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xxxxxZabar's is where those in the know go to get their bagels and lox. Arguably the most famous (and best) Deli in Manhattan and continually operated by the Zabar family since 1934, Zabar's is now one of the largest supermarkets in New York City, jam packed with great food at good prices.

Notes & Trivia

xxxxxOther details about the location that might be pertinent to people's interests go here. (e.g.; are they lax about carding kids? Do they have secret back-room gambling on Friday nights? Is their service terrible? Are they where all the criminals hang out?)

Important Events
  • 2013-03-24: Zabar's is closed following extensive fire damage after a mutant arsonist torches the place. Reopened in September, 2013.
Place Name
Neighborhood Upper West Side
Type Deli (Kosher)
Mutant-friendliness Open or obvious mutants banned.
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