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Ohshit a user page.

I play Hive, Tony, Ion, and Lyric, with varying degrees of frequency.

I'm also pretty much always up for RP if I am around. I despise pages that are 'just to chat' though. Vehemently. With a passion. I have zero idea what to do with 'what's up?/how are you?' kinda pages so please don't, I am terribad at smalltalk. I am also happy with paging if it is directly related to arranging RP, though, so if you have a concrete scene request/idea feel free to hit me up!

I also tend to edit the wiki like a fiend. I like to keep logs tagged appropriately, keep current events up to date, keep everything shiny-neat! If you have any questions about wiki usage I can usually answer them. Not always. But usually.