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xxxxx Morgan is.. Morgan. She enjoys being who she is, in every moment. Well, mostly enjoys it, anyway.


xxxxx Morgan was born to a military translator and the German business man she'd fallen for overseas. Born in upstate New York, Morgan has seen a fair bit of the world. But once she decided to strike out on her own, she headed back to New York, though the city versus the more pastoral upstate areas.


xxxxxBiokinetic- Morgan can sense things about the bodies in the people around her. Blood pressure levels, recent/current injuries, if blood flow is slow, sluggish, or blocked. She can read information on a person's general health, pinched nerves,broken bones, etc. Should someone she's near be injured, she can not make them heal instantly, only help to jumpstart and quicken the process. She can concentrate to stem the blood flow and divert it to areas away from the wound and slow blood loss, and make the wound clot much more quickly. At first, it was in strange flashes, aching wounds and injuries that would 'light up' on a person's body in her vision, almost like a cutaway view. Then the power seemed to expand, letting her see from the point of the injury, mind following something like a pulse of light through the circulatory system. The faster the heartbeat, the quicker the flashes, telling her someone's pulse rate as well in a roundabout fashion. Of course, though she's never used her mutation in that fashion, she could use her powers to make someone bleed out faster, using her powers in the reverse fashion. Over the years, she has learned to handle her mutation, so she need not see everyone's injuries around her all the time.

Broken down further:

Body/Brain chemicals – has the ability to raise levels of chemicals in the body: Seratonin (It's a factor in clotting, helping digestion, as well as helping a feeling of well-being) , melatonin (Helpful for putting someone to sleep/mellowing them out), as well as Norepinephrine (which is related to fight or flight response to stress, and can be used to stay alert) and Epinephrine (which would be easier explained as..)

Trigger Adrenaline - has the ability to 'lean' on the adrenal gland for a fraction of a second, to release the powerful chemical into the body's system, in order to help a patient's heart, or keep them moving if she's trying to help someone without any assistance. Of course, if she leans too long, the body will suffer under the stress of the chemical, and can cause more harm than good, even death.

Physical Intuition - While Morgan can not see broken or cracked bones like one would on an X-ray, she can sense some damage has been done to it, and with her medical training, go from there to try and define just how bad the damage is. Same goes for dislocations, snapped or strained ligaments, tendons, etc.

Fluid Separation - has a limited ability to separate levels of the circulatory system and components of blood. Example : Encouraging platelets to a wound to cause it to clot more quickly, or to encourage white blood cells to concentrate in the area where she senses infection. Of course, she can also do this in reverse, and cause someone to not clot and keep bleeding.

Blood Pressure interference - can help raise or lower a person's blood pressure, in order to try and keep someone stabilized. Doing so for any serious length of time, however, is heavily taxing.

Muscle movement/impairment - While it's difficult to do, she can effect muscle movement, by pushing blood to or away from an area.

Bio-energy manipulation - Morgan has just discovered that she has a connection with the life force or 'chi' of people around her, and other than try to call it up and guide it to perk people up and help them temporarily health-wise, she hasn't much idea what she's doing.


Morphine (Good friends can kill the pain)

  • Logan - A bit of a hero complex, but there's potential for at least a drinking buddy.

Placebo (Let's see how things develop without real tampering)

  • Coming soon.

Miralax (Some people are just full of crap)

  • Coming soon.

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Full Name
Codename None
Birthdate August 14th
Species Mutant
Affiliation None
Alignment Neutral
Powers Biokinetic
Occupation Paramedic
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