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I promise not to bite your head off.

xxxxx Amberlynn 'Mercury' West is new to New York, having moved in early May from Perth, Western Australia. Odd, evasive, and only occasionally charismatic, she has come to the big apple to push her current abilities until they either behave or break entirely. Highly intelligent, but purposefully off-putting, she likes to keep others guessing. For those who can see through her façade she is an understanding friend and an excellent conversationalist; for those who can’t she comes off as acerbic and disarming. Seems to be deeply distrustful of both humans and other mutants alike, hampering her ability to gain allies and making it difficult to reach her emotionally.

Currently lives at 147 Orchard St, unit 12A. Happy to be within walking distance of Evolve's hash browns.


xxxxx Standing at 5'6, she is a slim but shapely young woman with Caucasian features. Her skin gives off a soft yellow light, blotting out it's texture and intensifying around her lips, veins, nails, hair and eyes, making it difficult to distinguish the sclera from the iris. Even clothed the light is difficult to disguise, and though not unpleasant to look at, it is definitely quite striking. When pushing her powers her skin will begin to crack into brighter blue light, eventually consuming her entirely. She chose her name from Mercury - the planet, which glows a fiery yellow and blue, and from her unusually viscous and glowing blood, close in appearance to elemental mercury although not the correct colour.


xxxxx Only being new to New York she hasn't had long to establish a reputation, but perhaps comes off as odd and detached, or disarming, to those who have met her.


xxxxx A late bloomer, Amberlynn’s x-gene didn’t express until she was sixteen. Any use of her power made her ill, complicating her final year of high school. Her mother, a controlling, narcissistic single parent, didn’t allow her to seek aid for her powers, forcing her to left home at seventeen. Her mutation finally expressing violently changed her world- from thinking she was a normal, if shy, teenager into practically the only mutant in her home city she found that many of her family and friend's attitudes toward her had soured dramatically. Even those who embraced her change had done so awkwardly, leaving her feeling like a burden at best and a mistake at worst. She believed that she hadn't really changed, not who she was, but if something random could happen that would destroy the bonds she'd made so easily- then perhaps those bonds hadn't been worth much in the first place. Hurt and confused, she has struggling with forming meaningful relationships ever since, making it through university by studying and working from home and distancing herself as much as possible from any chance of social contact. Coming from being an awkward wallflower and going through such a change has left her quite cold and distrustful.

In January of 2020 was assaulted by anti-mutant extremists, forcing her to push her powers well beyond their limits, resulting in a heart attack and showing her the 'blue' side of her powers for the first time. She spent the next few months restricted to a bed, becoming more and more depressed and angry at her own shortcomings, her perceived weakness, and a world that doesn't seem to understand or respect her at all, eventually vowing that she would stop at nothing to understand what was happening to her, and to perfect her powers.

Nearly completely cutting herself off all of her family and leaving her whole life in Australia behind she throws herself to New York, the most mutant-rich city in the world. Determination meets anxiety and self-doubt, but she will not be leaving the city until all of her goals are met.


xxxxx At the age of sixteen her powers manifested for the first time during, manifesting weak kinetic shields up to a foot away from her but resulting in persistent headaches and migraines after using them for even the briefest time. Soon after her skin began to glow, which only intensified over the next few months until plateauing at it's current state. Her blood, organs, and tissue have all also began to glow, so much that it seems to have become integral to her physique.

Although significantly ham-stringed by the migraines accompanying use of her powers, she can currently create partly translucent, glowing shields up to three feet all around her, or in any cardinal direction, although any narrower than that is outside of her current capabilities. Additionally any injuries she receives, except for her headaches, have always healed quickly, and she can concentrate to heal minor wounds nearly instantly, but the pain associated can be intense.

As soon as she uses her power, she begins to get a headache; a minute in and she’s sweating, two and she’s shaking like a leaf and three and she’s down completely. The accompanying migraine will persist over several days, making her incredibly sensitive to light and sound. Additionally as she continues to push, blue 'cracks' will start to appear in her projections and skin, spreading as she continues. Although it makes her powers easier to use and more powerful, it seems to be so only in reaction to stress, and sustaining this state can result in serious injury- ie. her previous heart attack.

Her shield does not distinguish between inside or out- someone within her shields cannot shoot out without it ricocheting, and vice versa. As her highly accelerated healing is a conscious choice she is susceptible to drugs, poison and illness but cannot die from them, unless in a massive, very lethal quantity.

Calls her powers 'Shining', loves horror movies.


xxxxx Majored in Computer Science and Japanese, a competent pianist and classical singer- but almost never performs in front of anyone. She generally works in cyber security, programming and app development, but only works from home. A champion at horror trivia.



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  • Coming soon.

And everything in between

  • A fan of Steve Rodgers. Trying to get to know other mutants, to mixed results.
  • A huge fan of horror movies.
  • Hates cooking, but she's trying to get better. Her favourite food is salmon, cooked or as sashimi.

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Full Name
Codename Mercury
Birthdate 26/10/1997
Birthplace Perth, Western Australia
Species Mutant
Affiliation Herself
Alignment Trying her best
Powers 'Shining'
Occupation Freelance Programmer
Registration Status (currently n/a)
Faceclaim None
RP Hooks
Determination - Mercury is determined to understand her mutation and how to master it, and is willing to do nearly anything to achieve that.
Socially Anxious - Chronically introverted and shy, she can easily come off as awkward. Tries to be involved in mutant events and locations, but tends to stick out.
Available for Hire - Willing to do work for other mutants for information and training. Doesn't matter if it's washing dishes or raiding a police station, she'll almost certainly be down.
RP Hook - Explanation.
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Lots of Reasons
  • (2020-06-22)
Trustworthy Sort
  • (2020-06-22)
Respect for Authority
  • (2020-06-13)
Polite Company
  • (2020-06-09)
In Which There Is A Surprising Deficit Of Coffee And An Unfortunate Surplus Of America