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A Boring Life
Dramatis Personae

Rasa, Sebastian


(Part of Infected TP.)


<XS> Library

Xavier's librarian might hope the library is a quiet place to sit and study, but with a school full of teenagers that is not always the case. Nevertheless, it is certainly a treasure trove of knowledge, well-stocked with a wealth of books on its high shelves. Its reference section is vast, though its fiction is as well (much to the delight of many of its students.) The wide octagonal tables and smaller armchairs are often crowded with students, though the whispered conversations that often take place leave some doubt as to how much work is getting done at any given hour.

It's not yet late, just past the dinner hour. Most weekdays this time finds Sebastian out of school, down in the city at Stark until work ends for the night. Today, though, he is here. In the library, a wealth of textbooks and notebooks arrayed around him and his laptop in front of him. He's comfortably dressed, a long grey skirt made out of some soft sweatshirt-like material, a dark green tank top under his black HERBIVORE sweatshirt. It's not unusual to find him in the library, one of his favourite school haunts. Today he's not really studying, though; he's kind of /faceplanted/ drowsily into his keyboard, gills slowly flapping open and closed and one hand tucked beneath his head.

Rasa wanders in after dinner with a book in hir hands, turning to deposit the book in the book drop before heading further into the library. Ze is dressed in purple yoga pants, with several layered tanks on underneath a blue Xavier's hooded sweatshirt. Hir skin is a mellow flesh tone today, lighter than the usual olive tone ze normally boasts, when ze is a human shade anyway, with hair in messy waves of hazel. Ze tilts hir head when ze sees hir roommate where ze doesn't really expect him to be and wanders over, pulling out a chair and settling down next to him. "You pulling an all nighter or something?" This is accompanied by a small touch to his elbow.

"Nnngh." Sebastian turns his head, burying his face in the crook of his elbow. The first words he mumbles are unintelligible, half because his words are still groggily sleep-slurred, his voice a little scratchy-hoarse, and half because they are not in English. He cracks an eye open to peer up at Rasa and then immediately closes it again, shoulders tightening in a small wince. "When did the library get here." He pushes himself more upright, rubbing his knuckles against his eyes; there's a paler tinge to his blue skin than usual. He squints at his computer, and then over at the window. "-- Not intentionally. I think I -- just really --" He frowns down at his work. "-- Suck at Spanish. Did you have dinner already?"

"Yeah, it's a little after dinner, but if you want, I can go get you something?" Rasa leans against the tabletop, looking to get a better, or more line of vision as Sebastian. "You kind of look like crap. You want me to carry you back to the dorms? Maybe you should sleep some before you attempt Spanish." Hir lips purse as ze moves hir hand up to rub his shoulder lightly.

"Oh -- wow no sorry you don't need to carry --" Sebastian winces, rubbing a hand against the kind of flaky-dry skin of his throat. "Just need some -- water maybe." He lowers his head to rest in one hand, scrunching his eyes shut again. "Sorry, I -- had a weird -- night last night and I -- kind of fell behind on the homework a little." He tugs the sleeve of his sweatshirt down over his hand before lifting it to squeeze against Rasa's.

"Was it work or home? I know you guys got a lot of people at your place now, was it weirdness with them?" Rasa squeezes Sebastian's hand back and glances over toward the door for a moment. "We can wander to the bathroom and throw you in a hot shower if that'd help." Ze frowns a little. "You're getting a little flakey. I'm not saying that you can't do it yourself, it's just... well, I care and carrying people is kind of fun."

"It was --" For a moment Sebastian hesitates, brow furrowing. "Weirdness with them, I guess, I -- there was a guy." His other hand rubs slowly at the gills at the side of his neck -- the skin there looks faintly raw, newly-healed perhaps. "Um -- a guy missing. Shane and I went to -- play bloodhound," he admits this with a faint blush. And then a look of puzzlement. "Hot shower?"

"Cold shower? You said you needed water. I guess, I was figuring externally..." Rasa leans an arm on the table and curls hir cheek into hir hand. "Oh, you're good enough with your nose that you can do that? That's pretty neat. I didn't get any of that when I borrowed your form." Ze runs hir fingers through hir hair, itching after watching Sebastian itch himself so much.

"Oh -- oh, water. Right. I -- you're right." Sebastian shakes his head slightly, head drooping down afterwards into his hand again. His other hand doesn't let go of Rasa's, still squeezing gently through the sweatshirt. "Yeah. Maybe -- emphasis on the blood. It's -- pretty easy to track injured prey. Um. I mean." His blush deepens again. "I mean people. When they --" His eyes scrunch shut again. "-- Sorry. Sorry, I have a really wicked bad headache. Maybe that shower would be nice." He opens his eyes again to peer at Rasa. "How much of people do you get?"

"Oh, Mentally? Mostly only what they are currently thinking. Physically, I could be a really really good match - though I haven't really... ever gotten it tested, you know, with fingerprints or cells and all that." Rasa slides out of hir chair and moves in closer to Sebastian, wrapping an arm around his back and looking to get under his arm, height shifting to make the motion more comfortable. "I do know that when I copy Mr. Wagner, I don't get sick when he teleports us, but I certainly can't teleport anything. Come on, let's get you upstairs and damp and see if that helps at all."

"Physically," Sebastian affirms. He loops his arm around Rasa's shoulders -- there's an actual warmth to his skin, rather unusual with the twins' normal body temperature clocking in /significantly/ under human average. "How come --" he starts to ask, but then blushes and just squeezes Rasa's shoulders. "Water is good. The lake is getting cold." This sounds a little unhappy. "All my books --" He frowns at the cluttered table for a moment but in the end leaves them. Closes his laptop and at least pushes the books all neatly /together/. "Hot showers might be one of the best things ever on earth. My house has -- so many people right now if I'm in for more than two minutes I might start a riot."

"I am sure Ms. Winthrop will take care of your stuff. She's pretty nice and almost always somewhere around here. Plus, it's not like we have random thieves. If someone does take it, Professor Xavier will figure out who pretty quickly and it'll be returned." Rasa tightens hir grip a little more, careful to avoid the gills on his side. "You know, you can ask me any questions you like, Bastian. I don't mind them coming from you." Ze turns and starts helping him toward the door. "Hot showers are amazing. You can have one right now and it could possibly be heavenly for you. Then, you should probably sleep."

"But I still -- have homework," Sebastian answers the question of sleep with a puzzled look. "What would I do tomorrow? I can -- shower. And then homework." He walks along towards the door, pressing his palm against an eye. "I should see if Dr. McCoy has some. Head. Head thing --" His nose wrinkles before he admits, "-- wow I'm kind of a wimp. My pa has headaches pretty much constantly and I complain a hundred times as much. Um." He nudges the door open with a toe when they get to it. "I just -- kind f wondered why you --" His teeth drag against his lip slowly. "Like you keep Professor Wagner's tail a lot. But why would you -- do that. If you could just look normal."

"Well, it's not an entirely accurate notion," Rasa begins, reaching out to push the door open a little further too. "For one, I don't seem to stay anything for very long. I keep Professor Wagner's tail as an exercise in concentration to work on keeping things longer. Even if I try to hang on to something 'normal,' I end up blossoming in words that don't last or colors that catch people's attention pretty well." Ze heads toward the elevator instead of the stairs for once, pressing the down button instead of the up. "Maybe, some day, I'll be able to keep up appearances as a nonmutant, but... well, someone once called what happens on my skin my 'art' and... I guess I don't really want to give that up."

"I mean -- it doesn't have to be all or nothing, just -- I can't imagine if -- if you could have a normal --" Sebastian trails off, leaning a little more heavily against Rasa as they wait for the elevator. "... it is kind of gorgeous though." This is softer, his eyes shifting to flick over Rasa and then returning to the elevator. "I just kind of wish life was boring for a little while."

"No, I get it. It's pretty damn scary out there sometimes, looking like us. And even here, where we really don't need to worry about getting hurt, people still stare." When the door opens, Rasa leads Sebastian in and presses the button for the basement 1 level, heading toward the med lab. "You know, it's okay to stay here and try and have a few boring days for a while. I'm pretty sure your boss will let you focus on classes for a while, as he most likely wants you to get a good education and Spanish, well, it's a pretty prevalent language in the world. And your house is pretty crowded, so it might be just nice to stay out of the city for a while." Hir hand rubs at his back gently. "Take a break for once."

"People stare a lot. For a while I couldn't leave my books places cuz people would --" Sebastian frowns again, closing his eyes once they're in the elevator heading down. "I hadn't actually planned to go back into the city already. I just -- there was a -- someone might have died." He shifts uncomfortably at this, frowning at the ground. "But I guess we stopped it. I don't know I'm not -- oh." His eyes abruptly open wide. "I forgot my English essay, too." He seems like he might kind of panic at this. His gills flutter rapidly.

"I think you can get Doctor McCoy to write you a note to excuse you from English for the day or the rest of the week. You're pretty warm. You could have a fever too." Rasa waits until the door opens, turning to press a quick kiss to his temple. "It's good you helped that person not die. It's really good. Now you can take a break. You're sixteen, Sebastian. A bit of a break is okay. Take a page from Shane's book."

"I don't usually get sick." Sebastian sounds puzzled at this. He relaxes again at the kiss, though, a small smile flitting across his face; in the brief contact there's not much to be read, his thoughts kind of foggy-muddly, a slightly dizzy-disoriented haze clouding them. "I --" But he doesn't really have any argument to bring, here. He squeezes his arm tighter around Rasa, for a moment. "-- Keep trying to be my pa maybe. But I don't get solar-powered." His nose crinkles. "Maybe I should. Lie down."

Rasa nods a couple times and hefts him a little higher on hir shoulders as the doors open and starts moving hir roommate toward the med lab. "Yeah, you should lay down. We'll do that soon. But first, we have to get to the beds and get you some headache medicine and some water." Ze keeps narrating as ze helps him move, trying to keep the mood light. Ze promises to get good notes for all of his classes for him and all his assignments in an orderly fashion, just as long as he focuses on relaxing and resting for a good while.

"Water." Sebastian just answers this with a small smile. He's content to be steered around. Gotten medicine. Water. And /rest/. Once he does hit bed he is out like a light. So much for Spanish homework.