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X-Men: rEvolution Log Template

If you have a subtitle for your log, put it here.

Dramatis Personae

The PCs and NPCs involved in the log will be listed here.


This is the log template. You're probably already familiar with how it works, but for those of you who aren't, the syntax can be found below. This space is for a scene summary, setting, introduction or simply a pithy quote.


{{ Logs
| cast = 
| summary = 
| gamedate = YYYY-MM-DD
| gamedatename = 
| subtitle = 
| location = 
| categories = Brotherhood of Mutants, Chimaera Arts, Friends of Humanity, H.A.M.M.E.R., Hellfire Club, Inner Circle, Law Enforcement, Mendel Clinic, Morlocks, Mutant Mongrels MC, Prometheus, S.H.I.E.L.D., Stark Industries, Xavier's, X-Men
| log = (Put the entirety of your log text here.)

Most of this is self-explanatory. The most fiddly fields are location, cast, gamedate and categories.

  1. Location should be the grid location where it took place. If there is no grid location, put whatever makes sense; if there IS, please put the exact location name as location. IE, <XS> Forest or <NYC> Evolve Coffeeshop - Lower East Side. Please remember to make the names of the locations internal links!
  2. Cast should be a comma delineated list of the participants involved. NPCs should be tagged in the format NPC-Name|Name. Please remember to make all names internal links.
  3. Gamedate will take input in the form of YYYY-MM-DD and nothing else. You must place it somewhen for Template:RP Logs to know what you're talking about. If you want alternate date text, like "Christmas Eve" instead of "24 December, 2011", you can put something in for gamedatename and it will replace the normal date text on the log page. If the day, month or year of your scene is uncertain, fill in that section with "0000" or "00" and the template will know what you mean.
  4. Categories requires a comma-delimited list of the categories (not [[Category:]] tags, but the names of the factions to which the log is relevant; the example above should explain plenty and a list of extant log categories can be found at Category:RP Logs) into which you want to place the log. The advantage of using the categories parameter instead of manually adding categories is that the categories parameter will automatically make it so that the categories sort the page by its name rather than its namespace (which will always turn up under 'L'). ** NOTE about categories: This is the most nitpicky part of the log posting. Please tag all logs with the names of every participant involved, as well as the name of the location the scene took place in, and Humans/Mutants/Mutates as relevant to the participants involved. Additionally, please add optional categories for factions/plots if and only if it is relevant to the content of the log. For example: A scene with Kavalam and Mina at the Xavier's Boathouse should be tagged: Kavalam, Mina, XS Boathouse. A scene with Rasheed and Emma and Iolaus at Carnegie Hall in which they plan for the Mendel Clinic's future should be tagged: Humans, Mutants, Carnegie Hall, Rasheed, Emma, Iolaus, Mendel Clinic. A scene with Dusk and Scramble chatting about Game of Thrones and sharing a beer on the beach at the Brotherhood's island should be tagged: Dusk, Scramble, Mutants, BOM Beachfront, but if in that scene they are additionally discussing plans to Do Terrorism, then add the tag Brotherhood of Mutants. If a scene is taking place in someone's private apartment, please tag it Private Residence/XS Dorm/BOM Cabin, as appropriate.