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xxxxxThis Chelsea playground offers a divinely gay twist to the normal concept of the afterlife. On the first floor, you can avoid the masses on the dance floor and lounge on comfortable couches in the all-white Ethereal Bar or cross over to the similarly pearly Celestial Lounge to dance beneath the sparkling fractured-mirror decor that turns the entire floor into a glittering paradise. Purgatory is in the back, descending a few steps from Heaven to a subdued karaoke lounge. For those who have a taste for something more than the brightly frosted wonderland with its bubblegum pop music, a flame-licked stairway carries you upstairs, where Hell inexplicably sits above Heaven, all dominatrix-black with patent-leather couches and glowing red lights. Intermittently along the walls are images of those who - through the owners' wishful thinking - are burning in eternal fire: the likenesses of various noted social conservatives are not uncommon. The DJ here spins heavier music and on the dance floor, among the crush of scantily clad bodies and less-than-legal stimulants to keep them dancing all night long, anything goes.

Notes & Trivia


  • Most nights of the week, heavily dominated by the gay male crowd, though Fridays are ladies' night and popular with women.
  • Used to have a publicly known mutant as a bartender, but that doesn't stop them tossing out other obvious mutants at the first sign of complaint from other clubgoers.
Important Events

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Neighborhood Chelsea
Type Queer Nightclub
Mutant-friendliness Won't kick out mutants immediately, but very intolerant of causing any disturbances. Quick to bounce mutants at any complaints.
  • (2019-03-22)
The Moon in Scorpio Urges Us to Uncover Our Own Power

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Archived Logs
  • (2014-03-02)
Friendship and Romance
  • (2013-04-19)
Smells Like Coffee
  • (2013-02-15)
Fruity Drinks
  • (2013-01-16)
A Big Tip

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