button /right/ here if you're, uh, getting all feral." His lips pull back at Aerin's snarl, a baring of teeth that is not quite a smile. "Jerking off with old men, /obviously/. The fuck does it smell like I've been doing?" His eyes flick over Aerin again, and he backs off a step. "What /happened/? You'd think giant-ass new limbs is the kind of thing you'd /notice/, dude."

Aerin rips her clawed-hand out of the tree, and leans back against it. Her wings wrap around herself, covering her from the front for the most part. "Ah faek..ah've got faek'n wings again." She slides down the tree, her wings falling back behind her, moving firmly against the tree. "Ah' have tae' calm down...keep calm..think about Irish Rainbows..Irish Rainbows...Irish rainbows.." The hair on her arms and feet very slowly receeds, her teeth while still sharp and pointy receed back to normal. Resting her head back against the tree, she peers over at Shane. "Are yae' really doin' it with some dirty ol' man? Ah' dun' care about th' sex and th' sweat n' all that, ah' grew up wi' boys..used tae' those smells.. But that's lik'...musty, and someone used some kind o' man perfume tha' went bad, and bottled it away in someone's basement. What in th' 'ell /IS/ that?"

"Wings are pretty hot." Shane's lips twitch up in a small /actual/ smile here, though it's quick to fade. "Are Irish rainbows different than any other kind?" Against his sides his gills ripple again, and he snorts with a shake of his head. "Jesus, you have a fucking way with people, don't you? How about you worry less about who I'm fucking and more about whatever the hell is going on with you."

Aerin smiles a little "Didn' yae' know? Everything Irish is better..It's cause o' th' lil' bit o' th' isles we pour intae' everything. Oh, and ah' dun' care where yae' puttin' it, it ain' mae' sae' tha' dun' bother mae' none. It's jus' tha' scent isn' one ah'm accustom tae'. Ah've never smelled tha' one.." She looks at the wings, from one to another. "It helps tae' have a distraction. It's rather painful..sometimes it happens when ah' eat somethin' tha's still alive. Or a'least bite intae' it. It's why ah' prefer tae' hunt with bow n' arrow. Usually these things go away in a couple o' days." She looks up at you "Though if ah' change..yae' know it if it happens, yae' run. Mmm'kay?"

"I don't fucking know. Body wash? Cigarettes? All the above? Dusk usually just smells like -- Dusk." Shane shrugs a shoulder, taking another hungry mouthful of rabbit-flesh before licking blood off his thumb. "Doesn't that just make you want to be careful about what you eat? I mean, if you don't /want/ the changes. S'pretty cool changes, though, wings are badass. But if you know it happens and you /don't/ want it can't you just, uh. I dunno. Eat something else?" Her final warning just earns a thin press of lips. "Is that a danger? You sure you don't need me to call a teacher?"

Aerin shakes her head "Nae'..not a danger right now. Yae'd know if ah' changed. Ah'm a girl..but ah'm also a wolf, and ah' run a lot on instinct. It feels more natural t'chase down prey. When ah' resist it feels lik'..ah'm goin' against th' way things should be. And..nae' it dosn' smell like dusk, or dawn, or anything like that. Oh, jus' nevermind it. It's nae' lik' it's that important." She gets back to her feet slowly, spreading her wings, and folding them behind her afterwards. "Ah' hate lookin' in th' mirror and seein' less o' less o' th' girl ah' know each day. It bothers mae'. When ah' was a beast, there was nae' girl left anymore. Ah' was nae' Aerin. Ah' was a monster." She huffs a bit looking down at herself. "And ah' guess this dress is done for. Ah'll have tae' have another one shipped in tae' replace it..ah' haven' been outside since ah' started attendin' 'ere. Doesn' sound very safe for one."

"Dusk is a /person/," Shane clarifies, laughing. "Fuckoff huge wings. Taste for blood. You'll know him if you see him. S'out in these woods." He waves his mostly-bone-now rabbit leg off towards the woods behind him. "Kinda sound like you haven't really made up your mind which you want to be. I mean," he weighs his hands up and down, one tipping higher than the other, "it feels natural to be the wolf and wrong to fight it," his other hand tips up higher, now, "or you hate being the wolf and not the girl. If you're both maybe you should -- get used to being both? I kinda like monsters."

Aerin blinks "A person..he's a batguy? Well, ah' haven' seen 'im yet...'magine he'd stick out a bit.". She frowns softly "Sometines ah' yearn faer it..especially at th' full moon. But if ah' loose control again..ah' could kill people. In th' city, ah' could kill a lot of people. Ah' think ah'm more of a monster than yae' mi' be thinkin'...It's tough tae' fight it sometimes. Ah' haven' transformed since bein' 'ere. It's like mae' body just itches faer it.'

"I think you have no idea what kind of monsters I might be thinking of," Shane answers Aerin with a small snort. "But not being comfortable in your own skin sounds like a pretty shitty place to be." He rips the last shred of meat off the rabbit bone, shaking his head as he starts walking back towards the mansion again, toes squishing into the wet ground. "If you do see him out here, you probably don't want to get monstery at him. He's skittish."

Aerin nods "Well..ah' dun' need another set o' wings, sae'..we'll jus' keep th' monsterin' out o' th' way faer now..."

Shane's lips press together thinly once more, at this answer. He huffs out a quiet breath that may be laughter or may just be sharp. Head shaking very slightly, he just swings his rabbit-bones at his side as he heads back in.