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A Kurt Visit
Dramatis Personae

Megan, Hank, Kris, Sophie, Kurt Wagner 1.0


Lake goers are visited by a fiery elf


<XS> Lake

Bright, bright, bright; the lake glitters wide and expansive here, stretching off into the distance. Sunlight, moonlight, starlight, it catches them all. Lapping at the rocky shore, its deep waters are frigid in winter and cool even in summer. A stone pier stretches out a ways into the water, wide and smooth, though often icy in winter.

The water teems with life nevertheless, home to myriad species of fish that provide for ample fishing or just lazy watching on a slow summer day, for those who want to take a boat from the boathouse out to the center of the lake, or perhaps lounge on the pier and try their luck.

The weather is going crazy. It's warm, when it's sunny, but the sun seems to be playing tag with the rain, because all day it's been raining on and off between patches of warm weather. The humidity is up, making it somewhat miserable. Currently it's raining, and Megan--dressed in a slouchey yellow tanktop over a pink bandeau bra, and a pair of black tights--is seated at the edge of the docks, dangling her bare feet over the water, staring at the drops as water meets water.

All of the staff have been on high alert for teen-angst following the big rescue, and Dr. McCoy is no exception. He's dressed in khakis, and a white button up shirt, but is barefoot of course. His huge clawed feet make squelching noises as the wet grass squeezes mud up between his toes while he walks. He steps onto the dock but stops there. He speaks up a little to be heard over the patter of rain on lake, "Got room for one more out there?" He's also got an umbrella up, keeping him mostly dry, but bly can be seen through where his shirt has gotten wet.

Dr. McCoy smiles, a cheery gesture, even if it is full of big, sharp teeth, and settles himself down onto the dock next to Megan. Being somewhat taller than the pixie girl, Hank's feet dangle far enough, and he doesn't seem to mind letting them get wet up to the ankles. The mud swirls off of them in little eddies. "Well, thank you for asking, Ms. Gwynn, I'm well. It's been a long night, and day, as you know, of course. I'm just glad we got everyone home safely. Now we can begin the healing process. But how are /you/ doing, Megan?" Switching to the first name basis is a rare moment of familiarity for Dr. McCoy, and may be noticed by long time students.

Kris is out in the rain in her usual wet-weather gear. Which is to say a greenish-colored bikini of some sort, as well as red 'boy's swimming trunks on over that. With hands in pockets, she's even WHISTLING as she pads through the water barefoot,"Sophie, you are going to kill at the dance. Stag-hags forever." One can almost /hear/ the 'lol' in her voice. Seeing Megan dangling off the docks, she eventually wanders over to the Doctor and Megan both, beckoning Sophie over with her, and offers,"Anyone who doesn't want to get a splash might want to turn their head. I'm gonna hop in the water in a moment." Pause. "Doctor McCoy. Megan. You get a chance to see Peter? He looks like he's doing.... I dunno... better than I expected."

Megan sighs a little and shrugs. "I'm alr--" she stops as Kris interjects, then turns to offer her friend a smile. "Hey, Kris. No, I haven't seen him. I'm glad to hear he's doing well, though, although I don't know him."

Sophie, on the other hand, in keeping with the weather is dressed in... jeans. That she even /owns/ jeans is probably surprising enough, but to be wearing them? Practically a scandal. She's also changed into a pair of boots, has an olive green hoodie pulled on, with the hood down, and if it wasn't for the fact that the only umbrella she owns is a rainbow spiral, she'd be absolutely drab. "Eh?" Is all she has to offer Kris, for a moment, until she catches up to meet the other girl at the bridge. "Kris, maybe not with the jumping?" She's already edging away from the end of the pier, standing about ten feet or so behind Megan and Hank. "Hey, Meg. Dr. McCoy," is her greeting for that pair.

Hank looks interested in what Megan has to say, and its teenager invasion! He laughs and looks around. "Well! It's good to see you all out and about." He frowns slightly at the rain picks up, the sky dropping fat, cool drops of water on everyone. Hank is sitting next to Megan, sharing his umbrella with her, towards the end of the dock. One of them has legs long enough to let his or her feet dangle in the water. Mysteries! Standing behind them is Sophie, with her own umbrella, and Kris is getting ready to do a dock dive in her swimsuit.

However, Hank is quickly realizing he is far too big to share an umbrella with anyone, really. His right arm is soaked from trying to cover Megan, and that white shirt shows his blue fur underneath. He's making to stand up, and says, "Kris, why not come share your umbrella with Megan here? She melts if she gets wet, you know." He winks, and hauls his bulk nimbly out of the way.

Kris reaches out to poke Sophie in the tummy at this point, and informs her,"Okay, I'll just slide in. BUT, you gotta share your umbrella with Megan as a trade off." She edges up to the edge of the dock and slides into the water smoothly, rather than splashing about everywhere, and looks up from that point, treading water,"Doctor McCoy, nice suit." Nodnodnod. "I'm sure he'll appreciate it Megan. You should meet him. He's a... nice boy."

Thunder cracks!

Wait, no, that isn't thunder. That was a BAMF! echoing out over the lake. Kurt Wagner appears a few feet above the water...seemingly somewhat on fire. Angry German rings out over the landscape as he pulls himself into a loosely curled ball and cannons into the water below him. "Verdammt mist!"

Megan reaches up to just /barely/ touch Hank on the arm, before he vacates the position. "It's okay," she says, putting her hands back down in her lap, crossing her legs at the ankles. "I have been out here for almost an hour now without an umbrella; I don't think there's much point to an umbrella, now." She shrugs a little, then reaches up to push wet hair out of her face.

Sophie strolls down to the end of the pier, now that splashing is less of a risk, and, as requested, shares her umbrella with Megan. Crouching down behind the other girl, where there's a bit more room, she holds the umbrella over the two of them. "Well, no more getting hit with raindrops, at least. I dunno about you but sometimes that bugs me aft-- did you just say you've been sitting out here for an hour?" But there's no time for that now! Since abruptly there comes bamfs and angry German and she remarks, "What the hell?" Sophie has apparently developed a bit of a potty mouth, today, though after her earlier transgression she adds, "--Sorry, Dr. McCoy." And stands back up again, to try to get a view of wherever Nightcrawler ended up. "Uh, Mr. Wagner!? Are you okay?"

Dr. McCoy waves a huge hand at Sophie and Megan, "Well alright, Sophie, if Megan wants to sit in the rain, that's her choice." He smiles and shrugs and then twinges slightly at the loud noise, but not much. He's pretty used to Kurt's noises after all. What really gets his attention is the after of /flames/, and the language that followed Kurt into the water, burning his ears. Thank god these kids don't speak German! Umbrella forgotten on the flooring, Hank sprints to the end of the dock and leaps up to perch on the concrete pylon at the end there. He's searching the water, trying to determine if he has to jump in after his friend. Dire times indeed, if Hank is considering /swimming/. His shirt's already a lost cause though. Contest winner!

Huh. She's nearly startled right out of her bathing suit when the 'thunder' cracks. And then again when she sees Kurt plummeting into the water below. Kris isn't used to people just dropping out of the sky. Yet (especially since Megan doesn't make a habit of falling),"I'll go check on him." She turns and goes swimming, arm over arm to go check on the fuzz-ster,"Mutant swimming power... go!" This is of debatable value since she doesn't have mutant swimming powers.

Luckily, Nightcrawler is apparently a self-rescuing damsel. Kris might see the underwater bamf go off, or hear the muffled slorping influx of water moving in to fill a sudden vacuum. Kurt himself reappears on the shore next to the pier, behind the group, and a great slough of lake water--as well as one or two unfortunate fish--splooshes out around his feet. "UGH." He holds both hands up, soaked and dripping, his expression one of extreme displeasure. "I am WET." Also the left arm of his shirt--ruined, now, along with the slacks and the vest--shows sign of scorching. Without any sense of self-respect or even the argument that he isn't an animal, Kurt pitches forward to crouch on his hands and feet and /shake/ like a /dog/. This would be much more effective if it was not also /raining/.

Megan turns to look over her shoulder as Kurt appears, and her eyes widen a little. "Are you okay, Mister Wagner?" she asks, concern tinging her voice. She pulls her feet up under herself, then rises to her full height. "Maybe we should all go inside and I'll bring cupcakes. This seems like ... a very unfortunate evening."

Sophie whirls around at the sound of that second bamf, and for a moment she's just /staring/ at the bedraggled teacher, just too stunned, really, for much of a reaction. When she notices the /burned clothes/, though, that's when she does go so far as to take a step or two in that direction, before stopping herself again. Opening and closing her mouth for a moment, finally she manages to sort of stammer, "D-- Did you have an accident in the kitchen or something?" It's really the only thing she can think of. Megan's suggestion gets a slow, but enthusiastic nod. "That.. sounds like a good idea. I think."

Hank watches closely as Kris strokes out into the lake, and then follows the Kurt-noises, and turns back to face the shore. Hank leaps across the pylons, using all four legs to perch on each post before finally leaping to the ground and skidding to halt right next to Kurt. "Good lord, Kurt! Are you injured? What happened?" He nods to the girls on the dock and raises his voice for Kris' sake. "Yes, I think we probably should all go inside for a bit."

Kris turns and goes swimming back to the dock when the balloon of brimstone occurs under the water. She's actually looking a little tired when she approaches the pier and pulls herself on it. More panting follows as she sits on,"I exercise every day... But I think living here is making me soft. Swear that swim would've never tired me out even a little once upon a time." She makes a face, and then concedes,"If you think that's best."

"I am fine." Kurt says, his voice tinged with exasperation as he finishes shaking off ineffectively and draws himself back up to squat. "Oh, but my /shirt/ isn't, look at this, it is /ruined/." This sounds like real, true dismay from the elf. Giving a sigh, he brushes his hands down his front ineffectively. "Here is a word of advice, if it is raining and you only have two very large clumsy fingers, it is probably not time to decide you know how to fix the propane grill."

Megan's eyes widen a little more. "Oh, geeze, that sounds awful. I'm glad you're not hurt," she expresses, stepping towards Kurt as if to inspect him for serious injuries. Because of course no one else here could possibly be a trained doctor, right?

Megan moving forward is enough of a break in Sophie's miniature catatonia for the girl to blink, shake her head a bit to clear it, and get knocked back into reality. Right. "It-- Kind of sounds like it raining was a better time than not? Since-- y'know. Water." She frowns a little. "Though I guess you-- would have come to the lake anyway. Since you did. Never mind." Very poor attempt at a joke, there, and so she turns back to the end of the pier to offer Kris a hand up, if needed. "C'mon, lady, too much excitement for one day." And once again, back to the group forming near the base of the pier, umbrella sort of.. kept to herself, now that she's the only one who isn't soaked through.

"Well no, you aren't fine, Mr. Wagner," Hank admonishes. "I'm afraid you'll have to come inside and let me take a look at that burn. And girls, anyone who'd like a lesson in burn care first aid is welcome to come along." Hank looks much more annoyed at having been worried half to death for those tense moments than any real damage done to his colleague, as he slogs through the mud and rain towards the porch. It's been a stressful 48 hours!

Kris actually takes the hand and groooans as she is helped onto the pier,"I'm sure we can get some of that out... Maybe it's only carbon staining? If so, I be it'll wash with the right combination. Trick is usually not to scrub it. Just rubs it in." As for fixing the propane tank,"I have many fingers and I still don't want to fix anything in the rain... Though I guess it's less likely to catch fire when it's raining." She tromps through the mud, happy as a pig in a wallow. Probably because she's got a fluffy towel waiting for her,"Sophie, you're the dry one. Would you mind running and grabbing everyone some towels... Well... not running. You know." She does pipe up,"Back in the jungles, we always had to get burns wrapped and layered in some oily jelly stuff or clean mud. If you didn't, there was this kind of fungus that tended to- Wait, that's gross. Never mind."

"I..." Kurt starts to protest Hank's assessment, looking down at his arm. "...all right. I do not think I actually got burned, myself, but I suppose I should let you check." His tail lashes back and forth unhappily, before he stands a little straighter and starts to trot after the group retreating inside. "I really don't know if the rain would have made it any safer, but clearly I forgot to do /something/ right. I think I shall leave it to a qualified repairman. I don't even know what I was thinking."

"... I'll go get cupcakes," Megan promises, then before anyone can protest, the teen zips up into the air and away. Cupcakes will be left in the med lab long before anyone else gets there, with no sign of Megan.

On her way back into the school, Sophie drops her umbrella off to dry in an umbrella stand near the entrance - it's a classy school, it's safe to assume there's probably one there - and she runs-- well, rushes, off ahead of the group to hunt down some towels for her wet group members. By the time she makes it back to the med lab, she's gathered a mountain of no fewer than eight large bath towels, the large number to account for the fact that half of the people who are soaked are also tremendously fuzzy and/or furry.

With drying supplies gathered, students and faculty members assembled, thus can begin a truly educational experience in the true meaning of first aid. ~The End~