Logs:To Arms

From X-Men: rEvolution
To Arms
Dramatis Personae

B, DJ, Lily


"I don't know maybe it'd help with things like -- throwing snowballs? Or -- Petting goats?"


<NYC> Safehouse - Riverdale

It's snug and cozy here in the wake of the frozen battlezone outside, the cheerful and exhausted remnants of the snowball fight scattered through the safehouse enjoying their cocoa and snacks in the comfortably if eclectically home. DJ is curled up on the floor next to one of the mismatched armchairs in a sitting room, Ophelia (both her pool noodles securely returned to her horns) settled sleepily at his side after her rampage of destruction. His cocoa is half-finished and he's taking his time with the rest of it, eyes straying at intervals to the room's many windows. "-- very sweet but definitely a handful," he's telling Lily with a soft laugh. "They're pretty social, I -- think she'd be happier if I got her some goat friends but in the meantime she's always glad when people are around to dote on her."

On Ophelia’s other side, Lily is pulling one hand out of the goat’s fur, the other clutching her nearly-empty mug close to her chest. She’s sitting crosslegged on the floor, her drying coat thrown over the back of the arm chair. “Well, I adore her already,” she declares, her smile easy and bright. “There have to be some more goats around the city. You can start a homeschool group. For goats.” Tilts her head. "Are goats allowed in New York? As pets?"

B is cocoa-less, webbed hands clutching at her phone, her eyes very large as she quietly approaches the Allreds. "Um," she ventures, very soft at first before she clears her throat and tries again: "Um, sorry. I don't mean to interrupt, I just -- can I? I can be quick." Kind of apologetically after this: "-- also they're not. But probably if your neighbors like you enough they won't report it."

"We actually -- used to live somewhere else, I don't actually know if --" DJ's brow is furrowing as he considers Ophelia, but it eases into a small, polite smile as B approaches; he's only a little tenser than before in his straighter posture, tighter grip on his cocoa. "Of course, yeah. I don't really have neighbors yet. I was -- kind of out this way to see about that."

Lily twists her head towards B, straightening her back slightly. There's a brief look of resentment before her eyes light up with recognition. She quickly nods her head, free hand gesturing to the seating options (floor, chair, goat). “You must be Shane’s twin.” She lets out a disappointed hum at the goat news. "Boo. They should allow goats."

"It's not always this hectic around here." B slips her phone into a pocket of her skirt, smoothing down at its pleats afterward. She flashes a smile to Lily -- small but warm, her head dipping. "Yeah! That's me. Um -- I don't know if this is awkward but I -- your -- um. Dawson, he was also -- I did a lot of work helping build him an arm. That works. Your -- his neurology was a little -- it took some doing to figure out how to work with. But it's work that's been done before. If you -- get interested. In looking into --" Her hand waves towards the empty sleeve at DJ's side.

"Do people around here mind goats?" DJ sounds somewhat uncertan, his hand falling to rub between Ophelia's horns. He does stiffen noticeably at B's hesitant offer. At first his eyes dart to Lily -- then down to his cup, which he takes a long swallow from. "I. Hadn't really thought about it. Build an arm?" His next glance to Lily is a little lost as though -- maybe she has some better comprehension of this.

Lily’s gaze flits from B to DJ’s sleeve, catching DJ’s look and responding with a quizzical furrow of her brows. “Build a — oh!” Her focus whips back to B. “The painted ones, that’s your work?” She sounds suitably impressed. “I haven’t seen them in action, but they looked pretty impressive.” Her free hand wraps around the mug before she looks back to DJ, biting her lower lip. "Um. Do you want a new arm?"

"Yeah!" B's smile returns at Lily's identification. "Yeah -- I mean, I didn't color them but I designed the prostheses. Helped design them. I still have all the work we did and -- I don't know maybe it'd help with things like -- throwing snowballs? Or --" She gestures towards Ophelia uncertainly. "Petting goats?" Her hands wring together and she ducks her head again. "Sorry right like. I don't want to interrupt more but I'm -- sure Luci can give you my number if you like. Want to look into it." She lifts her hand, fingers curling in a small wave to the not-quite-twins before she ducks back away.

"Oh -- oh, like a -- right." DJ's nod is slow, and heavy. He keeps rubbing at Ophelia's head, eyes returning to the window as B speaks. "I hadn't... thank you," he manages, carefully neutral. He picks his mug back up and drains the rest of his cocoa as she walks away, setting the mug down after with a clunk and squeezing one of the pool noodles. "... Ophelia probably could do with more pettings."

Lily lifts her mug in a small salute as B leaves, taking a moment to completely empty it. Lily watches DJ’s face, slowly nodding in agreement. “She seems like at least two handfuls to manage. Maybe more.” She bites her lip again before adding, hesitantly- “I think. Hive has. His arms still. I think I have pictures. If you want a preview. Before deciding.”

"Oh." This time it's softer. There's a small twitch that sets DJ's empty sleeve to swaying, just before he nods. "Probably good to look over. Yeah. If it's not too much --" He shakes his head. Looks back to Lily with a blink, and then a small smile. He picks his mug back up, nods to hers. "Want a refill?"

“Yes, please.” Lily’s own smile is returning, small but pleased. She lifts up her mug to her not-quite-brother with one hand, the other already digging her phone out of her pocket. It’s quick work to scroll back to October, the row of brightly painted arms easy to pick out among food pictures and map screenshots. “I can give you Hive’s number, if you don’t have it already.”

DJ hesitates just a moment as Lily digs out her phone, but then nods. "I guess if I'm going to stick around I should act like it, right? Actually -- get to know people." DJ curls his fingers through the handles of both mugs, scooping them up as he gets to his feet. "Guess I gotta start somewhere." He hefts the mug with a small smile, just before blipping away towards the kitchen.