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Broken Pipes
Dramatis Personae

Hive, Jax, Lucien




Phone and Email

Lucien's phone rings -- somewhere around noon on Friday. Riiing. Ring ring ring. Hive's number is probably readily identifiable.

Lucien answers promptly, though absent and sounding just a touch distracted when he does. "Salut?"

"{Lucien. It's Hive. Hey.}" Hive's French accent is just as muddled as his English one, Quebecois tinge bastardized by solid roots in Thailand and Too Long spent in America since. There's a faint pause here, just slight before Hive continues: "{I had a question. About, uh, getting your help for a friend of mine.}"

There's a moment of quiet where some classical music in the background of Lucien's phone is turned down. He sounds more present when he speaks again, though it is admittedly brief: "{My help?}"

"{He's been having some shit going on with his powers,}" Hive explains. "{You're like a goddamn wizard with that stuff, I was hoping you could. Help out?}" There's an uncomfortable moment of hesitance before he adds: "{He's not exactly flush but I can. Help out with the cost if you could just. Take a look?}"

Lucien exhales, quiet and sharp. "{Do I know this friend?}"

Hive stops, here, for a long time. When he speaks again it's not very /confident/, an uncertain, "{Uh -- ? Maybe. Shit. I don't know. He lived below me. In the Lofts. Don't know if you ever met. Kinda nerdy -- blond.}"

This time Lucien's exhalation is quicker, /amused/, a soft breath of laughter pushed out. "{/Ah/.}" And then: "{You know, they have excellent doctors at the Clinic who are /also/ paid -- less dearly -- to deal with just this sort of issue.}"

"{Right, yeah, and he's seeing them already, but sometimes these things -- it's not. I don't know, you've worked miracles with me, and Micah, and Jim -- there's a lot they /can't/ do that you can.}" Hive is less hesitant here, sure at least of /this/.

"{Hive.}" Lucien's voice now is just a little bland. "{If I went around doing what I do for just /any/ person you know -- I have some modicum of discretion when it comes to my abilities and the actual reach of them. Helping Jax and his band of Merry Men is all well and good but to the rest of the world at large I am quite content to be just a whore. Take him to the actual specialists.}"

Hive grunts a short noise of acknowledgment. "{Right. Fine. Just, I mean. It's someone we know, it's not like --}"

Lucien interrupts here, swift and with a note of amusement returned to his voice. "{-- I admit I am surprised. Are you going to not only offer to pay for Doug's treatment but vouch for his good /character/ as well? I wouldn't have expected such generosity towards someone who did get your home blown up.}"

There is silence, on Hive's end. A slow drumming in the background. "{Don't figure you for someone who expects much from people ever,}" he finally answers. "{Right.}" A sharp huff of breath punctuates his words. "{Look, hey, if /Jim/ contacts you though, he's been --}"

"{-- will you cover my rate for him as well?}" Lucien is just back to bland again.

"{Do you even have to ask?}" Hive's tone is sharper, now. "{Just don't make a big fucking deal of it.}"

"{I do always have a penchant for the dramatic.}" Lucien's tone lightens, just slightly, polite and easy with his: "{Later, Hive.}"

"{Yeah.}" Gruff and short, before Hive hangs up.


from: Hive <>
to: Jackson Holland-Zedner <>
date: Fri, Jun 27, 2014 at 13:41
subject: Broken Pipes

In the brain, anyway. So what do you DO when someone's mutation is going haywire? Do you have resources for that kind of thing? I figure of all people you must have seen it here and there.
from: Jackson Holland-Zedner <>
to: Hive <>
date: Fri, Jun 27, 2014 at 13:47
subject: Broken Pipes

I mean, that's really broad. Mutations are so individual. Takes a while to study someone and figure out what makes them tick? We practice. Have individual therapy. Sometimes sessions with a gifted telepath if that kind of thing might help.

<3 Jax
from: Hive <>
to: Jackson Holland-Zedner <>
date: Fri, Jun 27, 2014 at 13:55
subject: Broken Pipes

Yeah, I think it might help. Dunno. You want to float me some suggestions? Ran into Doug, his brain seems to have shat itself.
from: Jackson Holland-Zedner <>
to: Hive <>
date: Fri, Jun 27, 2014 at 14:21
subject: Broken Pipes

Oh, gosh. Ummm. I'll put together a... list. Thing. People who might be good to talk to. You can pass it his way.

from: Hive <>
to: Jackson Holland-Zedner <>
date: Fri, Jun 27, 2014 at 14:37
subject: Broken Pipes

Most excellent. Merci.