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This is Prometheus
Dramatis Personae

Gaétan, Spencer


"{You don't understand, baruch Ha'shem.}" (set during the raid lockdown.)


<PRO> Rec Room E-13 - Lassiter Research Facility

The sign on the door to this rec room hasn't been vandalized, but it is usually more of a wreck than the (w)rec(k) room on the other side of the wing. The layout is similar save for the lack of a television, though there is a bracket on the wall where one was presumably at some point mounted. The furniture is older, or perhaps just more heavily abused, strained and scarred and wobbly if not outright broken.

The klaxons are still blaring, the lights are still flashing, but where a moment ago Spence was mid-meltdown he's suddenly -- if only comparatively -- calm. He's still dressed for chilling in the Xavier's rec room he had (in retrospect, somewhat unwisely) vacated hours ago: a purple, pink, and electric blue flannel unbuttoned over a sky blue t-shirt with Captain America's shield above the words "I can do this all day", gray jeans torn (but not torn enough to be fashionable) at the knees, and red lowtop sneakers, his kippah styled as a cheerfully smiling yellow sun.

He's just walked a full circuit of the room and returned to the chair he had occupied earlier. "Okay," he says without looking at Gaétan, the single hushed word almost drowned out by the alarm. Louder, and in French now, "{Okay. If we act like we don't know what's going on, they may let us go. Or at least let you go? You're human, your mom know that and also she's your...}" He frowns suddenly. Turns to his friend, eyes wide. "{...mother? Who's alive. And works for Prometheus.}"

"{Are you sure this is --"} Gaétan, currently sitting backwards in a chair, elbows draped over its back and his chin resting where his hands have half-folded along the top, doesn't finish this sentence, just looking around the room with a slowly deepening frown. "{I mean, why would they --}" This also cuts off, too. "{Why would she -- after everything they did to Matt!}" One of his forefingers has started tapping restlessly against the chair. His shoulders slump. "{They made him do -- a lot of shit he didn't want to do, too. Maybe...}" This just ends in a slow exhale.

"{I'm not sure, but like.}" Spence subsides a little. Doesn't slump exactly, but braces his hands on his knees and stares down at the phone he'd dropped when he stood and never picked back up. "{Suppression grids are expensive, that guard had a real gun and a dart gun, and this...}" He gestures around the room but doesn't elaborate. "{Why didn't I think about the dart gun? I noticed it, I just didn't...}" He's frowning again, chewing on his lower lip. "{They make a lot of people do stuff they don't want to do. But I don't think they gave Matt an office or let him leave to bring his family for visits.}" The frown deepens, but his gaze remains fixed on the phone, its screen reflecting the flash of red lights. "{Have you been here this whole time? Do you know where here is?}"

"{Maybe they did,}" Gaétan doesn't sound bitter so much as just kind of heavy, dredged up from beneath many years of gathering weight. "{Maybe he just didn't want to. He never exactly --}" His mouth presses tight, shoulders tensing and fingers clenching hard against the chair. "{Sorry,}" when it comes, comes in a rough whisper, as if the voice has been crushed out of him. When he sits back up, casts a glance back to Spence, he's wrested both expression and tone back into composure, shaking his head once. "{Was at my mom's a while, kinda had a lot of catching up to do. I've mostly just seen her office? There's a lot of office. I think it's called Lassiter?}"

Spence's eyes snap to Gaétan, and he seems to be struggling for words, but at the apology he just sets his jaw and gives a small nod instead. "Lassiter. This is where Flicker..." He swallows. His fingers flutter rapidly along the fuzzy threads coming loose from his jeans. "{I've been here, too. You don't understand, baruch Ha'shem, but there's no way she's a labrat. She probably doesn't know what they really do here, though.}" He's warming to this theory with a kind of desperate eagerness. "{I mean, why would she bring you if she knew? Lassiter is huge but like you said, it's a lot of offices. I bet most of the workers never even see the labrats, and even the ones who do...}" He pulls in a deep breath and lets it out. "{Anyway, if they let you go but not me, don't argue. Just go, and tell Matt, as fast as you can. The team knows where this is. They'll come for me.}" His smile is strange and wry and just a little unsettling in the flashing red light. "{If I don't get out of here first.}"