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Accidents Happen
Dramatis Personae

Lucien, Matt, Ororo


"You really should ask Hank about the time I accidentally ignited his fur."


<XS> Medical Lab - B1

Gleaming and sterile, the school's medical facility is all cool science in contrast to the mansion's old-world old-fashion. All stainless steel and antiseptic tinge, the room is filled with the quiet whir-click of the various implements that comprise its medical equipment -- all state-of the art. The hospital beds are curtained off for privacy when they have patients, and in one of the alcoves there is a small operating theatre visible. More heavy-duty equipment is visible in the lab in the back, where the securely locked cabinets keep sensitive equipment out of the reach of teenage fingers.

It's a fine, sunny day outside, and with classes over the grounds swarm with students enjoying the weather. The med lab is pretty much deserted at the moment, Dr. McCoy having retreated into his office some time ago. Matt is sitting up in bed, still hooked up to more monitors than seems entirely necessary. He looks a little pale, a little shaky. His left forearm is freshly bandaged, and he holds it cradled against his side, his other hand clutching a slim silver thermos. "Well," his smile looks a little sheepish and very forced. "I guess should probably hold off trying to use /your/ powers in training unless we have Joshua here, too."

"That...may have been the safest option," Ororo agrees, offering a strained smile towards Matt as she sits beside him. She's still wearing her black leather X-Men uniform, having gone straight to the med bay once the training session...finished. Despite her very intentionally meditative-like breaths to steady her own nerves, her eyes continue to flit over to Matt's injury, unable to prevent a worried frown from forcing its way through her calm facade. "How bad is it? What did Dr. McCoy say?" she asks, the words coming about a bit too quickly. "I sorry, Matt."

There's a quiet whoosh of the medbay doors, sliding softly open and then closed again to admit a second Tessier into the room. Lucien is dressed as though perhaps he has been at work himself -- elegantly tailored grey slacks and vest with very subtle pink pinstripes, crisp salmon dress shirt, neatly tied tie; if a jacket went with his suit it is nowhere to be seen, currently. A thermos of his own, in hand. His lips are slightly pinched, though he does spare a slight nod for Ororo as he beelines for the side of Matt's bed. He says nothing, really. Just pulls a chair over, his frown deepening as his hand slips into his brother's, powers already quietly feeling out the other man's current state.

Matt looks down at his bandaged arm, flexing his hand experimentally. He /almost/ manages to suppress the flinch. Even so, he flashes his coworker a smile. "It's painful, but not that severe. Lucky thing, the electricity didn't actually pass through me, but the air it heated up was enough to burn. Even luckier no one else go hurt." He pops open the lid of his thermos, but does not lift it. "It's not your fault, Ororo. If it was /anyone's/ fault, it was mine, but...accidents happen. Your powers are..." His head shakes, his eye distant. "/Immense./" He sits up straighter when his brother arrives, abandoning his thermos--it falls over, but nothing spills out--to take Lucien's hand. His body is awash with stress hormones, acetaminophen, codine, and a lot of pain. "You didn't have to come." Though his smile is fond and grateful.

Matt's flinch is met with a cringe of her own. "I'd say it had more to do with your own skill than luck," she says, offering a faint smile once more. "I...suppose we'll simply have to agree with 'accidents happen'." The mention of her powers earns an uncomfortable adjustment in her seat as she glances towards the door for the sake of looking somewhere. "My powers can be...a handful. I do try to control them as best I can. Some days are more successful than others. It's a rather delicate balance." Ororo's eyes open a bit wider as the door suddenly opens and she allows the brothers to greet each other, only nodding in return to Lucien's nod as he checks on his brother. The sight of Matt relaxing seems to have a similar effect on her, though she remains silent for now.

Lucien picks up Matt's toppled thermos, quietly tucking his own into the crook of Matt's arm instead. "{Nonsense.} Who would fetched you fresh tea, had I not?" His expression is neutral, his tone soft and level. His bright green eyes flick from Matt's face over to Ororo, then back. "'Accidents happen' could be this school's motto, really." There's a faint twitch of his lips, here, but it passes soon. "Though I did at least think they would wait till you got in the field to begin injuring you."

"I think that, among other things, I just don't get to see--and /feel/--you exercise your powers as often as many other members of the team." Matt muses. "/Outside/ of training, that is. Mind, I'm not saying it's wrong of you to be circumspect with them!" He pops the lid from Lucien's thermos and drinks deep. "Mmm..." His eyes slide shut. "Of course you are right. How could this have slipped my mind? Must be the painkillers. But I'll have you know, /I/ injured myself--with Ororo's lightning--and I'd much rather have learned about that during training than on an actual mission."

"Ah, the universal cure-all," Ororo quips, the corner of her mouth as tea is passed around. "I'll have to brew some tonight." She does nod her head faintly to Matt. "As you can see, there is a reason for that. Several reasons really." Lucien's comments go unresponded to, at least directly. She remains friendly, merely nodding her head towards him. "He is right. Something like this occuring on a mission could have been disastrous. Training helps understand each other's powers just as much as our own. Besides, between Dr. McCoy's treatment and the miracle of tea, I'm sure Matt with be just fine."

The tea is a first flush Darjeeling; what slight tension has been visible in /Lucien's/ posture only starts to ease as Matt sips at it. A moment later there is a quiet easing, a mild flush of comfort and soothing that eases away at the remnants of his brother's pain far more effectively (and with no traces of mental clouding) than the painkillers had done. He sits up straighter after this, dropping his hand into his lap. "{I thank you} for your reassurance." His tone is grave, expression solemn as his hands fold together, eyes meeting Ororo's again. "If my brother's resilience had not been adequately proven before, I have no doubts it will be, in these capable hands."

Matt's eyes flutter shut, and he leans back against the bed subsiding into the pillows that have been tucked around him. "This was the perfect tea," he murmurs kind of dreamily. "Though I would have been fine even without tea; I've been burned worse cooking." At his brother's scathingly civil commentary, though, he opens his eyes again. "/Luci,/" he leans on the name, imbuing it a mildly admonishing sing-song quality. "It was an accident! An accident of my own making, no less."

A single brow raises as Ororo listens to Lucien's words, eerily calm as she doesn't attempt to interject or argue. Not until he's finished speaking. "I appreciate the concern for your brother. However, he's chosen to train with us. And that training can...well, problems can arise. But he is with friends who priotize safety, his and everyone else's, above all else."

"{But of course.}" Lucien accept the compliments to the tea with a small tip of his head. "You tell such lies, though. Even perfectly whole you would not last long without tea." His eyes open faintly wider at his brother's chastisement. "{Did I say else?}" His hands unfold from his lap, tipping upwards, fingers slightly spread. "I am quite cognizant of the fact that the situation is of your making. I do beg your forgiveness --" This is to Ororo, with a mild tone of apology and slight tilt of his head, "if you took my meaning otherwise."

Matt snorts and drinks his tea, unruffled. After he lowers the thermos, he passes it to his left hand for safekeeping, freeing his uninjured arm to grab a pillow and swatting Lucien gently on the shoulder with it. "Gods, can't you just say 'I told you so' like a normal person?" There's no anger in his voice or in his vivid green eyes. "Don't answer that, it was rhetorical." He tucks the pillow back beside himself and returns to his tea. "Anyway, this is why we practice. And this is why I need /more/ practice."

Ororo rises from her chair, offering Lucien a polite nod. "No harm done," she says, before turning to Matt and smiling much more warmly. "Now that you're in better hands, I'll be heading out. Stay off that arm a bit, we can practice more once it's properly healed. Though that shouldn't be too long, like you said, it could be much worse." She suddenly grins, eyes darting in the direction of McCoy's office before looking back towards Matt and Lucien. "You really should ask Hank about the time I accidentally ignited his fur. It was years ago but I don't think he's entirely forgiven me." With that, she gives both brothers a polite nod before heading towards the doors and giving them their privacy.